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Ra - To Sirius


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 You can't be too serious about "To Series" with your misconception of "To Sirius"?


Thanks for the clarification. You know what. "Series" was one of my favorite restaurants. I must have been thinking of food at the time.

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I liked the album but have thus far failed to really get into it, get lost in it! You know?

I know what you mean. Actually ROM was the only track I considered great since I got this album back in 2002. I didn't "get into" many of the tracks and felt like I was missing something... and so I never wrote a review for years on this one. It would have been far less positive actually. Knowing that this same artist is behind Dimension 5 and that's being re-released soon, finally, I took Ra out from the collection and listened over and over again in different environments until the dots starting connecting. I don't love the album. It's not in my top 20 let alone 30-40 Goa-Trance favorites, and several tracks I don't care for to date. "Getting" and "getting into" an album after never having gotten it or into it before is such a perspective change. This happened to me as well with "Pleiadians - Family of Light" because I was so in love with the complex I.F.O. sound from the debut that I needed years of not hearing I.F.O. to actually pick up F.O.L. one day and overall, appreciate it. Actually it sounded different from how I compartmentalized it... better, more fluid and enjoyable, and still far from perfect. :)

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R.O.M. was also the only track i found very good on this album but with the beginning of the summer i started to listening to it and now it sounds perfect, all tracks are dreamy and warm especially Astral flight...just listen it in a warm and sunny day very loud and you will get overwhelmed by the perfection of the track, so simple and yet so powerfull :posford:

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R.O.M. is superb.

I also love To Sirius, the self-titled track, and now days I love the opening four tracks, back-to-back more than ever. But I didn't feel this way about the album when it first came out. Sounds can be so deceiving to the subjective mind. I was never a fan of Sign Of Life, Paradox, and Epilogue, but I listen to them whenever I hear the album. They're all more or less good, just nothing great in my opinion. Actually the last one I find decent at best.. the final track on the new album is much stronger.

I've been listening to this album a lot lately around 9th. Comparing, contrasting, listening... Both the debut and the long awaited follow up sound so different relative to old and new school Goa. This one sounds and feels more special to my ears and heart, but the new one has the disadvantage of being nostalgic, older, having fond memories attached to it, etc., things that have enhanced this album for me over time.

I love ROM though. It's my favorite Uptempo track by RA to date. The leading melody in this song is just so rediculously infectious to my ears in combination with other supporting sounds, sound fx, the altered/echoed voice samples, etc. Naturally the artist(s) crossed over some of these strong elements on Time Current and Transcendent on "9th," the 2008 release with great results. I love the crossovers on the new album, and I think this album is a classic in Goatrance.

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This album is all about one big spritual-cosmic-anyway journey which captures you from the beginning to the end. Well of course production quality could be better, any remastering solution would be great.



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Artist: Ra

Title: To Sirius

Label: Nova Tekk...That's the one I have.

Date: 2000


1. Prologue

2. Astral Flight

3. Universal Key

4. Beyond Control

5. Initiated

6. Sign of Life

7. R.O.M.

8. Paradox

9. Sirius

10. Outro


"You know why I'm such a happy person? Cause I've got the greatest job in the solar system"



I'm going to say something I didn't think I was going to ever say.






I think Ronald takes this one in a landslide. Don't underestimate the crazy brutality of the clown.




But about the music this isn't as great as his second release 9th for me. But it's really f*cking close.


Oh it's still spectacular old school goa trance, but when you compare the two albums his evolution and skill as a producer has grown leaps and bounds. The melodies are beautiful and his adherence to the mystical, the spiritual is solid. This is walking through the pyramids and knowing that an advanced race was here thousands of years ago...a la the 5th Element. Call this an example of the sum greater than the parts. Take the tracks on their own and you've got very good stuff.


Put it all together the way he does and...ticket to the heavens for one please.


Some albums have tracks that remain my favorite throughout the years. On this album it changes. I used to love Universal Key, but now the sparkling mystery and power of Beyond Control and Initiated sends me twirling. The one constant I suppose is R.O.M. That track has it all.


Classic and essential.



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I really enjoy the first 4 songs. R.O.M. is still the best RA uptempo track ever created in my opinion. I don't think I'll ever shut up about how freekin awesome R.O.M. is. And Sirius is excellent.


Message to RA for the third album: Please, we love your work on both albums. I want the third album to be wonderful and dare you to top R.O.M. ;)

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for a 2000 goa album this was like fucking awesome


first heard Ra in goa head 12 or something , initiated it was. i was like : ' what- daaaaaa- fuck?????' in a impressive good way! i was completely mindblown , so damn dark and completely hypnotized by those fucking acidssss!! then boom!! at the end yea you get the fucking amazing egyptian melody!


initiated was/is the bomb. so damn fucking awesome!! everything was/is perfect i couldnt avoid taking it to school in my cassette and walkman and share it with my school mates :lol::lol: and they all fuckin loved it too!!

sure it was all this and space tribe that religious experience with da pope total mad shit :lol: dance like nobodys watching


as for this album initiated is the most powerful song they did the rest is good too probably close is R.O.M. but rest is pretty smooth.

and whats with the Sign of Life mono sound?? good track but mono? cmoonnnn...


Beyond control another song worth to mention .. close to initiated but smooth beat with nice hypnotic flute ..


its nice album and probably only album with that egyptian atmosphere apart from a few other goa songs scattered along the universe

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