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less or more which is better for music production

when i had less vsts i used to make one song each month. but after downloading so many free vsts. i am just confused. :blink: which one to use, where to use.

what i am telling is, u might be using CRUSTAL for effects n Vanguard for something else etc. i just want to know which r the vsts u have choosen for creating goa.


please help :)

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It's better to have a few vsts that you know how to use properly, than shitloads that you can't use at all. At least for me.


correct :)


Audio realism bassline pro is very dark one. its very dear to me :)

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uninstall all your plugz

keep 5-6

make a track using only then and learn how to use them





Ya thats wat i am goin to do. iam goin back to my old vst girlfriends. they were better. bcos i used to tweak their knobs very often thus i know them :D


but can u specify wat u use for effects and wat to use to make leads etc. <_<


which r that '5-6' for u

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