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Hello friends, as you know or not, I don't follow any trends and keep on producing crossover music and deviate around. Currently I'm fixing an album for Oxygen Records, but I have much different material left unsigned, lost and getting covered with a digital dust.


I'm posting here demos of this tracks, 1 min. samples is enough to decide and think of a label where it could be released. So, play them and let me know to which label/s I should send any particular track.


Attention! If I get the deal with the label you suggested you will get little something from me, it can be a Skazi pencil stand, my old goa rave fluoro t-shirt, promo of the track or maybe the release itself! :rolleyes:


Let's start from tribal-punk psychedelic trance, starts hard then turns into a more groovy psychedelic anthem:

ProSect - Afro-Dust Bundle


While keeping the african motives we're going into a different progression:

ProSect - Addictive By Nature


A remix to one of the interesting tracks of NASA (original out on Iboga):

NASA - Legolam (ProSect Remix)


Who is up for a morning walk? Remixed version of this trippy progressive goa track released few weeks ago (VA - BackFrom Beyond: Iono Music):

Sound Field - Inside The Pattern


Who said slow tempo isn't danceable enough? Sound Field shows otherwise:

Sound Field - Alpha Technologies


Something soft and melodical, it's a morning glory:

Sonify - Urban Glide


Second collaboration between me and Threshold Productions. This time its different, are you up for a psychedelic house?:

Threshold & Sonify - Sunscape


Free your feelings, we got to move on untill we die:

Sonify - Come Touch The Sun


Time to bring the funk on, please welcome - the king of the swing:

Sonify - King Of The Swing


Disco is alive, me and my japanese friend made it real:

Sonify Feat. Takashi Fujimori - Oldschool Rollers


The latest from the Sonify lab, for the first time he thrilled the world, now its his second coming... Be aware of the Squeak:

Sonify - Second Coming Of The Squeak


For da hommies, its the break-in-dub that will make groove ya all:

ICO - Rub-A-Dub


Last one is an ethnic psychedelic ambient track that takes you somewhere near the Maian tribes in Mexico:

ProSect - Palenque


Thank you for support!



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rub-a-dub and palenque are really good

i believe i already gave you suggestions on what label you should send it to

hope i get a skazi pencil stand

maybe i'll check the other ones out

heard afro-dust budle before, maybe dance n dust or digital structures?

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Thanks, no luck yet with that two downtempo tracks.


Dance n' Dust just finished their once-a-year VA, besides heard from a friend he's not treated good there. Digital Structures is like unbreakable wall with their own family.


Any more suggestions?





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Sonify & NSL - Lifted Higher




FUCKING HELL THATS GOOD! I hope that the dist is intentional though, but what I hear, if it wassnt distorted is fucking nice!!! :D

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nice stuff man..


Sonify Feat. Takashi Fujimori - Oldschool Rollers

lovely funky..


maybe try blue tunes rec..

tribal vision rec?

spin twist ?


ProSect - Afro-Dust Bundle

whaahaa freauunnky

nano rec?


some of the others are really nice as well.. this must be releasable.. somewhere..


you are always welcome to send them to me :P


good luck

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supergroover: Thanks, Blue Tunes/Spintwist got very closed sound line of psy-prog music taht is famous nowadays. I work with Tribal Vision, unfortunately they don't pick every track, but take one for compilation each time. Sonify album should be on that label as well in future. I will try Nano for Afro-Dust, could be... I will not send to you, you trade them for unrlsd skazi gems.


FP: Thanks baba. Yes, many wankers up there in the labels. Considering making another below the average full-on compilation which will barely sale amoung 1000 alike. Why not make something different, with good promotion and pro work you may achieve something I guess... Uhmm.. Forget about it, they prefer wanking in the same way :P


Shaft: You will find ProSect "Dr. Ivan & The Mad Peyote" on the next PAR-2 compilation within another tune of mine remixed by Amygdala. Thanks.




I removed "Lifted Higher" from here, it will be featured on the Sound Field album.



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hmm too bad. i tried trading some prosect killas for skazi.. but the skazi lovers wouldnt have em.. please make skazi style.. i wont unrlaest skazi..











hmm.. ok.. anyway.. i understand you dont send em to me :P i ll get them when theyll make it to cd.. just keep em coming i'd say

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