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Just went back in time and listened to this album. I had somewhat neglected it back in the day. Listening to it now, makes it very obviuous, that my initial scepticism was somewhat unmerited.

The first track ”Have a nice day” is really cool. I like how scaled back everything is, so that your mind effortlessly register all the layers. This track manages to convey a very nostalgic sentiment. And the bassline is so playful, together with the soft bouncy kick drum. It is no doubt a track utilitizing every trick of the trade. The vibe is definately that of bitter-sweet melancholy. Perhaps the joy of remembering good times gone by. I’m quite suprised by the structure of the second track on the album. As it has some of the stylistic features that would later on become hallmarks of the dark-psy genre. 

The galloping bassline in particular, and also the blippy synthesized snare sound, which I think Xenomorph was first with in psy-trance.It’s probably a trick carried over from the 80’s and early 90s industrial/synth music. The pads in ”Feel like G-O-D new version” are beautiful! Futuristic nostalgia. Overall really impressed with how modern the production sounds. And how pertinent the album feels, in this day and age. It stands as a testiment to the very high production standards within this genre at the time. MFG was definitely part of a sonic vanguard.



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