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Ubar Tmar - True

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Guest Baboon

Ubar Tmar - True


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Artist: Ubar Tmar

Title: True

Label: Matsuri

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 09'12" Rhythmism 1

02. 07'46" Rhythmism 2

03. 09'07" Rhythmism 3

04. 00'45" Rhythmism 4

05. 05'54" Rhythmism 5

06. 10'50" Rhythmism 6

07. 06'59" Rhythmism 7




Well... hehehe. This album is very wierd I think. Ubar Tmar is Takeshi Isogai,

a japanese producer who also composes with the great Tsuyoshi Suzuki in

Joujouka. Anyway... this album contains 7 tracks with the same name, Rhythmism

1-7, wich I don´t know why, but it´s for sure a cool idea. The album is very

good in my opinion, very psychedelic tunes in a bit dark way and also a

twisted touch wich I like very much, this music works very good on the floor.

Track 1 is not the best on this album but still good, some nice tunes and a

good beat. Track 2 is a bit faster and very psychedelic and hard. Track 3 is

much like track 2, very fast tunes. Track 4 is some kind of intro-stuff, 45

seconds of typical spiritual intro vibes, soft and nice. =) Track 5 is one of

the best, it´s a bit more tribal track, cool groovie, tribal jungel tunes =),

wich I think is very good. Track 6 is the best track I think,fast tunes and

it´s sooo psychedelic and really hard and evil! wich I just LOVE to freak!

out to on the floor. Track 7 is much slower then the rest of the tracks, very

nice track to lay down and relax to.

I give the album a pure 8/10... for sure one really kick azz album, if you

don´t have it I recomend for all you aliens out there to buy it.

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true may be one freaky cd but i prefer his first cd wich is named fusion...it

is more canstructive..and may be a little less dark...anyway...this dude mey

have taken too much drugs...:oPpP but still it's preaty *|#/$* nice!

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  • 2 weeks later...

An album for people who have the guts to listen instead of pushing eject.

Either you like or not, you have to admit several things about this album.

1.This guy is from another world. 2. He knows how to fry a brain. 3. It has

some good moments, specially on the first track. If you are into bizarre stuff

or you love Japanese culture you?ll love it.

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  • 2 months later...

Simply a fantastic album, the only track that i don't like is Rhytmism 5.

Rhytmism 3 & 6 are two of the best songs ever. 2 is also very good! I don't

know if anyone already noticed but if you look at the cover art it says

Entheogen & DMT. I think Takeshi has done a bit of that :)

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  • 3 months later...
Guest ralih[at]hongkong[dot]com

you simply have to be a genious to create this kind of music.. It's so good and

so unlike anything else..

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Guest Munky Business Corperation 2001

I wish more artists have to guts to release such unlinear stuff. After a few

listens I got completely hooked on this absolute and moreover original

masterpiece. It's like Japanese ambient artist - Makyo -(try it out)on Speed

and LSD. I think this ranks as one of the most psychedelic trance releases

ever. Try it if a song like - Dark Magus - is your favourite - Hallucinogen -

track. Best tracks: Rhythmism 1 and 5. Rating: 9/10 because it is so OUT of

this WORLD.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest ralih[at]hongkong[dot]com

It's still growing on me... I'm discovering new things everytime i listen to

it... If you have an open mind towards music get this piece now :)

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Phaeton

whoa! definitely one of the most psychedelic and twisted albums ever made! like

the last reviewer already said, it never stops growing on you ... btw in some

tracks, if you check the numbers of the titles and count the beats in the

tracks you'll notice that the numbers aren't randomly chosen ;) this stuff is

very experimental and original so at the first few listens it will sound a bit

overwhelming, but keep on listening! this stuff has gotta sound out of this

world while on hallucinogens (haven't had the chance to try it myself yet

though ;) .. i wish there would be more artists that dare to experiment with

such cool polyrhythmic tricks and adventurous sounds and structures, i've

never heard anything like this .. can't pick any favourite tracks, but it's

definitely in my all time favourite albums top 3, 10/10

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Guest ashleypadgen[at]hotmail[dot]com

i bought this when i waz into industrial & didn't really get it... now im into

psy-trance too and i understand! its very rhythmic (der) and somewhat

confusing... alot of effort put into it, definitely not standard by any means.

altho from my point of view its not all that dark or intense compared to other

industrial/trance crossover stuff. will surely f*#k with yr head 7/10

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Guest Joemrmeat[at]hotmail[dot]com

This is one of the most fuck up Cd that I've ever heard. This cd is great

because he sounds very different than the other goa/cd. But this cd is not for

anyone, because he sound so strange and unusual... anyway, if you like it, you

must have Ubar Tmar Live at equinox festival...Whoa, if your brain survive the

trax 4,5,6... You will survive anything... Ubar Tmar know how to fry the


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This man can not be born out of a normal human being, but was probably painted

out as a manga warrior in shark blood and brought to live under a full moon in

some kind of horrifying pagan ritual. OK sometimes it sounds like nintendo

music, but then again mayby such a machine was used to provide the live-energy

to awaken him. Fact is that this man can do things with sound that most people

cannot, and that must be respeceted as a psychedelic music lover! I must agree

that a sometimes even I think that if he would stick a bit more to the

understandable I would enjoy the album much more, but for now it's a hell of a

trip!! Just close your eyes and let the angry manga man work your brain!!

7.5/10 for the music 100/10 for the complete sickening non-understanding of

where this man came from

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Guest Slidingtrancer

You must be really deranged to like this absolute crap. Badly produced, too

damn weird, a horror for my ears. Can't understand what people like about this.

Vampire back on the fairy, that's what this sounds like, what a drag!

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  • 1 month later...
Guest bugbread

To make things simple: If you like four-on-the-floor beats, you will hate this.

If you like polyrhythms, you will love this. That simple.

(...and I love polyrhythms)

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  • 2 weeks later...

i guess i must be different because i fail to see the musical genius... in any

case i got rid of this album virtually immediately since it was so boring..

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  • 1 month later...
Guest stereoid[at]gmx[dot]de

this album really works in my brain... really cool... on of the best psytrance

albs i've listen to.... but be warned, it's nothing for people that like

simple four-on-the-floor beats :P ha ha..... after you've listen to it, your

life will never be the same, like before...i give them defenitive 10/10

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Guest knack[at]hotbrev[dot]com

I have had this album for about 1.5 years now, but just have to say: this is

still one of the greatest albums I´ve heard. All the sounds are so nice, clean

and you can hear that this is someone making music with the brain and not just

throws things in like to many people does who´s trying to make something

twisted. I can´t stop listening to it........10/10

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  • 1 month later...

A piece of art, and i think it would be GREAT to remix all of the tracks with

newer sounds, i mean same structure, but more psychedelic sounds, it is a

jewel of the experimental psytrance.

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