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VA - Purple Energy 2


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1. Omegahertz - A Child From Another Planet

2. Goasia - Yin & Yang

3. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization

4. Goasia - Spectralys

5. Omegahertz - Onar

6. Goasia - Spiritual Connection

7. Omegahertz - A Soul Rising...

8. Goasia - Totem


Purple Energy 2 just released, and of course I had to get it, seeing that half of the tracks were contributed by Goasia, a very promising act that I first discovered on Pure Planet. Enough intro talk now, let me guide you through the tracks..


1. Omegahertz - A Child From Another Planet: I had never heard any Omegahertz track before but since he was allowed to share an album with Goasia it should be good.. How wrong I was. The basic components of "A Child From Another Planet" are plastic fullon elements and loads of awkward 'goa melodies'. It's so annoying that I'm sometimes having a hard time listening to it.


2. Goasia - Yin & Yang: What a contrast to the previous track! Something that actually has an atmosphere and melodies that actually are beautiful and not ultra cheesy tinkling. Thank you Goasia. The track itself is quite a smooth journey and it has a certain repetiveness that not all 'new school' goa artists dare to have, and I sometimes feel they are hiding behind the constant melodies pumping out. Not much to complain about, maybe it should have had a longer more mellow intro?


3. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization: Ok, let's give Omegahertz a new chance to proove himself. Primeval Civilization is the next track and damn, we're talking fullon nitzhonot here. After the first breakdown we get this terrible melody that sends my gag reflex out of control.


4. Goasia - Spectralys: Instant kick, no intro. And when the first melodies are introduced it's 100% Goasia sound. The complete track sounds quite similar to Yin & Yang but slightly more intense and powerful.


5. Omegahertz - Onar: After a short intro we're treated to a very unwelcomed Com.pact kiddy bassline. Not good, but perhaps a bit more listenable than the previous Omega tracks. I'm not going to waste words on telling you how bad or sometimes semi-OK this track is so let's move on.


6. Goasia - Spiritual Connection: Yeah! Track name straight out of Generic Goa Term Maker , and it starts of as the usual Goasia sound. The repetiveness of the melodies gives it a nice progressive-ish build that I really like. As the first melodies that built up a nice drive fades out I can hear some vocals that I swear I've heard somewhere else. Is that Michelle Adamson? The buildup is quite subtle and results in a massive intensity of swirling melodies and echoing female vocals, AMAZING!


7. Omegahertz - A Soul Rising...: Final chance now Omegahertz.. And yeah, it starts of quite OK but the ending is just... sigh.


8. Goasia - Totem: Starts of with a silky smooth intro with some nice acid bubbling in the background. I'm quite impressed how he manage to sound very 'goa' with a more modern touch. A lot of the other 'new schoolers' just sound too plastic but this is just great. One thing though.. you're kind of waiting for it to explode but unfortunately that doesn't really happen and that actually makes this 8 minute track sound a bit short!


I'm not sure wether the Goasia tracks sound more amazing than they should just because Omegahertz is so bad but I've quite settled for that that is not the case... The Goasia tracks are amazing and reason enough to buy this. The production of his tracks is quite samey but as long as it's this high quality stuff I don't mind..





Fav: 2(!), 4(!), 6 (!!), 8

Horrible: 1, 3(!), 5

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Updated June 2007



I've been looking forward to this comp. I own the first Purple Energy and overall, I really like it. The first thing I noticed here was Radical Distortion and Mendark are both not on this follow-up. I'm familiar with Goasia though. I enjoyed their work on the Pure Planet comp, which I also bought. :) I'm not familar with Omegahertz however who I see here for the first time.


Track 1: A Child From Another Planet has these happy-happy joy-joy melodies I'm not big on. The bing/bing melody sounds amateurish and cheesy. This isn't what I consider decent or even half decent Goatrance. It's clearly not a strong way to start off a Goa comp or album. I wouldn't say it's as awfull as the first reviewer but compared with what's to come from the other artist... This is a very disappointing song that should have never been released on a compilation with such talent as the other artist.


Track 2: Yin & Yang sounds signicantly better. This is more the New-Skool Goa-Trance I've come to enjoy outside other post 21st century artists like Filteria and Khetzel. Goasia should release an album of their own. They're or he's good!


Track 3: Primeval Civilization has these high pitched sounds that I find annoying. Overall, this is the second song I don't care for here.


Track 4: Spectralys, second song by Goasia is another very good/great one that develops so nicely. It's very well done. Both Goasia songs are very good so far. I really like these.


Track 5: Onar is the third here by Omegahertz. I like the lift-off. Some of the melodies sound nice...the song stops and the music returns. (although stays the same) it's fine until piercing, annoying higher pitched sounds appear. Overall the song isn't bad as I found the previous two from this artist and it isn't fairly good.


Track 6: Spiritual Connection is the third song by Goasia. I think the voices are unexpected and very cool. I like the female echoes more than the guy ones. The melodies are great! This is a beautiful track.


Track 7: Soul Rising is the fourth song by Omegahertz. It sounds unquestionably better than the first two songs by him (tracks 1 and 3) on this album. It's just too bad really, because my first impression of him was pretty bad until track 5. It's OKAY.


Track 8: Totem is the last track by Goasia, a traveling song that's pretty good. The layers of melodies, sounds, and how they generally develop is well done, however non action-packed or eventful this song may seem. It's good.


In conclusion, I am NOT buying this Purple Energy 2 comp because of 4 good songs, all by Goasia. These albums cost at least $17 dollars new when you include shipping. I prefer less (actually none) songs that are average and below. It's ashame because Goasia's sound is clearly on another level in comparison to Omegahertz. The two styles often clash because we go from a really good one to a really not good one. It kills the enjoyable flow of hearing the album stright through. It's nice to have other good artists making great songs too on the same comp. Initially I was a bit surprised at how negatively the first reviewer spoke of the Omegahertz tracks here. Soon enough I began to wonder why these artists reserved half of the compilation and space to this Omegahertz? Why not another artist? Is this to simply split profits 50/50? I don't know but I pray Goasia was well rewarded for creating such great exclusive tracks for this track to date. Some Goa-Trance listeners will be turned off from buying this due to the addition of Omegahertz. Some won't mind these tracks but some already have. I'm clearly no fluke. People generally have an idea what is good and what is not, hence the feedback and reviews. Goasia has made some great songs especially here. The record label should want more great songs and variety by other artists on a compilation. The point is for each artist to compliment the other if possible and bring something distinct, new, and great. Attention to detail and quality is what makes makes hearing an album enjoyable and closer to success. This won't succeed for multiple reasons. It will be overlooked, unfortunately for Goasia who's music [Goa] music I generally currently enjoy very much.

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The main reason for me to buy Purple Energy 2 was track 3! :D

Appearently other persons do not really share my thoughts...

In my opinion, the real good old Israeli melodies disappeared after the Nitzhonot hype during 98-99. It seems that people are afraid of a combination of the keywords "oriental" and "uplifting". Omegahertz however showed me with his Primeval Civilization that it is still possible to produce a really nice uplifting Goa track with this Israeli vibe, without turning into Nitzhonot (like was mentioned above...)


Maybe it's just a question of taste, but I have to add that I like most other tracks on this compilation as well. Maybe I'm not sceptical & critical enough...

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I am NOT buying this Purple Energy 2 comp because of 4 good songs, all by Goasia.


I am :) They are not good 4 tracks, these are great 4 ones. Goasia and E-Mantra are probably the most listened artists by me in my whole life - @ last.fm I've got Goasia with 238 plays and the guy released 4 fast tracks up to this moment + 4 more I will get on a CD next week. B)


Unicorn Music is a very strange label, what can you do? :(

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Artists: Omegahertz vs. Goasia

Title: Purple Energy II

Label: Unicorn Music

Catalog: UMCD011

Released: 2006


Posted Image



1. Omegahertz - A Child From Another Planet

2. Goasia - Yin & Yang

3. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization

4. Goasia - Spectralys

5. Omegahertz - Onar

6. Goasia - Spiritual Connection

7. Omegahertz - A Soul Rising...

8. Goasia - Totem


Goa - What is it to say about this genre that hasn't been said before? Probably nothing. It's golden days however seem long gone, and even though there have been somewhat of a renewed interest over the last coupple of years there are but a few brave labels who continue to push this music. Unicorn music is one of them, and even though the results has varied I salute them for there efforts. This time we're up for the second chapter of the Purple Energy series. As with it's origiantor, this disc contains music from two artists, namly that of Goasia and Omegahertz. I've been wanting to hear more from Goasia for a long time, while the only familiarity I have with Omegahertz comes from more chilled efforts. Expectations are 50/50 - huge for Goasia, and close to none for Omegahetz. Let's hope one delivers and that I'm plesantly suprised by the other...


Allright, enough ranting, let's go to the music!


01. Omegahertz - Child From Another Planet

The first few seconds of the opener sounds OK. Some bleeps, some choir and some more bleeps...Your average basic intro. From this on, sadly it's all downhill. This has all the worst elements from todays worst kind of full-on together with the worst elements of yester-years most terrible Goa. Ill-constructed melody, harsh sounds and well just overall crappyness...Gosh..I hate to sound like this, but the track is really, really awfull. Sorry!


02. Goasia - Yin and yang

Next up we have Goasia, and after having our ears raped with the first track this is pure bliss! From the moment this sparks off you feel there is an entierly different quality involved here. Yes, there are melodies, there are atmosphearic breakdowns and a general 'upliftingness' here that might turn alot of people off present. I suspuct however that these people won't be purchasing this album in any event. This is full-blown good'ol mood-enhancing Goa-trance with a slightly more modern touch. Nice!


03. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization

Once again we're treated to what might be a slightly promising intro. You have your bleeps and you have your choir, and it all seems rather nifty and jolly. Don't hold that thought for more than a few seconds, though, because now it's time to bend over. And yes. It will hurt. Seriously. You will quite possibly bleed...This is possibly more awkward than the first track, and ceirtanly bleak compared to Goasia. This is like beer without alchohol, it's like coffee without caffeine and it's like acid without...uhm...well...acid... Annyways you should get the general idea by now.


04. Goasia - Spectralsys

Spectralsys is Goasias second input here. This time there's no time for an intro as we're instantly dragged into the storming 4/4 action. Again, this is a track that's pretty close to being a perfect Goa-track. It's melodious, it's pounding, it's energetic and it's uplifting. The multilayeredness works very well and none of the sounds feel like their awkwardly put together.. Goody!


05. Omegahertz - Onar

Allright people, let's not abandon all hope that Omegahertz can create something worthwhile. The intro once again feels like it could go somewhere with a few nice sounds put together before the actual "music" begins. Again the plastic-fantasic factor rockets through the roof as we're served an exceptionally annoying blend of sounds. It might possibly be SLIGHTLY better than the two previous efforts, but you have to use a pretty powerfull microscope in order to notice. NEXT!!


06. Goasia - Spiritual Connection

Being in between the Omegahertz-tracks really made me feel like Goasia's pieces where those of some seriously stand-outish goatrance the first couple of times I heard this album. After a while however, I began to ponder if this could have anything to do with the suffering I had to deal with in between. I have however come to the conclusion that no, this is actually seriously hefty music! "Spiritual Connection" is yet another action packed goa-effort thats would easily raise some hippie-smiles also standing alone. Nice!


07. Omegahertz - A soul rising

Hmm...The melodies in this track are somewhat listenable, I'll give him an extra point for that. Otherwise: see previous comments for earlier tracks.


08. Goasia - Totem

Luckilly Goasia is given the task of ending the album. "Totem" is another fine effort, though perhaps a tad less emotive than the first three tracks. It floats along nicely with a balanced mix of sounds, melodies and beats. It also manages to build somewhat even though it lacks somewhat of a "peak". Another good track by Goasia, but not the finish you might expect..


Final Words

I'm not quite sure what to make of this album. Flow-wise I think it's pretty much useless as those awfull omegahertz-tracks pretty much ruin it. As a collection of tracks it's pretty much a 50/50 thing, with one half being stellar, and the other being...well, far below par to put it nicely. To make sense of it in my little head, I like to think of it as two separate EP-releases, and with todays super-high-tech modern gadgets you are luckilly not physically forced to listen to all the tracks. So should you get this? I don't know really... It's really nice to get some fresh refill of good goa, but it's not so nice to fill up on utterly poor goa.


Psychedelic Mustache


Get it here:



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As it was numerous times stated above, the Goasia tracks "Yin & Yang", "Spectralys" and "Spiritual Connection" (the latter being my stand out track) are all very nice old school like tracks, packed with those feel good vibes that should satisfy virtually any older goa trance fan, including the fans of the whole new Suntrip Records sound! Goasia, as usually, fully delivers! Worth buying for the 3 tracks mentioned above, IMHO. The rest is far from being my cup of tea.

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As it was numerous times stated above, the Goasia tracks "Yin & Yang", "Spectralys" and "Spiritual Connection" (the latter being my stand out track) are all very nice old school like tracks, packed with those feel good vibes that should satisfy virtually any older goa trance fan, including the fans of the whole new Suntrip Records sound! Goasia, as usually, fully delivers! Worth buying for the 3 tracks mentioned above, IMHO. The rest is far from being my cup of tea.

Yes. Also, they SHOULD make this $9.95 via Saikosounds, Psyshop, etc. Many people seem 50/50 over it because a strong style is put next to a weak one. Almost $20 when you include shipping and tax is alot to ask for around three great tracks by Goasia. Naturally I realize everyone has different tastes but Goasia had a good impression and reputation before. Who ever Omegahertz is wasn't really known and I don't see his reputation getting more positive with this, no offense to the guy. It's just not my style trance. Several artists Suntrip has worked with for example could have turned this thing into an amazing production. Suntrip Records is doing well I presume because they know their audiance. They know quality Goa and what most of us really like. Was it too expensive to hire another kickass to compete with Goasia? I don't know. Regardless, quality over quantity. Music is a reflection of self! That is all. :)

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Before starting my review, I would first like to say that having those 2 artists on the same album was not a good idea, as both have a complete different style of goatrance.

Personaly I like oldskool and nu-skool music the most, especially with happy melodies and complexity that tend to bend my mind :)


You WILL notice that my review is quite the opposite then that of most before me in this thread...


Track 1: Omegahertz - A Child From Another Planet


This song starts of very happy and playfull, innocent like a child :) with nice breaks and a dreaming lift-of carrying me away all over the dancfloor :posford: Especially the last few minutes of this song are perfect for me...


If you don't feel happy after that, I think you need to check your brain ;) (no offense ofcourse, everyone has his taste) 8/10


Track 2: Goasia - Yin and yong


This song start of slowly lifting up the trancemood with simple melodic tunes throughout the first 5 minutes (!) of the track. It nicely keeps up the flow, but fails to carry me away into space. I reckon it would have suited better as first track of the album, but in general I find it to be just simple trance without complexity or any energyzing lift-of. So actually this track passes by without even being noticed.


Keeping simplicity can be good, but not in this case. 6/10


Track 3: Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization


The second song of Omegahertz. After hearing the first one I was quite eager to hear what he'll throw at us this time.

The song starts of pretty energetic without any real intro, which can be nice from time to time, if you are able to keep up the change in the song... like telling a story more or less. With a bit more crazyness in the tweeking sounds then with his first song, together with the abundance of noticable breaks, this song definitly got my drift. Like stated before by Agneton, this song almost sounds like Nitzhonot in a new jacket :)


So, classified under psychedelica first class! 8/10


Track 4: Goasia - Spectralis


After hearing Goasia's first track on this album, I was a bit afraid of listening to the others, fearing it will keep me in some kind of slumber without actually waking me or giving me the energy I want to find in goatrance. Luckily this time Goasia starts of more active then he ever was in "Yin and Yong" :) After 3m45s of nice flowing moods he finaly made some decent break, but failed to change the melody after the lift-of... :huh: Almost making you think of all those artists telling you there will be an explosion coming up but never do... Nevertheless he manages to keep the flow going in a nice way, so this track had something in it after all, as the last 2 minutes ease the pain of the failed lift-of.


Definitly better then "Yin and Yong" but this artist can do better then this. 7/10


Track 5: Omegahertz - Onar


The third song of Omegahertz immediatly starts of very activly, flawlessly pulling you into his melody. Again very happy music telling this harsh grey fkd up world to go take a break :P An entertaining song which will stay in control of your brain untill the very last second, tweeking his -quite long- melody all the way to the end :) Although I must say the melodies in this song are completly the way I like it, the bassline does remind me of full-on music from time to time.


So I reckon if Omegahertz worked as well on his bassline as on his melodies in this song, then it would be flawless through my ears. 7.5/10


Track 6: Goasia - Spiritual Connection


Again you hear the difference with Omegahertz immediatly when this song starts. Track 5 & 6 do not fit right next to each other, but I told this before, Goasia - Omegarhertz don't work.

The song itself starts of with the tipical Goasia sound we are now used to and again he takes half of his track to build up feeding on his sounds initial trancemood, threatening to lose my interest because of this.

If Goasia was able to make landscapes appear like Afgin does, this song would have been way better. Unfortunatly Goasia appears to have very strict lines which he dares not to cross.


So conclusion, nothing special, just fills up space, sorry. 5.5/10


Track 7: Omegahertz - A Soul Rising


Omegahertz's last song. This one starts of easy, teasing you with a vague melody in the background. After a minute you definitly reckonize his sound and the way he makes his melodies. Luckely for us he can make a story inside his melodies, but it is a "we live happely ever after" melody, which apperently not everyone loves...

A nice melodic explosion, a few minutes before the end, only feeds the hunger of my brain on my quest for more more moooore :rolleyes: :clapping:

Again, when I listen to this song, noone in this world will be able to make me feel bad ever again... euh well at least for quite some time :)


To state at least one downside to this song, its not long enough! :P8.5/10


Track 8: Goasia - Totem


Final song of this album. Starts of pretty interesting with more activity then the previous songs of Goasia. Finally Goasia manages to put some more change in his song. Unfortunatly he doesn't really has his ups n downs in this song, leaving it rather flat compared to what Omegahertz is bringing. It is kinda missing its psychedelics and feeds more on trancemoods.


Nevertheless this song is better then his previous songs as it actually manages to give some kind of story with it, but sadly when the song finally lifts of, it ends. 7/10





So, to make a long story short, these two artists are not to be combined.

For me Omegahertz DEFENITLY made this ablum worthwhile! Goasia on the other hand lacks his ability to make his sound complex and interesting to listen to. His simplicity bores me endlessly, although the sounds he uses are nice, they could be used way better.


I reckon making a blend of these two artists sounds would make all of us happy.



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Ah, happy to see at least some people around here that shared my impression! :D

The thing that bothers me with Goasia, is that the guys have a kind of repetitiveness during most of their songs. Play a song on the second minute, then fastforward it to the seventh minute and you're likely to hear the exact same melody again. Ah, well, not to offend anyone, maybe the variation is hidden into subtilities? Saying that Omegahertz is bad music, on the other hand, is something that I really can't understand. It's pure brightness, his songs are like children playing in the gardens of eden! Very innocent and emotionally-edged music, it is... ;)


Well imo it's just a matter of taste, really...

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Artist: Goasia Vs. Omegahertz

Title: Purple Energy 2

Label: Unicorn Music

Date: September, 2006


1. A Child From Another Planet - OMEGAHERTZ
2. Yin and Yang - GOASIA
3. Primeval Civilization - OMEGAHERTZ
4. Spectralys - GOASIA
6. Spiritual Connection - GOASIA
7. A Soul Rising - OMEGAHERTZ
8. Totem - GOASIA



I think Vempy is Omegahertz. Has anyone checked on this? Music is all about taste so there's really no right or wrong. If you like nitzhonot and lean towards the quirky then the Omegahertz tracks will be for you. If you prefer storming more powerful goa then obviously Goasia will be more your bag baby. The fact that these two projects were put together for an album was the real crime. Now nobody's happy.


Well, except Unicorn Music who got us to buy a CD where we didn't like half the tracks.


Personally I liked the Goasia stuff better as he seemed to be on another level with regards to track depth and atmosphere. But I also enjoyed Primeval Civilization as well. And let's not be too surprised at this unholy pairing. The first Purple Energy saw a stronger Radical Distortion face off with a not ready for prime time Mendark. If they do a third in the series (not likely) maybe they pair Artha with...hell, I dunno Skazi.








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