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Electric Universe - Silence in Action


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Absolutely crap guitar tracks coupled with too many fillers and this album is not worth the purchase.


However, the 3rd and last two tracks are some of the best (soft twilight)full-on I ever heard. Spectacular power, melodies and production.


This makes the total of very good tracks from the last 3 albums(32 tracks) a 7.


Silence In Action: The Self, Solar Storm, Future Excursions

Higher Modes: The Point, Bodhysattva

Sonic Ecstasy: Sonic Ecstasy, Holografic


Now that's an album I'd buy.

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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: Silence In Action

Label: Electric Universe Records

Date: 2006


1. Mind Of God
2. Tune Up
3. The Self
4. Multiverse
5. Super Position
6. Science
7. Electric Universe
8. The Bomb
9. Solar Storm
10. Future Excursions



"The universe is a symphony. And the Mind of God is cosmic music."


Mind of God, Multiverse, Super Position, and The Self are blistering stuff. Pure EU energy with copious amounts of acid. Nothing wrong with that. But what the f*ck was up with that preachy b*tch on Tune Up? Trying to be too deep and insightful comes off sounding pompous and cheesy as hell. And the speeding up of the track to a break? How many times are we going to use that trick?


Then there's the rest. Science has guitars probably played by Chico who will be a part of 2008's ode to STD's Burning. Electric Universe could've been part of the good group, but it's a weaker clone of that group. Then there's The Bomb. It's fitting he would name this track as a synonym for taking a sh*t. He tries to hide the guitars amidst his brand of electronica. Not working. Like a fat kid hiding behind a parking meter.


"We can totally see you Elliot. Totally."


So if you like the EU style then half of the tracks here will suit you fine. He lays out a road map of the unfortunate direction his music will take with all the guitars though. Let's just say it ain't the crown jewel in the EU catalog.









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Ahh, Solar Storm is still a wicked track. I had Ziptnf make an EE mix of mostly the best tracks of the new stuff, I should upload it. You and anyone else fan of good full-on would probably find it interesting as did I. Boris can still produce quality tunes, unfortunately they're just buried underneath the crap ones.

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Well review on page 1 is a bit harsh is it ? I am really positive in putting out serious critic to half baked music.


However here it is only partly deserved.


Tracks 1&2 are actually quite cool, ok, I don´t like the fades in/outs that much also the bass could better.BTW: The "preachy bitch" sounds like Anne Clark?

3 seems a bit weaker than the first - still listenable - but loses energy somehow over time..

4 is ok, better than 3 imo cause adds some more sounds at 2nd half

5 well quite boring tbh also again these annoying slowdowns/fades (whatever u name it)

6 same as before but added some weak geetar, not a fan

7 mediocre :(

8 don´t like the geetar and/or the way it is played cause I think the rockish stuff does not fit (other style guitar might be ok like some rare examples)

9. see 7

10. quite cool


So 1,2,4,10 are good tracks at least. 6,5/10

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I'm listening to this album for the first time in 2023, and now I see why.

I skipped it after reading the reviews in 2006. I like the main melody that eventually arrives in Track 1, but the artist is capable of achieving so much more.

The baselines are generic and repetitive. Hey, all you need is a beat sometimes on the dance floor!

There's moments (Track 10) where it seems like he's enjoying the creative process (one of the better songs here), but that's few and far between. He places just enough little pay sounds to get away with calling this full on to the pay community, but it's not psychedelic, nor Goa, nor good IMO.

The best part (for me) was turning this off and listening to one of his OLDER albums full of passion, ingenuity, heart, mind, and soul. 

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