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Atmos - Royale [Spiral Trax]

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:(  :(  :(  :(


I saw this on Isratrance posted by bakke:


"Sorry that I havent replyed before about this.. yes its now official that Spiral Trax is no more.. sad story but Anti had no other choice.. there will be an article in Mushroom Mag about this.. I will post an official version here soon.

My comp will be out on another label, but its not decided yet, same goes for Atmos. 


ACDC will be reborn as "High Voltage Music" and continue to release high quality 12".. but I see no future for Spiral Trax as it is now.. recordbuisness is hard these days..

Any questions please dont hesitate to contact me here.. my spiraltrax email is down at the moment but will hopefully be up soon. "

:(  :(  :(  :(




Indeed very sad, I have spoken to Anti about it, and I wassnt sure if it WAS official. :( I hate to see another label go under completely :( Anti also did tell me that ACDC is going to stay, because it didnt run on the same company as Spiral Trax :) Sucks for Anti, but he seems to be cheerful, and is going to go and Study. :) I will go and visit soon, and go for a beer with the guys :)
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