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VA – Twisted Flavors (DARK001) 2006


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VA – Twisted Flavors (Digital Release)


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Artist: Various

Title: Twisted Flavors

Format: FLAC

Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany

Cat. #: DARK001

Date: 13 June 2006


Track listing:


01- Dark Summer - She Cooked!...(7:17)

02- Hishiryo - Psychotic Hardtime...(7:40)

03- Troglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Sa...(7:13)

04- Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare...(7:35)

05- Neo Vox - Freaky Notion...(6:56)

06- Electrypnose - Rumicube...(7:16)

07- Digitalist - Wild Horses...(7:06)

08- eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio...(8:53)

09- Lab - Carnaval...(7:22)

10- DarkOhm - Horror Widow...(8:16)





This is a review of the first release from a new music label D.A.R.K. (Digital Audio Record Kompany).


http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php The DARK Crew, have been involved in the electronic music scene for a long time. Having collaborated with many great artists and up-coming talents, their first album, VA Twisted Flavors is in a way a conceptual compilation. At first glance it is sold to you in music files as opposed to a cd. But, let me assure you the quality is equal to CD and the music is going to be better then any other on the market.


VA Twisted Flavors is mastered by Electrypnose, who also has a track on the compilation, so you know its going to kick ass. For any one still skeptical about it, let me just point out that with any store bought cd you end up burning a copy anyways. With DARK you can get your music directly.


Upon listening to the compilation, my first realization was of the sounds so twisted and intense beyond expectations. I was pleased and at the same time i couldnt play it loud enough! The music was played on my computer using no effects and on a pair of Klipsch THX 2.1 desktop speakers. These speakers put out, but the music was just that good, i wanted to be the music.


01. Dark Summer - She Cooked!...(7:17) (145 BPM)

It all begins with Dark Summer aka Matija from Slovenia where his distinct phat rolling bassline and acid leads takes you on a stomping start laying the groundwork for an incredible experience.


02. Hishriyo - Psychotic Hardtime...(7.40) (148 BPM)

Track 2 carries on in the same fashion as the first track. Mad layer upon layer of great surprising samples and sounds and structures. I was platueing and it seemed at every ledge i was being pushed off, further, not so much as falling but travelling, by some strange design known as Hishiryo. The vocal samples whatever they mean realy tripped me out.


03. TRoglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Wa Sa...(7:13) (148 BPM)

Troglodytes consisting of Dave and Fadi the two cave mens from the deep forests of Sweden get a different turn as their track builds... strange furoicity, geometric visions in the sound. i remember turning up the bass on my sub. as the track comes to an end their's is a feeling of impending doom, known in psychiatric circles as anxiety!


04. Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare...(7:35) (149 BPM)

Sectio Aurea are Chris & Marina from the Swiss Alps with their debut offering,this one i know is a bad ass tune. having listened to this compilation in my car when i first got it, burnt it and took a long drive.....relentless bass and the snap of the drum , hard to describe you just have to feel it for yourself. around 3.50 infection starts to set in with that great shredding sound of the virus synth. the track carries on then ends abruptly.


05. Neo Vox - Freaky Notion...(6:56) (150 BPM)

Neo Vox are Felipe and Bruno from Sao Paolo with their debut Track which picks up where Sectio Aurea left off and shakes the room with this booming bassline fat drums and wicked snare...as the tracks builds into a sick as fuck sound experience this lead synth makes me feel, well as the name implies "freaky notion". there is this eerie sample throughout ....around 420 the track starts you on another weird as hell adventure, there is a bubbly thick sound but dont get me wrong nothing candy about this track its dark and mad.


06. Electrypnose - Rumicube...(7:16) (150 BPM)

Track6 begins with a strange vocal that is like directing traffic in some cosmic weirdness. Things kick off in a bizzare flowing collision of samples, then the beat drops. The bass is incredibly thunderous with the drum it really feels like it goes through you then there were some great frequencies the sounds were really psychedelic and schizophenic in a great arrangement, The abstract weaving of sounds and frequencies that electrypnose does so well. the bass kills...


07. Digitalist - Wild Horses...(7:06) (150 BPM)

Track 7 comes off ethereal and has that great virus sound at first it seems uplifting but things get really sinister as the track gets to business...nice sample from sin city, the night is hot as hell here. 2 minutes in and the drum is hypnotic and the lead is like some alien language tell me to turn the mutherfucker up. nice percussion after the breakdown, did i mention the bass is booming with so much depth, the contrast of the synths, it all comes together very effectively.


08. eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio...(8:53) (150 BPM)

This is the debut for Sergei from Moscow, track 8 begins with much anticipation,wierd and sinister a vocal of some laugher is like your being played with and after about a couple minutes of some trippy sounds comes one of the best vocal samples from a movie ive heard. i wont spoil it for you. you gotta check it out for yourself. it gets better, as the bass drops and well, damn you just gotta hear this track for yourself. Very rarely does a track come around with this kind of caliber reminiscent of Osom - Overgame.


09 Lab - Carnaval...(7:22) (152 BPM)

Lab is a project by the Portuguese Mad scientist Renato, track 9 begins easily and lets you recover somewhat from the 'bomb', heavy basslines, the drum kinda sounded shrill and didnt jive with me but the synths took over and began ripping shit up.things get a bit redundant but again the synths are shredding and its easily overlooked.


10 DarkOhm - Horror Widow...(8:16) (149 BPM)

The last track on the compilation starts off with a dark descent into what is... a nasty bass drops, drums thumping, sounds panning and swirling about. taking you down further into this sinister madness, eerie sampling that just stomps.


My favorites Tracks 1,4,7,8 & 10


This was my first review BTW, feedbacks welcome !!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Even I was skeptic about this release after seeing the cover which seems to have been ripped of the movie "Alone in the dark", but when i heard the samples on their website i was tempted to place and order and the second reason being it was mastered by Electrypnose.


I placed and order and to my surprise this is one hell bent compilation with so much variety in Twisted-psy, as most of the night time psy tends to sound monotonous. This compilation is worth all the money spent.


My favorite tracks 4,6, 8 the rest are good too but a true night trancer should not miss these 3 tracks.


Bom Bom

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  • 3 months later...

Thank you Appleseed!


Also thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.


Just some quick info about the old cover. When we posted here at first, the real cover wasn't ready, so we have put one that was indeed taken from "Alone in the dark".


Sorry about the inconvenience, now Appleseed, updated the cover for me, this is the digital edition cover, the one for CD is very similar to this updated one , but still different.


All the best to the worldwide dark psy scene .


Boom all

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