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Cubase SX problem with VST instruments

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My VSTi effects are working fine (except ohm boyz delay who is making SX to shutdown when I try to load it), but when I try to load VST instruments (I see them listed) none of them works. What is causing this problem?

And it seems like Cubase doesnt recognize Reason everytime.. Did someone have a same problems?

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Ok, so nobody wants to help but nevermind, I solved the problem.. Repaired the version of cubase and now it works just fine.. Deleted some .dlls that were messing it up.. But now when it loads VSTs it says something like "jawt.dll not found".. Does anyone knows for what that jawt.dll is? Is it some VST?


and if anybody wants to share VSTs contact me PM..

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Man, thats a LOT of help.. I would kiss u if u were a woman.. lol

Thanks man for life.. There is still good people around.. Life is good.. lol

See how small thing can make a man happy? Its not the fckn dll, I can live without him, its not my heart or something.. Its intention that matters..

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