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dubby 'under water' effect?

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Can someone tell me how you make that 'under water' effect that you hear on drums in dub for example. I think you do it with a filter, a reverb and a delay, but how exactly I don't know. It sounds like you're under water listening to drums but with a delay on it. Any tips are more than welcome!




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use a spring reverb (you find them in some vintage guitar amps) combined with a tape delay and a sweeping filter (ms-20 for ex)...


I'm thinking of buying the Resonater from Frostwave but I have to save some money first. Could you tell me what a spring reverb is? I've heard about but I don't know what makes it different from "other" reverbs. Vermona seems to have one.
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a spring reverb is a reverb unit that actualy uses a spring to simulate a chamber. the principle is quite simple: a long spring is driven by an elecrtomagnetic coil similar to those found in loud speakers, the audio signal lets the spring swing even after the signal stops (thus reverberating), a pickup similar to those found in electric guitars is used to recover the wet signal.


Posted Image



if you want to build one: a crude version using loud speakers can be found here:



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Hi ya,


I think that sound is done with a phaser or other time based effect (flanger etc). Plus of course the delay! But the phaser comes after the delay, therefore each delayed hit has a slightly different sound.


Get on to kvrvst and you might even find a delay unit with this effect built in.





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Hi crazyboris!

Some links for You. I hope it is what You are searching of. :)








P.S. Nice effect Philter. Home grown "effects" are the best! :D




i'll check it out :)

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