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Reefer Decree - Point of you

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Reefer Decree - Point of you

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1. Breaking News

2. Point of you

3. Gone for good

4. Agent 508

5. Meltburn (Emok remix)

6. 7 Minutes

7. The final decree

8. Meltburn

9. Nightvision


Date: 24th of April 2006


At last Iboga Records can present the second and long awaited Reefer Decree album.


Reefer Decree was the first artist to release on Iboga Records in 1998, and the first debut album Sound Frames, which was released the year after, has been the best selling CD album on Iboga Records ever.


Since his first releases as Reefer Decree, Oliver continued his solo project Oryx, and released two albums under that name. One album at Tatsu Records and later one on Iboga Records. During the last years Oliver has been working with his mate Jonas on a new chill out and dub album under the name Oliver Jones. It was released on Sofa Beats in March 2006.


Oliver decided, not too long ago, to take up his old name Reefer Decree and give people what they have been waiting and asking for in many years... A new ground breaking Reefer Decree album.

At This point we can reveal that Oliver has taken his skills in the studio to a new level and shows that Reefer Decree is still alive and the sound is as fresh as ever. Once again, like with the earlier Reefer Decree material, Oliver delivers a unique and catchy album of a very high quality.

The album contains tracks with the typical Reefer Decree sound and themes but in a new direction. It also takes you through some wicked”electro” sounds and as a last surprise the album contains the old and unreleased mega hit Nightvision.


Once again a top album from Iboga Records.


Link to Iboga records

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Yeah, it's good news... How long has Night Vision been unreleased for now? 2-3 years?


2-3 years ? plus some :) think they made it in 99/00, first time i heard it was in 2000.

banel told me last year, that oliver was remixing nightvision for the new album. so i guess its what we can expect :D

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night vision!!!!!




maaaan, gotta listen to that again... Futuristic F-zero vibes, hovering over light green forests... :D


great stuff! 'marked' a time of my life :)


very curious about this

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