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V/A - Musica Discordia [Gi'iwa]


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Compilation: Musica Discordia

Label: Gi'iwa Productions


Sonic-energy: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/287/2/


TAREZEN - say whot?

HIRED GOONZ - sebastians dildo

REALITY PIXIE - phloem of tlsg

TAMLIN - abstructality

SPIRITUS - billy's bootcamp

SATTEL BATTLE - fuck it (ex uus rmx)

SATTEL BATTLE - stupid computer

HIRED GOONZ - seatangle

NEURON COMPOST - seatangle

ALRUNE vs THE BEAST - mac guyver

ECT - jolly's return


If you add up the stylistic variables of psychedelic trance on a worldwide basis, it doesn’t take Nostradamus to figure out something like Gi’iwa was just a matter of time. By that I mean, a loose bunch of Australian hippies that decided psy could still be deeply psychedelic and groovy, bringing back some of that Byron Bay energy incarnated, mixed with the Scando-craze wave that’s still hitting us left and right. The result took everyone by storm in 2004 with the critically acclaimed Schizm.


The biggest question was off course, where had all these people been hiding? While the majority of labels in the scene feed of themselves on cannibalistic trends, Reece and the rest of the Ozzies were holding a bag of tricks –that in my opinion- was a few years ahead of it’s time, and the sales of those days might have reflected it; for such is the price of beginning trends instead of following them.


Earlier this year, news of a second compilation started racing through the interweb and everyone from the Kilargh Kick Klub, to the dazed prog-heads, including the Jaded Psy Trancers Association, had no option but raise an eyebrow: “New Stuff from Gi’iwa? Nice…”


So what is Musica Discordia? From the artist list we can see familiar faces a lot of Hired Goonz & co, Tsabeat and no Derango, no Vicious Spiral… bummer… guess they are trying a new thing. Yes they are, Musica Discordia has rid itself from the darker realms it showed before, keeping the trippy factor on it’s own. So just how happy / morning is it? It’s saturated, that’s why there is a sun rising in the cover… get it?


Terezen (Gonzalo Laserna & Eki jokisalo) cracks it open with “Say Wh0t?” which sounds like Timbaland & Magoo stuck on a psy-funk phase. It’s lively, overly groovy and downright mainstream with the quality to back it up. I am in not in love it, but you might.


“Sebastian’s Dildo” is most probably an x-rated story I have no interest in figuring out, so let’s delve on the music instead. The feeling is tropical, as some parts might sound like an extrapolation of the latest Caribbean Cruise commercial. I mean, plus the fluttering shit and the groovy atmosphere. Very light and entertaining, not forgetting the psychedelic aspects, off course.


Reality Pixie (Darren Smith) is difficult to pin down. If the idea to watch the teletubbies on a heavy Hoffman has ever crossed your mind, this might come close to it. Wobbly candy-lines and tremendously psychedelic imagery. The thing is so darned cheddar it might actually scare you for a moment, especially on the breaks. It gets a little more ‘down to businesses’ later on though, even with the tremendously naïve aura. At this point in time, the material might just be daring enough to deemed original.


I have been following Tamlin lately (including the release on Liquid Quit) and Jonas is getting better with each track. “Abstructality” Is a rhythmic orgy, deluged of metallic tings coming from every angle with the ultimate purpose of confusion. Geared mostly at the twisted heads, the rest will wonder why did he leave the best part of the track for the last minute? The way I see it is kind of like poking your tongue out at someone. Tamlin’s saying, “yeah, I could have ruptured your brain with that melodic treatment for 9 minutes, but I choose to do things differently... savour it while it lasts & deal with it…” Apparently, there is an album scheduled for next year, if someone asks though you didn’t hear that from me.


Spiritus is another Finish new comer (at least to me) and it is clear some of the Suomi flair might have seeped in the production. A lot of old school funk, drumalism & trumpets. Slightly too upbeat for my taste.


Sattel Battle graces our presence with two tracks. The first one is a remix from Ex Uus (I thought it was Exuus, but anyway), which you might have heard on Squeech as Spider’s Silk. “Fuck it” is a proper builder with a guitar/synth glissandi going on. Its old school all over again – good stuff. “Fucking Computer” continues with bouncy organic percussion, maintaining a strong melodic intent, with the nicest bass structures I have heard in a while. The lines match perfectly and its still trippy as all hell. This is ten times better than “Dotman”.


“Seatangle” from Hired Goonz is strange. More than being a track -with music- it’s more like a sonic device to extend the timeless daze infinitum, lost in the moment thinking about pretty much nothing. Add weird noises, combine in such a way it melts your brain to jelly and don't forget the xylophone music. There is also a voice of someone that sounds a lot like Zack Delarocha, uttering something terribly important about the future of human kind, but we cannot understand a damn thing… Great.


Neuron compost is Zack… I mean Reece on his own In the infamous Neuron Compost ensemble, displaying the kind of sound we had been waiting. Musical, and perversely mind-trashing at the same time… including the mini ritual moment by the end…. Classy stuff all the way – it was worth the wait.


“Monkey Combat” from Schizm was amongst my favorite ones, so when Beast & Alrune unleashed “McGuyver” I was hoping for Swiss knife versatility & I was not disappointed. Extremely varied and devoid of a dull moment. Are those voices saying “crackhead?” yeah, seems to describe it quite aptly.


Etc is Leigh Griffiths from jolly old London, closing the shindig with… more disco/funk trip-tastico like is the signature with Gi’iwa. Further than that is just confusing to tell…


I’m still at a loss as of how I should feel about this compilation. It’s good for sure, but I’m thinking the great majority of people that got it are in my situation,– still trying to figure out what in the world was that rawkus that just flew by. I think the last little sample perfectly describes my confusion “Everything is perfectly alright now, we are fine… we are all fine here, now –thank you- how are you?”


You can tell they took their time putting this together and as such, it is something that needs to settle in the mid before calling out any judgments. The bottom line is, that there is bottom line… if its groovy morning music you are after, this should be looked into immediately.

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so after 2 years of waiting gi'iwa finally released their 2nd cd ....


is it as good as schizm ?


well it is different it's more feel good morning music ...


we have a few really good tracks : 1! 4 8 9 10



however some tracks are way too cheezy for my taste and even sound like full on suomi imo (although the composition of some of those tracks is actually nice) ... I was hoping for a more overal organic sound like in schizm ...



conclusion : 5 good tracks on 1 cd is way more than I'm used to => the best compilations of the year till so far ....


All we have to do now is waiting for the upcoming sienis and tamlin album ...


they have my full support ....

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I had started to give up on the hope that Gi'iwa would come out with another follow up to their excellent debut compilation. Perhaps because my expectations were quite high, this release did not have quite such a 'wow factor' as Schizm. Nevertheless I do recommend Musica Discordia.


It is very much in the same vein as Schizm - it is a shame that the artist with the best track on that CD, Mexico's Pimperknuckle, did not do a repeat. Incidently, I think the tracks by the Australians are the weakest on the comp.





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I am really starting to like this cd... I had a bit difficult time to figure out what to expect from this since its been so long since Schizm was relased, but no matter what I expected I am glad now 'cus this is a special release!!!

All tracks might not be 100% good but the thing is that this seems to have some of those precious drops of fresh happy madness in it that makes up for that more than enough! Aaahhh Gi'iwa drops :rolleyes:

It really puts me in a good mood! One of my best purchases in a long while :)


Tracks I really like: :)


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V/A - Musica Discordia


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Musica Discordia

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Gi'iwa Productions (Australia)

Cat. #: GPCD 002

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: 25 August 2006


Track listing:


01. 06’31” Tarezen – Say Whot!?

02. 08’43” Hired Goonz – Sebastien’s Dildo

03. 06’28” Reality Pixie – Phloem Of TLSG

04. 08’30” Tamlin - Abstructality

05. 07’03” Spiritus – Billy’s Bootcamp

06. 05’53” Sattel Battle – Fuck It (Ex Uus Remix)

07. 06’17” Sattle Battle – Stupid Computer

08. 08’35” Hired Goonz - Seatangle

09. 07’58” Neuron Compost – La Forest Femme

10. 04’14” Alrune & Bæst - McGuyver

11. 07’54” ECT – Jolly’s Return


.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/q99gj (all tracks!)




THE MUSICA DISCORDIA or, How I Found the Goddess EleKtroniKa and What I Did To Her When I Found Her.


After more than two years hiatus, recuperation and refuge Australia’s Gi’iwa Productions is out with their 2nd release Musica Discordia. When Schizm was released back in the summer of 2004 it was received with rave reviews and a hype seldom seen with debut releases… And two years later it’s still as fresh and innovative as the day it was released and it remains one of my most played ‘unconformity’ CDs… Rather than milking the success and rushing the next release, Reece and the Gi’iwa gang decided to play the waiting game until they actually had enough great tracks fit for a proper second release… Now let’s find out if that investment in time paid off…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Tarezen – Say Whot!? [150 BPM]

“If any of my parts or circuits will help, I’ll gladly donate them. Circuits, what are you, some kind of robot? Of course not, hahaha, it’s just an expression… A robot expression!” Tarezen is Gonzalo Laserna in cahoots with Eki Jokisalo (Sienis) and they break the mould with a subtle piece of crossover frying pan trance… And just how they managed to make 150 BPM music sound so subtle and chilled, I’ll never understand… But it’s true – this is actually pretty laid back, but still extremely complex musica… It’s not quite trance, it’s not quite IDM… It just is! Psychedelic to the core and deeply unique. Wonderful!


#02: Hired Goonz – Sebastien’s Dildo [145 BPM]

Hired goon #1 is Reece Stockhausen (Neuron Compost) and #2 is Petalien, both from Brisbane, Australia… What we get here is a sonic excursion into future polka, space jazz and fungus funk… It’s as much a crossover experiment as it’s an electroniKa trip tool… This is what Shpongle would sound like played backwards! Wonderfully crafted and totally inimitable!


#03: Reality Pixie – Phloem Of TLSG [148 BPM]

“Ladies and gentlemen: The Teeny Little Super Guy!” Straight from the underground comes a tribute track to TLSG from Sesame Street. In a striking contrast between super-psychedelic acid-lines and demented-slash-uplifting morning melodies, the whole thing boils down to one thing: Multi layered, suomisoundi flavoured Babylonian mayhem of epic proportions… Intelligently composed by native Australian Darren Smith… Morning glory!


#04: Tamlin – Abstructality [143 BPM]

The next track by the Tamlins has the distinct suomistyge bouncy bass heavily filtered into all kinds of weird-as-fuck layers, naïve melodies, demented pads and so forth… As with Tamlin’s previous work, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted and precaution is advised when listening to this… The last half of the track is simply too complex for me to fully enjoy it in a sober state… Most likely track to be deemed illegal – ever!


#05: Spiritus – Billy’s Bootcamp [147 BPM]

Spiritus is Teemu Niemi from Finland, but actually the previous track was more suomisoundi than this one… Rest assured though, that this is still some very odd, vodka-soaked muzak – especially the first half. Halfway thru the track changes character into a more hard-hitting trance style… And the latter is definitely the best. The classic sample from Barabas & OD1’s classic hardhouse track Ghettoblaster fits *just* right…


#06: Sattel Battle – Fuck It (Ex Uus Remix) [148 BPM]

“This is the sound that blows your mind!” Sattel Battle is Elad Weinberg from Israel – perhaps better known under his Tsabeat moniker. His work stretches from brain-numbing Joyrex'esque drill&bass to über-dark terror-trance… All of which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly, and this track is no exception… The remixer is fellow country man Ilja Zelkovsky who released his debut album No Controlling on 6-Dimension Sound earlier this year… And holy fuck, I can’t believe what amazing sounds these guys are able to create… This is easily the most goan track thus far and it’s absolutely soaked in twirling melodies reminiscent of recent Ka-Sol material… Deeply psychedelic and totally maximal goa trance… Awesome!


#07: Sattle Battle – Stupid Computer [145 BPM]

“Let’s go techno!” The next Elad Weinberg track is more reminiscent of the spugadelic style he sported on the Schizm compilation two years ago… Groove-meister sauna-trance drenched in acid-funk, staccato-groove and wacked-out psychedelia… The electro touch and the analogue synths add even more flavour to the mix and makes people dance, scream and sweat bullets… A fine, wholesome track!


#08: Hired Goonz – Seatangle [144 BPM]

The goons are back for an encore – a noisy break core kind of encore to be more precise! We’re brushing on extremely demented IDM-like music here with an influx of psychedelic elements thrown in just to freak you out… The rapid changes in pace and direction will leave you with your mouth wide open wondering exactly what the fuck just hit you!? … This is pure, unfiltered alien music that I have yet to fully grasp, but there’s something indescribably appealing about it…


#09: Neuron Compost – La Forest Femme [144 BPM]

Neuron Compost is Gi’iwa big cheese Reece Stockhausen’s solo project… His two tracks on Schizm really catapulted me into space with their perfectly balanced mix of melodic trance and oddball psychedelia… And yes, this is another extremely versatile piece of electronic music… The sound spectre is absolutely jam-packed with all kinds of unnatural audio bits and pieces. Wrestle, mangled, digested, spit up and sewn back together by good old Reece… It’s somewhat confusing and hectic, but at the same time it makes perfect sense… Bound to last 3-400 listens before you’ve noticed all the tiny details… Absolutely adorable!


#10: Alrune & Bæst – McGuyver [147 BPM]

“It has to do with freedom… Crack head! … You know there is a kind of a trip I’ve been toying with… Take it now!” Next up is a collaboration between two Danish madmen. Rune Ranthe burst onto the scene with a bang with his looney tune on Schizm. The liner notes don’t reveal the true identity behind the Bæst moniker, so I can’t really supply any additional info on him… What I can say though, is that ‘bæst’ is Danish for ‘beast’. And that leads me nicely into describing the essence of this track which is a little beast in its own right… Highly diverse, action-packed oddball trance that’s bursting with joy and enough energy to go around thrice… Spankafracioulicious!


#11: ECT – Jolly’s Return [138 BPM]

“Everything is perfectly alright now, we are fine. Wee are all fine here now. Thank you. How are you?” ECT is Leigh Griffiths from the UK who’ve been in the biz since the early Phantasm days almost ten years ago and this track sends a nostalgic nod back to the b-side of his first ever released EP. In recent years his output has been limited, though his skills are still intact… This is the most ‘chilled’ track here, but obviously not chilled as you might have expected… This is balanced electronica with the emphasis on morphing buzzing sounds tangled up in jazzy bridges, flaring acid lines and a steady beat… Very hard to describe really and equally hard to comprehend. Maybe I’ll have it fully digested some day, but for now it’s a mysterious aeon flux to me…


Like Schizm did two years ago, this compilation knocked me right off my feet… It’s such a diverse style-clash crossover bonanza that words don’t really do it justice. After all writing about music is like dancing about architecture… Why this lengthy review then, one might ask? Well, that’s what I do, and this piece of plastic deserves some attention. It’s unlike anything I’ve heard this year, and if that wasn’t reason enough to check it out, just wait until it grabs you by the balls and drags you around a musical spectre wider than you thought possible… The classy cover art adds to the overall very full experience sparked by this release… This is - in the immortal words of Huckleberry Finn - something else!


Comes highly recommended. But beware. If you confront it with imperfect courage it might utterly annihilate your soul… Some of the tracks have not yet fully sunken in with me, and I’m not sure if they ever will… Luckily those tracks are scarce, and I really dig the vast majority of audio wizardry presented on this unique compilation. Do yourself a favour, and hunt this one down. It’s totally worth it, if not only to broaden your musical horizons. Enjoy!


Favourites: 1, 2(!), 3(!), 6(!!), 7, 9(!), 10



Posted Image


External links:

Gi’iwa Productions: http://www.giiwa.com

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/770599

Psy-Harmonics: http://tinyurl.com/qgj7b

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/ntdnn

Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/p76y8

Discobole: http://tinyurl.com/owtag

Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/o3nef

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/r6rh2

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ell4j

Juno: http://tinyurl.com/s3xd3

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Well this is a good comp!

Unfortunately I don't have Schizm so I don't know if this is better or worse.

I have to agree that some tracks are a bit cheesy but the difference is that they already know that! It's like Hara Gobi tracks were they are cheesy because they have to be, d'y' know what I mean?


Now some words:

First track is cool not something great though.

Both Hired Goonz tracks are totally hillarious and very psychedelic.

Reality Pixie track is happy hippo pink psy trance but damn good!

Billy's Bootcamp is the best track here. Superb melodies and many ideas!

Both Sattel Battle tracks are awesome, especially Fuck It with these mindblowing Goa melodies.

Neiron Compost track has some of the most oriental cheesy melodies but it's psychedelic to the bone.

Tamlin is :blink:

Alrune & Baest is crazy but too short

and ECT track is different from his old ones (more morning) but very good.


Overall, it's great and highly recommended!

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The next track by the Tamlins ...

This is weird. :blink:


There's a reggae band called the Tamlins (pretty ok actually :P) and for some reason CDDB or whatever can't tell the difference between Tamlin and The Tamlins or whatever, so if you put this CD in your computer and play it in winamp, it might say The Tamlins instead of Tamlin.......... *grrrrrr*


Or at least i saw this myself once and i assume this is why mr DeathPosture made the same mistake..


Just for the record: Tamlin made the track, NOT The Tamlins! :ph34r:


(in case anyone actually believed otherwise :lol: )

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  • 2 months later...

This is weird. :blink:


There's a reggae band called the Tamlins (pretty ok actually :P) and for some reason CDDB or whatever can't tell the difference between Tamlin and The Tamlins or whatever, so if you put this CD in your computer and play it in winamp, it might say The Tamlins instead of Tamlin.......... *grrrrrr*


Or at least i saw this myself once and i assume this is why mr DeathPosture made the same mistake..


Just for the record: Tamlin made the track, NOT The Tamlins! :ph34r:


(in case anyone actually believed otherwise :lol: )

The same thing happens with Holocryptic Audio :wank:

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