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Dali - Hectic (HomMega)

Frontier Psychiatrist

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By Damion/PsyReviews


from http://tinyurl.com/lpc3h


Shit cover, shit album. But you knew that already. Dali may be the only person since Alien Project to stick their arse on the cover of one of their CD’s but she still looks like a duck. And yes I made that bit up about Alien Project’s arse. The assembled masses of People With Taste (that’s you lot) would probably sooner be confronted with the back end of Ari Linker than listen to this anyway.


Hectic is probably the best argument in favour of illegal file-sharing networks I have ever come across. It is your duty to steal this, and it is my duty to incite you to steal it.


The music is largely very substandard isra-eurotrance fodder, with the additional cancerous bonus of Dali’s singing. Her voice isn’t bad: Follow The Signs is tight in a Morcheeba sort of way, even if the melody is more or less nicked off Seal’s Crazy. Other tracks on the album see her habitually singing beyond her range, and not making a great deal of sense as she does so. Her three singing voices are one that sounds a bit like Kate Bush, one that sounds a bit like Beth Gibbons, and one that sounds a bit like Michele Adamson.


Keeping all this in mind, how about some background. Quoted in last month’s Mushroom Magazine, in the bit about women in trance, Dali patronises “Girls want security, something that they can continue with for the rest of their lives, where they can have a baby with a relaxed mind,” thus negating decades of women’s liberation and dispelling the myth that this is a scene that empowers strong, independent women.


In this illuminating interview ( http://tinyurl.com/pvvpu ) from a couple of months ago, she comes across as a bimbo: she wants to be a professional surfer, her role model is Madonna and her advice to other women in the scene is “Don’t think too much, just do it.” Lyrically she lapses into weak cliché (“I need someone to hold me tight”) and seems to like fitting into this mode of a wide-eyed industry chick, rabbit in the headlights style: “who am I and where are you, please tell me what to do.”


With little lyrical substance, you might hope that strong music might give this album vital life support. Of course, it doesn’t. For the most part, Dali’s music is exquisitely shit, although it really reaches its faecal zenith in the tracks with Silent Hill, who are the real villains here. There are grotesque guitars, over-the-top high end pads and arpeggios a six-year-old might write. I’m not even going to analyse this one track by track: it’s pointless.


Hectic is more than an album. It’s a signpost of where we are and where we’re going. We have reached the point where a woman of average attractiveness, who sings below-average lyrics in a below-average manner, can sit at a mixing desk and produce something as tackily disposable as this; and it gets picked up and hyped to death by the biggest label on the planet. The real travesty in all this is how much it will sell.


Utterly dreadful as an album, utterly fascinating as a cultural phenomenon.




No score (which is different from zero).





1. Follow the signs

2. Feel my body

3. Into madness

4. My way

5. Hectic

6. Smack snack

7. Connect to the source

8. Tripop

9. Dont you see

10. Get your emotion






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Listened to 20secs of the 45secs of Follow the signs on psyshop...got up from my sit, went to my tool box, an found the biggest screwdriver (philips) and forced into my wrist...but that didnt seem enough, so I went to the kichten and poured salt into the gaping wound in my wirst but still! it didnt take away the bleeding pain in my ears, that song left me in.



I give it 5 star, for complete debortuary (sp?) to my ears

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Please all stick to REVIEWING the album, this is the Reviews Section after all.


Sorry Moni, You are right! but i dont have opinion about this album cause i cant hear it!(its so bad music) so i tell my opinion about what i see!!! :) i'm kitting

I like some parts when se is singing, and the track in Vision Quest 2005 Dvd is nice but generally her music is bad! sorry Dali!Well its my opinion thats all!

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All of a sudden, Yehal sounds so much better...

How'd that happen? :o

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worst "psy" ever.


I don't know what makes isrealis think they can sing english.

The lyrics are fucking horrible and the accent is not exactly... pleasant.

Duvdev proved just how bad it could be, but this CD is like everything

that went wrong with infected + fullon in the past few years, in one package,

minus any redeeming qualities.


psyreviews recommends stealing this album, but it's not even worth the effort.

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Listened to 20secs of the 45secs of Follow the signs on psyshop...got up from my sit, went to my tool box, an found the biggest screwdriver (philips) and forced into my wrist...but that didnt seem enough, so I went to the kichten and poured salt into the gaping wound in my wirst but still! it didnt take away the bleeding pain in my ears, that song left me in.

I give it 5 star, for complete debortuary (sp?) to my ears



I'm not surprised to find a review thread for this here.


Hmmm... well MIRANDA is the queen of psytrance. She's underrated and I have a ton of respect for her, for Miranda.


DALI seems inspired by the "CASCADA's" out there. It's an opportunity at money and stardom. I heard the album and instantly realized this is a woman singing to psytrance...it's more club eurotrance but still.


And I thought...THIS is how they'll make psytrance even more friendly to the mainstream. That's the way a big aspect of psytrance is heading anyway. They'll be others like Dali.


Thing is...she hardly sings on the album and honestly. She does not have a good voice and accent. She isn't singing as much from her diafram as she should. Her English is whiney, but I think it's more her voice and accent because just look at how good T.a.t.u. is in English compared to this. Christina Aguilera is a good singer. Dali is not. Much of Dali's singing is limited to few notes.


But even Infected Mushroom has people singing (tracks 1 and 5 for starters) on I'm the Supervisor. Dali saw an opportunity to get attention and liked by many in the next teen generation. It's not really psychedelic anyway. This is typical eurotrance with a cute skinny girl DJ girl doing vocals occasionally.


I actually like her "Get Your Emotion (Dali Vs Silent Hill) song."


I find it catchy in its own way, much better than anything else on the album. Anyway, for clubtrance I like the "Get Your Emotion" song. We're in a totally different sub-genre here. This song has more character, melody, song change than the others for what it is. I initially thought the singing at 7:26 was a group of children singing together (I thought was interesting and catchy) but now I realize this is Dali's voice and she's doing voice overs. Anyway, I like that song whether you people do or don't. Is she the one creating and mixing this music? I assume she is of course but you never know these days. I read someone else writes songs by T.a.t.u. and I was surprised to hear that. At least the girls have great voices in T.a.t.u. and musically T.a.t.u. rocks.


People are naturally putting her music on psytrance boards so of course she's going to get backlash. At times Dali music reminds me of something IM might be making if they were doing quickly thrown together Full On and I wish not to say that about IM but after hearing several songs on "IM the Supervisor", you never know now days. Someone like Dali isn't going to ruin the entire scene. She'll join the other Full On groups, some with singing/lyrics occasionally. It's not the end of the world.





Yes this is interesting and kind of humorous to see some of the reactions else where. I couldn't find the album to see what people were saying about it on amazon.co.uk for some reason. :unsure:



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