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please write something more about this host !!


i'm looking for something new,coz a renoise is not enough for me....fine coz looking like ft2,but for making something really serious in our beloved style quite hard in use :(


thinking about sonar or ableton live (but i dont midi keyboard yet :( )


please write about system requirements of this stuff and about it possibilities interface etc. :)_

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yeah downloaded the demo file...


songs are in something like clubbing style inside :)


looks quite interesting for me i think i can give this soft a couple of hours but the level of tutorials is dramatic for me :(


know any sites with tutorials for orion ??


and do you know is there a midi controlled required ??

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got ableton live 5 but this is crazy stuff for me right know :)


i need midi controller i think...coz qwerty in ableton really suxx :(


i think i also give ableton a couple of weeks but first of all i have to have midi controllere :(


without this there's no live for me :)

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yeah downloading movies from official site hope help something :)


jizz monolake is using live !! :) jizz , a thought that is quite lame host hehe :)


i give it a big chance :) used to draw notes in reason so i get comfortable with this in live :)


thanx guys for motivation !!

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