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Hello all


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Wotsup ppl


Been too long since I was last on this forum. How's everybody doing? Hows the producing going - is everyone achieving? Gooood. :P


Well I see this forum board has turned into a posting board for new songs. Well OK, cool. Maybe there should really be a board for all this ya know...


Since everyone else is doing it, I might as well jump in on the act. I made a new song the other day after watching a lot of lost. Thought of doing something prog/fullon-ish, slightly jungly with lots of SFX. Well I can't say I'm done adding it all, nor is my bassline quite finished, but if you'd like a listen, you can download it from two links.


My FTP server




My Soundclick page


Enjoy ;) Send some feedback if you have the time.


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whoa, lots of crazy sounds and effects. Cool. This kind of music is not exactly my thing, but that's my own personal taste. Nice sounding kick and bass. Mix is good quality too. I like the dark progressive sound you got going on at the intro. I can definitely feel the "Lost" influence to this track.


Good job, Subsonik :)

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Cheers m8 ;)

Appreciate the feedback.


I'm still in need of same hardware for my bass I reckon.

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