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Compressing bassdrum using MClass Comp?

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Okay, I'm looking for a nice punchy sound for my bassdrum (and the rest of the percussions as well) - and I heard you use a compressor but I do not understand this device at all - all it does is seems to make it louder, and what the hell is sidechaining anyway??


I'm using Reason 3, so if you could give a nice tutorial on the M Class Compressor (xiphiaz!!) it's be much appreciated... :)


Oh and if there's anything else I can do to the bassdrum whilst compressing it, like EQs (don't understand these either) then I'd like a tutorial on that as well... Thanks.

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a compressor is a device that limits dynamics, the link below illustrates this quite well. the main effect on your bass drum will be a change of the evelope, that is if the compressor is only used on the bass drum. a sidechain is a means of routing an idependant signal to the compressor to trigger it.




if you want to add more punch with an eq then have a look at the bottom midrange. to add a "click" to your bass drum slyghtly boost somewhere between 2 and 5kHz. also maybee slightly reduce the very bottom frequencies.


a good starting point is to group kik, percussion and bass. find a good ballance for all elements of the group, then add a compressor with a fast attack and release. remember less is more.

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you mean first eq percs, kick and bass seperatly, then send to one channel with a compressor in it?


thats exactly what i mean.


i always compress each of them.


nothing speaks against doing that, it is however wise to atleast group kik and bass to a compressed channel.

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hmm fast attack and release.

how fast?

what is the range here?


set the attack as close to "0" as possible, the release depends on the speed of your track and how full the kik and bass pattern is, you could start somewhere around 10ms and gradualy increase till it sounds right.

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