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uptempo trance suggestions


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so we are throwing a festival in september and i need help


i do not know much above 136 bpm, and we need a faster live to go with all the progressive and chillout (eg. jaia, prosect, androcell, etc.)


can someone suggest something interesting (not in the lines of usual fullon at all) if the act you suggest could consist of 1 person, you will get extra points


is anyone on this list interesting enough:




Error Corrective







Vibe tribe

Z MAchine

Inner Action




Chromatone & Random


Wrecked Machine




thanks in advance

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Most of the names in the list looks like the usual full-on artists to me


(Of the ones ive heard that is :P)


Rastaliens are killargh, they don´t sound like usual fullon for me, neither the melodies now the percusion and synths :D they sound really good and some tracks of them have really emotional melodies, i mean especially Xplore the wild side.

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Error Corrective can be good. Rastaliens haven't been all that exciting lately, though still better than the 'average' fullon. Random can also be pretty good, his stuff varies from track to track, some are pretty average, some are very nice.


You could also check out Wild Things records acts like EVP..


..and Onnomon - I hear his more recent stuff is more uptempo than it used to be.


also check Shotu - I think he's from Mexico, nice tweaky full-onish stuff. Tron also from Mexico.. Barak is quality full-on, though too much on the melodic side for me. Wizack Twizack, Psyboriginal, Nystagmus (from Vancouver!!), Talpa, Nomad are a bit darker, but still very accessible and danceable, and of course, psychedelic.


if you catch me on MSN, i could recommend you some tracks to sample.. ;)

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Out of the artists you list I would most be interested in Chromatone/Random (two guys, but either would be good to hear)... they're SF Bay-based so that means lesser air fare. The only others I would even give a recommendation to would be Rastaliens/Braincell - quality full-on with definate trance/Goa vibes.


Two or three of these artists on a line-up would make me go "eurrr"... but one, with all the rest you list? Sounds like a great idea.


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EVP, Voice of Cod, Error Corrective, Scorb, Cosmosis - best psy-trance music you can get nowadays (IMO) :)


the trouble is, most of these artists aren't very consistent - they'll put out an awesome track, but the next one will be so-so, and another one sub-par, then they'll come out with something completely mindblowing again..


It also happens with the artist albums - flashes of brilliance, but diluted by too much mediocrity. One of these days I'd like to hear a consistently high-quality album, with no more than 1 or 2 weak tracks, and each track having its own character - no more using the same presets for every track, please. The only artists who (in my opinion) achieved that recently are Talpa and Penta.. though I may be forgetting some.

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you could also consider getting Fractal Cowboys out.. their live stuff is completely off the wall insane, very creative and different, some of the tracks are Psy-IDM almost. oodles and oodles of fun. :P

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EVP, Voice of Cod, Error Corrective, Scorb, Cosmosis - best psy-trance music you can get nowadays (IMO) :)


You're SUCH a Cosmosis addict ... :P;)


Not sure of the speed but Rinkadink is on the faster side. My latest flick for sure. Others may be able to help whether that falls in the category you are looking for. But it's a one man act as you want.

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Kindzadza might be what you are looking for!

He's also only one person :)


Also check out other Parvati Records stuff! I for example went to see Para Halu yesterday, pretty insane stuff ... Parvati stuff will kick ;)

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