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unbelievable beautyful pictures, especially the flower pictures and the sculptures, where do you find thoose? just around the city? :unsure:


good job mate.

They are mainly around where I live! I might live in a megalopolis of 100 million people or more but there are still some great green places to be found (it's just people don't try to find them that makes them so much nicer)


nice photos! fav is lizard... really good! keep it going! :)

Cheers! Hope you liked the new batch :)
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The pictures r great :D


are the pictures from the beach "your new area"?!

Cheers! Yes, the beach is the one near my house.


Hope to get some great photos tonight :)

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wow... REALLY COOL! the bottom one looks like its the opening of the holy grail (or what ever it is they open in the first indiana jones)


The Arc of the Covenant? Yeah, I was experimenting with the zoom rushing quickly back as I took the photo. Sometimes it comes out very well, sometimes it comes out rubbish :P

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i love these 2

the first one needs to be rotated a bit though


That house was made of tea! It's a tea house :ph34r:

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