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Night track


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nice :)


cant coment the quality, coz im listening it at work and got only a crappy headset here but it lets me hopping up and down on my burochair!!!! :D


i can tell u more, when i have liistend to it at home....


stay tuned ;)

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Vectormode - Secret World


Your name reminds me of it :)


Your track is simplistic and slightly disjointed imo, but that is from 8 sec. lasting "sight" on it ;) I will listen it just right now more while travelling to the soccer pitch :> It is not bad

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Hm.. thinking of my comment could be complete :)


I took some listens of the track (like couplea dozens) and it looks really great. Analytically, it`s a standart track, but the nice sounds, riffs make it a splendid one. Its not really disjointed, maybe there could be just slightly better structure.

The secondary riff is cool, it makes for the atmosphere, the vocal part at the beginning sounds tasty as well. Delivers ominous soundscape, that is terrific.

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