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V-Tunes : Variable (Ear Peaks Music @ October 06)

Guy Cohen

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Hi All !


V-Tunes project is releases a new album - "Variable". Behind this project, there are 2 talneted brains - Sandro Kulka & Hans Muester from Switzerland. "Variable" is a down tempo progressive album (127-136 BPM) with classic slices of groovy moments. This album was released in Ear Peaks Music on 6th October.


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1. Kick It 136 BPM

The first track is also the fastest track on the album. Together with Simon Weber aka Silent Sphere, the V-Tunes guys present a fresh proggy bomb with a summer atmosphere and fat groove in. "Kick It" is actually the hit of the album - Nadi & Huda G are keep play this tune time after time and always make a serious madness in the dance floor. It is built well with cheezy melodies and perfect baseline, which creates an unique vibe of proggy-diging. The brake on 05:00 is located in my head for long time because the unforgettable up few second later. To sum it up on two words - Stormer track !!


2. In The Hights (V-Tunes Rmx) 134 BPM

This track was originaly written by Kooler and here is the re-mix version for it. "In The Hights" is calmer, if you compare it to "Kick It", but this is definitely not a track to pass away. The baseline is slow, the kick is rolling and the atmosphere is positive. The brake on 04:30, with the soft melodies and the male vocal, is the highlight moment in the whole track, which keep up and up all the time. Great work guys !!!


3. Progression (Album Version) 134 BPM

"Progression" was released before on Huda's compilation - "G Spot", and now it's sound different a bit after some changes and additions. This is what I like to name as a massive & heavy tune. On home listening, I can't imagine this track kick the dance floor, but trust me people - this is a dance floor groover ! the first three minutes are build from fat kick and chilling melody together, and progressively it's developing to new levels of groove & shaking. Mature progressive tune.


4. Simple, Dirty and Side Chained 132 BPM

It's time to put some variation and thats exactly what this track is bring with it. A funky-clubby tune with a promised enjoyable. During the track - there are some moments which I found my self move the body on a sexy way with big big smile on the face. The only problem I have with this track is that I think it's too long, minute or two less would be sound better IMHO.


5. No One Forever 134 BPM

The factor which made me fall in love with the progressive style is the reapting loops, which always back with new effect, melody, vocal, guitar or something else and thats why the track is resumed all the time. "No One Forever" is a great example for what I just wrote - the baseline & kick are always at the same structure, but everytime "they" come back with new motive - a female singing and a symphonic melody this time. This is really an excellent choice to flow with.


6. Tripple Experiment 132 BPM

Everyone - please stand where you are and show us your weridest dance on the background of "Tripple Experiment" tune . 8 minutes and 26 seconds of unexpected movements, full of uplifting playings and mysterious atmosphere of Sherlok Holmes detective story .


7. Stupid Brain 127 BPM

Despite the lowest Bpm, "Stupid Brain" is one of the most danceable track in the album. It's include many funky moments by hallucinate brains (not stupid, hallucinate ) and a delightful vibe of freedom and happiness. Smile here, smile there - the smiles on everywhere !


8. Quadrad 130 BPM

After all the happy & positive vibe before - "Quadrad" track is presents a deep atmosphere near some heavy beats and shady resonances. I like to listen this track when I'm alone, because it's has the secret magic to take out all the thoughts from the head and think about them. An addictive track in my opinion.


9. Funky Angel 130 BPM

What ?! we are already in the end ?! now I need to leave the variable planet of Sandro and Hans. "Funky Angel" is a very good option for lay the head on the pillow and let the little effects play with the brain and lead him to safe place of silence and relaxation. Those female vocals just add to the special feeling of this track. All of this together force us to end the trek and back to the reality.


"Variable" album is for sure one more successful release from the Ear Peaks Music group, which gives the progressive genre another push up.

One more feedback is to the designer of this cd - all the concept of the album is gentle and pleasent. Well Done !!!

Now, after the hard work of Sandro & Hans for bring us such a high quality album, it's our time to pay them back by purchase their album :


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