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V/A - Tantrance 3

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V/A - Tantrance 3


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Artist: Various

Title: Tantrance 3

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1996


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'07" Der Dritte Raum : Trommelmaschine (Vodoo Rmx)

02. 05'54" Empirion : Narcotic Influence 2

03. 09'02" Total Eclipse : The Furnace

04. 07'55" The Moon And The Sun : Satellite (Journey Into The Sun Rmx)

05. 05'44" Electric Universe : Astral Vogage

06. 09'22" The Overlords : Sundown (Ionizer Rmx)

07. 06'47" Brainman : Hear The Air

08. 05'47" The Antidote : Kicking Test

09. 06'55" Ree K : Kage

10. 08'12" Psyko Disko : Nobody

11. 03'31" Astralasia : Alien Love Song (Out There Somewhere Rmx)


CD 2

01. 09'09" X-Dream : The Second Room (A Trip)

02. 09'53" Slinky Wizard : Slick Witch

03. 09'21" MFG : Overload

04. 07'09" Hallucinogen : Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning Rmx)

05. 06'11" Semis : Pile

06. 07'32" Satori : Back To Earth

07. 07'28" Cydonia : Freakshow

08. 06'24" Spectral : Celtic Alchemy (Nothing Is True Mix)

09. 06'47" Killing Joke : Jana (Dragonfly Mix)

10. 07'35" Zodiac Youth : Mr Redeemer




By far the BEST Tantrance Compilation !!! Best CD1 Tracks are 1,3 (The Furnace

: one of my favourite Goa Tracks) and 6,

Best CD2 Tracks are 1 and 5 ! Despite of all that there is 6 bad Tracks : CD1

Tracks 2,10,11 and CD2 Tracks 4,9,10 ... Rating : 7.5/10

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Guest kaaton[at]yahoo[dot]com

This is GOOD one, perhaps the best I have so far from this serie. A lot of good kicking tunes !

Worth byuing! 73 to all of you.

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One of my first psy CDs & a very good one, it contains many of my

favourite tracks at that time when I was just entering the huge psy

trance universe. These are: CD1 tracks 3(!),8&10(!) and CD2 tracks 1,

2(!),3,4,5,7&10. Don't need to write novels about any single tracks

now, everybody who listened to goa in 1996 should know most of the

tracks and that this double-decker is full of classic stormers, that we

all so loved (and still do I hope). Very worth getting if you're new to

psy trance.

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Guest Mail[at]SigmaSoft[dot]org

If I recall this was one of my first Goa CD's that I ever listend, Its very

good, my favorite tracks; CD 1: 1, 3, 4, & 9 (I like very much track 4 The

Moon And The Sun - Satellite (Journey Into The Sun Rmx) ) From CD 2: 1, 3, 4,

8. Rating for this one: I guess 9/10

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

it's the hardest volume with tracks like Empirion (good),

total eclipse, Psyko Disko (goacore quite funny),Killing Joke (not my cup of



up on cd1:1-2-5-6-7-8-10-11 and cd2: 1-3-6-7-8

down on cd1 :4 and cd2:2-4-10

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Guest miki[at]goatrance[dot]com

Great compilation, but one problem. I think the X-dream track on CD 2 (The

Second Room- A Trip) is not recorded at the right speed, it goes too fast. Or

maybe it's not recorded correctly on the other compilation i have it on (WOrld

of Goatrance 1). I do like the slower version on WOrld of Goatrance though.

ABout Tantrance 3, all in all, a very enjoyable compilation, have to mention

Spectral's "celtic alchemy". love that.

Sun and smiles,


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Very good compilation of essential psychedelic tracks of the time. Some songs don't go one after another but I guess that is always case with compilations, but there are many tracks that are ultimate classics : TROMMELMACHINE, THE FURNACE, KAGE, ASTRAL VOYAGE, KICKING TEST, 2ND ROOM, OVERLOAD, SLICK WITCH, SOOTHSAYER, FREAK SHOW, PILE, BACK TO EARTH...CD 1 : 7/10, CD 2 : 9/10

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Some really solid classics here.  That second disc...whew!  Second Room, Slick Witch, Overload, Soothsayer (Lysergic Mix), and Pile.

All in a row.  Blistering.  This version of Second Room does sound a bit too fast, but still enjoyable.

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The second CD on this one is phenomenal. I even remember there beeing a commercial on TV for some of these goa compilations, not sure which one. But in the commercial they played the Electric Universe track that is on this compilation: Astral Voyage. :)

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