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Sound Field - Audio Surfin' (Oxygen Records)


1. Psychedelic Revival 09:37/135 BPM

2. Technological Terror 08:57/138 BPM

3. Midi Tales 08:23/137 BPM

4. Return To The Field 06:49/140 BPM

5. CrossBreed 09:24/138 BPM

6. Dub Vibration 08:10/120 BPM

7. Funk Science (Southern Mix) 08:59/130 BPM

8. Second Step Above The Sun 09:53/132 BPM

9. Lifted Higher 08:15/130 BPM


Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 7: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev.

Tracks 3, 5, 6 & 8: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia.

Track 9: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Lars Knudsen.






One of the most expected (or should I say unexpected?) albums of the year is about to drop.


Chameleon artist Andy Yakovlev (ProSect, Sonify, ICO) alone or together with Liron Atia are serving what they've been working on for the last couple of years. Extraordinairy musical talents bringing us an unbelievably-sounding fusion of goa trance and the most modern, well produced progressive trance. Sounds incredible? That’s because it is.


After well appreciated releases on labels such as Tribal Vision, Psybooty, Iono Music and forthcoming gems on Genki Music, PAR-2, and Tranceform, the guys are bringing to us a special journey into a world of diversity. Moving from traditional solid PsyTrance sound to more progressive side of it and creating some unrepeatable dancefloor moments.


But let's cut the promotional texts and let the guys speak for themselves...


Posted Image


The People


We are carrying the Sound Field tags inside the dynamic world of the electronic music. We're just two small inspired organisms that have an own playground. And we like it.


My name is Andy, I'm an audio freak, the one who's in charge of the funky elements, the melodical flows, the massive grooves and the final construction. Probably you met me before in one of my other projects: ProSect, Sonify or ICO. I met Liron via the global network, even though we're living on the same part of the land named Israel. H

e's a musical traveller, whose contribution to the project probably would be the dub feel, the soft progressive touch and the morning sound reflections.


Unfortunately Liron had an accident and cannot perform or make any new music in the short term. I wish him the best and send him my love.


I'm continuing to work on the Sound Field project and represent it for the crowd.


Posted Image


The Birth & The Vision


Our project was conceived back in 2003; probably not the best period in history for freestyling within psytrance, but who cares: it's useless to go through the arguments, it’s just what happened.


The Sound Field project deals with innovations and attempts of progression within Psychedelic Trance. Push the envelope. Work outside the box. Forward thinking. Diversity. Do something new, original, creative. And have fun while we do it.


Posted Image


Audio Surfin' (The Album)


The album production started few years ago, we had many barriers on the way, but we're finally happy to anounce its now ready for the dropping off.


It is a fact that it's hard to be a full time producer when you're out of chosen rules in our drolling scene, but believe me, much time spent behind the album production and all of my artistry.


I really hope, that we will make a little tiny spot and will be remembered.


Thank you,



Posted Image


For more info go to:


Sound Field - Audio Surfin'


Oxygen Records

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Yay!!!!! Finally!!!

I'm so happy for you Andy!! I'm proud to know you as a friend and a fan!

This album has been in the works for quite some time & I'm excited to get this asap!!


*Tears of joy stream from my eyes!*


Please send Liron all my love & best wishes for a full recovery (it's been way too long with him like this)!


Congradulations Andy, Liron & Lars on what I know will be THE BEST debut release I'll ever hear & own!


Luv you Andy!


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  • 2 months later...

Any news?

When's it out?


I want it... now!



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Hello, my name is TranceChick...and I'm addicted to Psy.



:lol: :lol:


Well, not that I know Andy or anything like that...

I'm addicted!!



Please, don't offer me any help... I'll refuse it!


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  • 4 weeks later...

All the best in 2007 to everyone..



the artwork for the cd is ready (this time the credits goes to Jarin - www.jarin.cz)

Release date will be announced soon.



here is the artwork preview:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


more info can be found also here:



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Look what I found!!


Sound Field - Audio Surfin @ Psyshop

(out soon)!!




Muaaahhhh... soon this will be MINE!!

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