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Salakavala – Fractal Fishing [Faerie Dragon]

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Salakavala – Fractal Fishing


Catalogue: FDREC-03


Format: Digipak


Release Date: Sep 2006


(p) + © 2006 Faerie Dragon Records (Sonic Dragon Sublabel)


Mastering By Simon Polinski


Posted Image


1. LE Trick


2. Rubber Bum


3. Fractal Fishing


4. Punis


5. Formula 6000


6. Italosport


7. Undercover Attack (Remix)


8. Supersoaker


9. Mould Evolution


10. Juhannes


samples here:


or here:



Release Notes:

Now onto our third release Faerie Dragon this time presents you with the much anticipated debut album of Salakavala from Helsinki, Finland. most fans of Soumi sound will recognise Salakavala from their web releases on their free mp3 website Antiscarp.tk. This album contains many of Salakavala's finest tunes that have remained until now unreleased, the cream of the crop from years spent in their studio.


Salakavala were formed in the year 2000 and consists of......


….Tommy Lauhiala who whether working on his own or with Toni and/or Ville releases under the name Salakavala. Tommy also works with Ville and Francoise Faggot in L.P.C.


….Toni Sorsa who releases his solo tracks under the name Igor Swamp.


….and Ville Ruoho who's solo project is Calamar Audio but who also conspires in Antiscarp Warriors, LPC and F-Virus.


The music itself is free flowing truly psychedelic trance with fantastic Suomi flavour.

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X-scream    0

maaaan! I can't wait :)

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exotic    43

Wow .. i've really waited for this .. it's about time :)


Bring on the soumi ;)

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Maxx    0

maaaan! I can't wait :)


same here samples sound great! Im getting this without doubt.

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