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MusiCa DisCorDia - VA - Gi'iwa Productions

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MusiCa DisCorDia - Various Artists




REL: AUG 2006


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1. Tarezen - Say Wh0t? / Gonzalo Laserna & Eki Jokisalo, Sweden

2. Hired Goonz - Sebastians Dildo / Neuron Compost & Petailen, Australia

3. Reality Pixie - Phloem of TLSG / Darren Smith, Australia

4. Tamlin - Abstructality / Jonas Henrikson, Sweden

5. Spiritus - Billy's Bootcamp / Teemu Niemi, Finland

6. Sattel Battle - Fuck it (eX Uus rmx) / Elad Weinberg, remix by Ilja Zelkovsky, Israel

7. Sattel Battle - Stupid Computer / Elad Weinberg, Israel

8. Hired Goonz - Seatangle / Neuron Compost & Petailen, Australia

9. Neuron Compost - La Forest Femme / Reece Stockhausen, Australia

10. Alrune vs. the Beast - MacGuyver / Rune Ranthe & Bæst, Denmark

11. ECT - Jolly's Return / Leigh Griffiths, UK



From the arcane pits of the Gi'iwa Productions Music Box emanates the twisted new sound of Musica Discordia. Riding on the heels of the widely acclaimed 'Schizm' compilation, Musica Discordia expands the unique and established retro-melodic, psych0-funkadelic, multi layered,trance-dance sound. Featuring previous purveyors of Gi'iwa auditory injury - SattelBattle, Tamlin, Alrune and Neuron Compost, new additions to the Music Box include the debut releases from Finnish newcomer Spiritus and Australia's Reality Pixie, Tarezen (aka Sienis + Metzanima), Hired Goonz, eX uUs, and the triumphant return of pioneering legend ECT.



Musica Discordia features 11 quality tracks, catering to those with diverse musical fetishism's, a passion for musical disco-ordination and an open-minded attitude.



www.giiwa.com/INDEX.HTM - follow the link :)

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My only hope left... so it better be good or i'll stop listening to psy for a couple of years again... :)

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