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Twisted Reaction - Action!


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Twisted Reaction: Action!


GEO-Israel (Geomagnetic Records) is thrilled to present the debut album from Twisted Reaction, otherwise known as Edvin Alperavitch -- Action!


Fly through morning rays of a new day or soar through the dark, night sky…this highly acclaimed album offers a full-on sonic adventure of light AND night mythology. Influenced by chill out, drum n’ bass, techno, house, and trip hop, Action! is a diverse, magical trip through waves of pleasure. It’s an action-filled journey of highs and lows that will have you stomping and soaring with positive emotion!


Put on your winged dancing shoes for an album of uniquely uplifting 145 bpm tracks like Acid Theater, Twisted Illusions and the psychedelic journey of Civilysergia – a full on groove by Twisted Reaction and Mindstorm, aka Doctor Spook. And when the morning sun beckons you, let the mystical soundscapes of Morning Sun carry you through inner worlds of happiness and love. Then slow it down to 120 bpm with the super chill out track, One Love, with Hero for a Day (and Israeli punk rock band) on guitar.


Action! is a majestic trip to another world – a world of joy and bliss, bursting with pleasure and positive psychedelica.


Take Action!


For hi quality 4 minute streaming aural samples and to buy directly: http://geomagnetic.tv/releases/TwistedReAction_Action.htm


Track Listing:

1. Heaven (Vocal Edit) 145 bpm

2. Acid Theater 145 bpm

3. Twisted Illusions 145 bpm

4. Action! 145 bpm

5. Drugs (Remix) 146 bpm

6. Morning Sun 145 bpm

7. On the Drumz 145 bpm

8. Civilysergia (Album Version) 145 bpm (featuring Mindstorm, aka Doctor Spook)

9. One Love 120 bpm (featuring Hero For A Day on guitar)


Download free music videos: Http://www.geomagnetic.tv/artists/twistedreaction.htm


Join the excited conversation on Isratrance that celebrates this new release!




Audio Mastering by Random



Artwork and 3D FX by Dr. Spook



Distribution By Saiko Sounds and Geomagnetic.tv

http://www.saikosounds.com & http://www.geomagnetic.tv


GEO-ISRAEL is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records, offering the most cutting edge sounds from the hottest new artists of the Israeli psychedelic underground. With no distinguishing night and day, day and night, GEO-Israel offers a thick, light, full-on, dark aural journeys to enhance your trance dancing experience! Look out for such hit releases as Civilysed Chaos and the new Psy-Prog masterpiece from Digital Samsara – Obscuring Phenomenon.


Located in San Francisco, CA, GEOMAGNETIC RECORDS LABEL FAMILY is the world’s leading visionary mastermind in psychedelic visual and aural artistry. With past accomplishments such as legendary “Geospirit1:Virtual Vortex” DVD and contributing to the cult classic Liquid Crystal Vision, as well as a plethora of future releases just minutes away, such as the highly anticipated VJ Mix Magik1 – Phantasmagoria DVD, GEOMAGNETIC bursts onto the scene full force as the hottest new generation label distorting your mind and body with cosmic psychedelic innovation and full power dance music.


Join our Geo-Tribe: http://tribes.tribe.net/geomagnetictv


And our Myspace group: http://groups.myspace.com/geomagnetic


Contact Info: info@geomagnetic.tv


For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:



For more information about upcoming releases, visit:








For the latest releases as digital downloads check out http://www.beatport.com/geomagnetic+records and apple itunes.


GEOMAGNETIC.TV…Come See The Music…

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