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V/A - Tantrance 2

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V/A - Tantrance 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Tantrance 2

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1996


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 08'19" Juno Reactor : Rotorblade

02. 07'09" Man With No Name : Jack In The Box

03. 07'02" Transwave : The Rezwalker (London Live Rmx)

04. 09'24" Koxbox : Fuel On

05. 07'09" Killing Joke : Democracy (Hallucinogen Rmx)

06. 08'41" Etnica : Microdrive

07. 09'25" Astralasia : Kalki's Coming

08. 07'27" Encens : Spiritual Transgression

09. 06'02" Satori : Entropy

10. 06'37" Cosmosis : Morphic Resonance


CD 2

01. 11'11" Electric Universe : One Love

02. 07'25" Astral Projection : Enlightened Evolution (Rmx)

03. 08'00" Phreaky : Paranormal Activity

04. 08'02" Indoor : Camel

05. 07'10" Disco Volante : Forbidden (Sweet And Sour Remix By Floorplay)

06. 07'56" Prana : The Earth

07. 08'07" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Ring Of Fire

08. 09'06" Etnica : Trip Tonite

09. 11'11" Elysium : Moonzoon




Not so bad Compilation :-) Best Track is CD1-Track 5 Democracy by Killing Joke

:-) Bad Tracks : CD1 Tracks 7,9 and CD2 Track 2 ... Rating : 4/10

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Guest spacetrucker[at]ttlc[dot]net

The Tantrance series have pretty much been dead ringers for good, quality

psytrance and vol.2 is no different. This is the first of the series that I

came to own, and I've been impressed ever since :o). Naturally some of the

trax are not the greatest, however I think as a whole, these two CD's lean

towards the better end of the spectrum. My personal fave is by far 'One Love'.

This track has more color than my fractal wallpaper and is very lively. Some

of the trax are very interesting and I will say that all are good and deserve

a listen to. I think that anyone searching for some good psytrance could do

no wrong with these trips. I give this comp 6 sugarcubes out of a possible

10. Crank it!

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Excellent compilation with Magical Tracks : Rotorblade, Jack in the Box, the

Rezwalker, microdrive, trip tonite, enlighted evolution, ring of fire and ONE

LOVE !!! One love can be a reason in itself to get Tantrance 2 !

Respect to electric universe, AP, MWNN, Hallucinogen, Transwave and Etnica.

They Are GOA music !

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KoxBox, Astral Projection, Electric Universe, Etnica, Transwave, MWNN, Cosmosis, GNotR, Hallucinogen and so on...


The first league guys are all here (well, maybe MFG and Total Eclipse are missing), but if someone wants to know who-was-who back then, he should start by exploring this double CD.

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