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Guest Pit-UFO

Fourth Flight - Velovity

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Guest Pit-UFO   
Guest Pit-UFO

Fourth Flight - Velovity


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Artist: Fourth Flight

Title: Velovity

Label: Flying Rhino

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 06'55" Sleeper : Severe Clear

02. 09'50" Atmos : Bad 2 The Bone

03. 09'23" Slinky Wizard : Hit And Run

04. 08'49" Stoop And Fidget : Hardware

05. 08'12" Bumbling Loons : Onhcet

06. 09'28" Kuro : FreeXone

07. 08'12" Venom V Bus : Bugged

08. 08'31" Astronomikx : After Life

09. 08'50" Bus : Bullet




AAAAAAAAggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! a huge disappointment. The third

Flight was so good that I was really expecting a lot from this release and the

result: only two good tracks Bullet by BUS and Bugged by VENOM V BUS. The rest

is too repetitive, with no imagination and so boring that its hard to give them

another try. BAD CD 4/10

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freak51    3

Mainly disappointing, but FreeXone is possibly the greatest thing I've ever

heard. The subtlety and layering are deeply mind-altering. I think that

alien noise is a filtered howler monkey?

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Guest Mindbender   
Guest Mindbender

I think this is a good compilation. At least I keep on listening to it a lot.

This is mostly very minimalistic with a lot of repetition and very few

melodies. The first five songs are average by themselves, but fit together

well. They are all very minimalistic and I often lose my concentration on

them, but at the same time they put me into a very deep trance. Time stops, I

don't really hear the music anymore, I stay still and don't think about

anything. My mind is completely empty. This stage sometimes continues until

the Kuro track and sometimes over it. The Kuro track starts to be a bit more

individualistic. Then comes Bugged. Oh my God! This is awesome!! The track

works really well even by itself, but after the deep trance I'm in after

listening to the other tracks... I can't describe it! The sound, the sounds ,

the SOUNDS. They are so INSANE! OOOooohhhhHHHHAAAAaaaahhhhiiiiihhhhhHHHHH!

Absolutely fantastic! And then comes After Life, really the only


track on the comp. Just when you were thinking that you can't get any better,

no you are wrong! Actually, it's as good as Bugged, but it's just the right

track to continue from Bugged, making you go deeper in this new dimension

opened by Bugged and sounding better as you were just becoming used to Bugged.

This alien-dimension is really beyond this world. The last track makes you

glide gently back to this world. It is between these worlds, with gentle and

hard parts in perfect mix. So soothing...

Though the tracks on this complilation don't on average deserve this grade (the

first five are average), the compliation still manages to work really well as

whole. Even if you can't get into the deep trance in the beginning, this is

worth getting for the last three tracks. 7,5/10

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Guest Mindbender   
Guest Mindbender

I just listened to this through for times in a row. Everytime I got to the end,

I was thinking should I put something else on, but then decided to press play

again and listen to this again. There is some magic in this comp that doesn't

come through if you just try to analyse it coldly.

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Guest Dreamer   
Guest Dreamer

Well track 8 is a track I still like to hear often ever since this cd was

released.. which means that it was sure worth buying it. I really like track 1


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Guest PoPol   
Guest PoPol

best track is the 1...the others I don't like so much.

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Guest ?? slink ??   
Guest ?? slink ??

well i must say i'm surprised with some of these reviews. i would have thought

everyone would have loved this. perhaps its ever so slightly to minimalistis

for some tastes. oh well who cares. i love this album. one of my fav Psytrance

cds. it just cranks, ad is nice and dark. best track...very very hard to pick

but i guess the track i have a habit of just putting on cos i need to hear it

when driving [everyone needs a massive stereo in their car and go for a drive

through the bush or something at night] anyway, the track i really turn up

most is probably track 8. it rocks - but they all do really. buy it!!

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Guest Tchankov I.V.   
Guest Tchankov I.V.

Today, after enjoying Brian De Palma's "Femme Fatale" the movie (which

skillfully exproits a deja-vu theme), I've decided to give this CD a spin. It

would hardly be my decision this evening if not the Earth "Sunai" track which

I instantly recognised when visited menu section of the film on DVD.

Remembering the time when that track was habitual for spinning I remembered no

other landmark which best symbolizes that time for me then this compilation.

Well, today I eventually got prepared for reviewing it. Fourth flight

demonstrates utter cohesion in each and every aspect: the tracks, the way they

were positioned in set, their titles. Yes! - they're all relevant to their

bearers, I'll elaborate on this below. It further developes the new direction

which Flying Rhino's set in their previous (nr.3) Flight issue (which I find

unintriguing to listen duh), and what we have here is the result of their

honed skill, the progression. There's enough singularity in these tracks to

work on their own, but what this compilation is actually about is the

sinergetic effect all of them provide, I mean their composite quality factor

is light-years ahead of their single potentials summed up. So even don't try

to take the cream of the crop & seak4soul, for instance, in the last four

tracks or single better one of them - it won't work as it meant to: the

intro-part matters, especially here! This is actually what true trance-music

is about and if not by the hand (& heart) of the DJ then by any other means

possible there must be found a way to bring life (& soul) in the variant

tracks. That's how the flights (or trips) being defined long before the ships

take off & there's no limit for the expertise in this skill. Well, on to the

point. The first four tracks are for the purpose of setting right atmosphere

for their followers to pour forth. "Severe Clear" is like the hi-pass

emotional filter the objective reality: good soft starter. "Bad 2 The Bone" -

continues the journey until you become a part of this virtual world, at the

same time you need some more emotions to stay sober, so "Hit And Run" delivers

them but not in explicit way - it sends several emotional waves in as it

developes. "Hardware" - it's time for the first element of truth, what time

we're happened to be in: that's answerring system which tricks with the user.

"Onhcet" sets the tempo on thus preparing us for the best appreciation of the

next track. So, we've reached the 2nd stage, the stormers. Mindbender (see his

30 march 2000 post above) got the point right so I don't need to repeat what

is already said. "FreeXone" delivers the first blow rewarding attentive

listener: we're in a zone-X for the freaX, the free ones (as the title

suggests) - great track, but it would've done lesser effect if not for the

previous tracks. "Bugged" - we're now seeing the perspective, the situation

beyond the mysterious zone-X: the utter chaos, thats it, no compromise! The

land is infested with insane creations, no escape! Closer to an end the ring

is heard which harasses a bit (where's the f..phone that rings?!). But "After

Life" shows yet not all is lost, there's still salvation, the afterlife! But

this is not the right time to relax - there's an intense battle ahead for the

situation to be solved either way. I'm fond of the semi-organic kickdrum which

contributes the tension. There're also waves of emotions which represent the

struggle. "Bullet" returns us back to life, you already know this effect: it's

deadly motion is slowed down for us to think about our experiences. Then we're

gently pulled back to the reality, not as objective though as it was when we

set sail for this travel. "Am I still dreaming or something has changed?!" -

it's up to you to answer that question. So, this is simply the best of the

Flight series and one of the best trance compilations all around, timeless

masterpiece: it sounds as fresh & emotional-wise in mid-2003 as it did back

then in 1999. My grade is 9/10 - "Strongly recomended deep travel".

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