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V/A - Psionic Religion

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2.DAMAGE-Just The Fucking Bomb







9.KLUSTER-Agent Orange





Digital Psionics used to be a label famous for its dark sound, a sound presented especially by its owner Luna Orbit, dark, hard and spacey. Used to be…

Now Digital Psionics releases mostly full on music. That’s not actually something bad, cause Luna and the rest of the crew are trying to stick to the quality side of full on and fortunately they made it in Psionic Religion.



1. I’ve said it again… This guy must be the only Israeli artist (well, together with Fatali) that makes his music better. I haven’t listen anything by him since 2004 and Human Lights track and I was curious about this one. Ok, first of all: Don’t be confused by the title. This one hasn’t any guitars. Second: It has NOTHING to do with any Israeli full on around. Actually, I wouldn’t call it full on, it’s something more freestyle. The opening is weird. Some reggae samples and nice kicks. The bass is groovy and not full on-ish at all. Great sudden breaks and after two minutes a melody… But not just a melody. We’re talking for acid! That’s right, old school acid melody. The second half is pure perfection. You have to listen the leading melody here. It’s damn old school Israeli Psy! The samples stop and we find ourselves dancing like crazy! Uplifting, powerful, full melodic, not cheesy, experimental, awesome. This is great Israeli Psy! Amazing!

2. Damage’s Just The Fucking Bomb is a track in the usual style of this South African act. Fast techno rhythms, lot of start-stops and an old school hip-hop attitude. It’s not just the Beastie Boys samples, it’s the whole sound festival and the funky tunes. Thank God we’re not talking for rapping, don’t worry. One is for sure: Damage did it again. They produced a track that it’s both funky and powerful. Bring da noise, man!

3. Space Tribe and Psywalker. I’ve heard a track by them four years ago in the ST album Heart Beat. It was a very good track. Of course today it’s 2006 and Olli doesn’t sound at all, like he used to. From the Goa days he had gone to the acidic goa full on sound of his albums Spaceshifter and Heart Beat, but today his music is 100% typical morning full on. This track hasn’t any difference at all with the no#100 Astrix clone. Cheesy bassline, typical melodies, no imagination at all, simply boring. It’s not the worst track ever, but it’s not anything really good and it’s even more dissapointing that comes from a legend like Olli. It has some good moments, but I pass.

4. Audialize is an artist that really rocked my world some years earlier with some massive tunes including the killer Acid Boom. Unfortunately, another one bites the dust. I haven’t listened anything by him the last three years (except from a track remixed by Menog) and I haven’t any idea that he changed his style so much. The hard, almost destructive basslines, the hard kicks and the acid lines of the past are gone. Now he sounds like one more typical full on artist. Menog changed his style too, but at least he put some great melodies in his tracks. This one has nothing good, boring melodies, boring structure and again a cheesy bassline. Just like the Space Tribe track it’s not an awful track, but it’s mediocre. I pass again.

5. Multistate… hm, interesting. Multistate are Xatrik and Lost N Found. Yep, it’s South African. Heavy bass, phat drums and techno rhythm. It has melodies too. Actually there’s a great minute before the big break (around minute ‘5) with a really nice tune. The track never explodes, but it’s damn good, psychedelic and powerful. Not their best track but quality stuff.

6. Electrypnose’s All In 1 is one more piece to the Vin’s puzzle of dark, twisted psy trance. Great drum programming here, farts and of course the noises-trademark of Electrypnose. It’s twisted and pumping for sure, although it’s less good that other Electrypnose tracks. Not his masterpiece, but he did it right. Again…

7. Blisargon Demogorgon and Wizack Twizack. Ha, strange to see this collaboration. I always found these two artists very boring and not innovative at all. I was hoping this track would changed my opinion about them, but I proved wrong. I don’t find anything great here. The style is something between hard full on and dark psy, although it’s not dark at all. There isn’t anything to keep me interested. Not a good melody, not power, not madness. Boring IMO.

8. This track is one of the reasons I bought this comp. First impresion? It’s really good, but it doesn’t sound that Talpa. Check again the tracklist and you’ll see a detail. It’s Dark Nebula FEAT. Talpa not VS or AND. Hence, it’s more Luna Orbit’s style, pumping full on with many flying noises and 100% Dark Nebula production. Still, It has a medieval feeling in it and some of the melodies are more Talpa style, just don’t expect something similar to The Art Of Being Non album. Very good track!

9. Kluster is again an artist that haven’t listen anything by him the last two years. Agent Orange is very good. It’s dark, but also has some more morning melodies, it’s psychedelic but not extremely crazy, it’s furious but not evil, it’s forest and… it’s not forest. It’s nice, very nice!

10. Miraculix! I love his tracks. Well, some nice pianos for the start and here we go. Full on bassline again. Morning full on bassline, but not boring, not annoying, not stupid. Groovy bassline! Yep that’s’ it. Very nice sounds and pads coming from the cold Sweden, frozen it is! And for deserve a killer climax and an uplifting final melody. What a track! So happy, so groovy, so good!


Overall, it’s a good compilation. Some tracks are boring and uninspired but we have some great surprises here. I really liked the variation of the style. Dark, morning, hard, groovy and anything else is here. I guess most ppl will buy it for the Talpa collaboration, but there’s more good stuff here. Nice!


Fav: 1(!!!), 5, 6, 8, 10(!)

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pedro    7

I do agree that the Psionic comps are now becoming more full-on than dark.

At the same time, this is not a bad comp at all, although several tracks are a bit of a bore.


The ones I do like are the first two (Safi, Damage) and the last three tracks (Nebula/Talpa, Kluster, Miraculix).


Biggest positive surprise - Safi Connection's track.


Biggest disappointment - Electrypnose.





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