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New track: Xiphiaz - Centurion


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Hello everyone!


Here's my latest tune called Centurion (after to much of watching Rome), and it's back to my "old style". I don't know what I've been doing now for a while, but I think it's on the right way again (:


And might I add that this is in progress too ;), but here's a sample for you


Size: 2.2 Mb

Length: 1:08 min

Xiphiaz - Centurion


Feedback appreciated, and I hope you'll like it =)



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It has a feeling. Keep on :)


Thanks, I will (:


Yeah, sounds nice!


Some creative suggestions:


Try and make the bass stand out a little bit more. It gets a little drained from the percussions, lead and pads. Or eq out a little bit from the other elements. Other than that I think it sounds fine!


Thank you =) I'm on it, it's quite impossible to master with my current headphones though (:


i like this astrixy kind of fullon :)


and it is true with the bass,give it a space !!!!


and please give longer traxx 1 minute is nothing serious...


Thanks (: glad you think it's astrixy ;)


and this is just a sample, there's more of course :P

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