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BIOLESt (Bioelusion) festival (Fri 19.- Sun 21. 5

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BIOLESt (Bioelusion) festival


Fri 19.- Sun 21. 5. 2006, forest camp „V Tisine“ near Kožlany, Rakovník region (80 km west from Prague)

psytrance / goa open air festival


more detailed info at http://biolest.psytrance.cz

flyer: http://biolest.psytrance.cz/images/biolest-letak-full.jpg


Live Acts:

ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Xilium records, Macedonia)

Mutant Star (info, CZ)

Aodioiboa - Cosmicwalker (Blartlabs, D)

GappeQ remote control (CZ/AU:)

CZ parade (Rawe, Nik, Fraktal, Spacer, Gondar, Searcher)

Ollgoy + live saxophone Acid JAZZ fusion (CZ)

Orion live (Rak.)



INCOGNITO (Reactor sound system Moskva, RU)

Nga Tangata (Mao-ri tribe, New Zewland)

Pangea (Harmonic Tribe Comunity/D)

Cymoon ( Sonic Distortion , Inpsyde Media, CZ)

Rawe ( Sonic Distortion , Psytropic rec., CZ)

Mim (Psytrance.cz , CZ)

Ladic (Surface Tension , CZ)

Psyrix (Hedonix, CZ)

Martyzan (USE /HedoniX, CZ)

000333 & Embryo (MimoTV, CZ)

Stanzim (info , CZ)


Optical illusions and Fake Decos:

Graphic Circle Square, Cosmic Walkers (Leipzig, D), Braňo (SK), Cybernetic System

Tribo Fuego – fire show and glowing circus, professional Body Painting, Möbioelusion and other treacheries



Chillout :

Incognito, Aodioiboa live, Djane Pooh, Quapim, PaQ, Peky, Djane Kaila, Psyla vs. Andy Warhol flute

MimoTV audiovisual downtempo&chillout night 03&bryo, bantha djs a Milis, PerpleX



Perplex, Embryo & 000333 & Architech (MIMO TV), Jarin, Nomm (Phase Vision fact.), special slide ilumiNation, film mystifications



interactive map (official camp website) // map directions (navigation/atlas) // arial view

GPS/Loc: 50° 0' 20.3" N, 13° 33' 12.82" E

entry : 7 EUR/ 1day, 10 EUR/ all weekend


This year the festival is held at the same place as last year, e.g. a camping site amidst beautifull valleys with several various types of woods and surrounded by clear brooks near Kožlany village, all located between Rakovník and Kralovice, about 80km west from Prague, dir. Karlovy Vary. See map above or driving directions bellow.


This year we host live act ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Xilium rec.), a young talented guy Vasko Veličkovski from Macedonia, who was inspired by projects such as Parasense, Haldolium, Xenomorph or PsySide and whose debut album "Psychotermic Meditation" is due to be out at Australian label Alkaloid rec. this year.

Mr. Dj INCOGNITO from Moscow is coming back to Prague after 5 years. Incognito alias Andrej Kildejev (together with Transdriver and Psykovsky) founded a legendary Reactor soundsystem back in 1990's and so far they organize some of the most magnificent parties and festivals in the psy-sensitive Moscow region. He is well appreciated for his good feeling with the audience and for technically perfect mixes as he was long time playing from classical vinyls in the past. He is likely to bring around just some old good vibes as well as fresh unreleased gems of the most contemporary Russian sound.

Thanks to our well adopted agents pursuing their activities on the reverse side of the Globe we are proud to host an interesting personality from New Zealand whose genes carry indigenous Maori features just as some traces from his ancient Hungarian ancestors (he is luckily about to visit some friends and relatives in Budapest this spring and agreed to perform his show for us in CZ). His nick NgaTangata may not be well known one but his set full of oceanic depths and jolly jungle sounds would certainly not be forgotten.

Experimental CZech block is designed to provide support for some local live acts who can thus test their plausible musical struggle on the living crowd. We invited Czech musicians such as Rawe, Fraktal, Nik, Spacer, Gondar and Searcher. At the end of this block we will try to establish a live connection with our Sydney / AU placed well known live act GappeQ who will perform a remote live set from his freshest stuff composed during his current sound engeneering mission down there:)

Aodioiboa is a sound generating part of Cosmicwalker deco team from Leipzig, PanGaä and Martyzan are those who will try to carry our aural fluidum around the light part of the festival with their morning nostalgy gigs and well preserved Goa auditionhearings:)


Less than a kilometer down the stream there is a lake for swimming and local beer gushing restaurant. Within the camp area there are clean toilets and showers and also some sport facilities (table tennis, football, etc). Upon special request you may also experience some (tandem) para-shooting activities over the festival site). Lot of bonfires, a quality TEA-room and vegetarian cuisine or smart drug shop are also there at your service. The speciality of this year is supposed to be a henna Tatoo and UV Bodypainting studio where you can become a face brother with our Maori guest thanks to his traditional "tā moko" deco, that is a part of the "kapa haka" dance ritual which you can try to imitate in your own (free)style version too:) Traditional nose greeting "hongi" can help you to ease the initial tensions.

Early evening would even this year be served on the acid jazz live fusion vibe with OLLGOY and his live instrument playing guest (saxophon, guitar or trombone). Later evening part of Saturday will please you with Stanzim's dub/breakbeat set. Do not miss the Miss Understanding contest, panoramic sound art surprise by selected toothed cetaceans or a facultative trip up the local brook stream in our Yellow Submarine...



Driving to the site is pretty easy. Departing from Prague drive west dir. Karlovy Vary and turn left to Rakovnik after about 40 kms, from Rakovnik take the southern exit onto Pilsen and in Kožlany (after about 25kms) take the right turn to Hradecko, after few bends turn right just before the simple railway crossing and follow white signs "Tišina" for another 3 kms mainly through the forest.

Coming by train please go to Rakovnik and change to one going to Kralovice and gett off at the small station in the wood called "Strachovice". Croos the rails and go down following the foot path crossing the brook from where the route will be distintively sign posted with BIOLESt name.

On Friday 19th there is also a direct bus service at 15:22 from Hradčanska bus station (PRG) , the trains start at 16:38 and 20:46 from Masarykovo station (change in Rakovník).


Believe it or not:

At biolest@psytrance.cz you can book some huts (4persons) for 100Kc/day/person or an accomodation in the camp hostel room for 150 /day/person. For camping at your own tent there is a fee 25Kc.


Photos from last year are at:

Bioles 2005 at psytrance.cz // Bioles 2005 by Generator // Bioles 2005 by Alef


All this may well be just an elusion. Read carefully enclosed synoptical instructions for handling this very peculiar weekend ! Good luck !!


Original text by perplex (resource: www.psytrance.cz)

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