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The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing


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Artist: The Muses Rapt

Title: Spiritual Healing

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 09'27" Spiritual Healing

02. 10'52" The Ancient Sounds Of The God

03. 10'30" The Angel And The Snake

04. 07'57" Enchanted Forest

05. 06'59" The Return Of The Travellers

06. 06'24" ... And The Sensitives Will Be Kings

07. 08'54" The Warriors Of Temperance

08. 07'49" Corazon De Fuego




This is a very different psychedelic album. I think it's very emotional,

definitely not for the dancefloor. In some tracks

you can really know the artist's feelings when he created theses tracks.

Especially the first track "spiritual healing",

this is so good, you can really feel the pain the artist want to express.

Other tracks are pretty calm, like "the angel

and the snake" and "enchanted forest". Then there's the furious "the return

of the traveller", those violins (?) are intense!

Tracks 6 and 7 are also very good, more like the first track.. the last

track is really slow, maybe even too slow for my

taste. Overall a very good album!! Buy it if you want to try some different

psy trance. Rating: 7.5/10

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Guest Vystril[at]aol[dot]com

AMAZING ALBUM, very beautiful, something i keep pulling out and listening to

again and again, very intellegent and emotional.. and very refreshing,

definately worth buying. 9.5/10

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Guest goaboy99[at]hotmail[dot]com

I love this album!!! :) when i´m sad I listen to it and i feel happy again!! It

makes me cry of happiness :)) Just listen to it!!

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VERY GOOD !!! I would never think, by buying this album, that it would be so

good !!!

I was really surprised by the music building intelligence this guy (Juan

Verdera) shows here ... Fantastic ! So bad he didn't release another album

yet, cause he's very talented !

That's not a pure psytrance album (most of the Tracks are rather something

between psychedelic trance And psychedelic ambient) but there's no Bad Tracks

and 5 Tracks are good :

1,2,5,6,7 (1 And 5 being the best ones) ! Rating : 8/10

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Very nice Cd, some super-dreamy songs and some melodic songs who will touch

your heart!! We all know the beauty of the classic "Spiritual healing" off

course... But the other songs are also very intense...

My favourite tracks are 1(!!!), 3,5,6,8

I only think that the second song should have been the last song cuz it does

not fit behind Spiritual healing!!

Anyway, a MUST have!!

Bom Shankar

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Guest Trancers303

Spirtual Healing is the best track ever created not only in the goascene but in

all sorts of music. Buy this cd!!!


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Guest g.o.a[at]usa[dot]net

This album is sensational!!!!!!!!!! When I first listened to "spiritual

healing", I thought this is a remix of an 80ies disco track; very happy, very

groovy. But #2 is my favourite track. peace on earth... and the rest: the high

level remains, definitely a killer album. just wait for a new album; I heard

Juan playing a few months ago, and the tunes were even better!

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Very hard to understand this album at first listen...

It does not really sounds like Trance , it reminds me of absolutly nothing. No

artists that I know of as done this kind of stuff before... Very strange sound

but also special like you have never heard before , open your mind and

evolove. First track is the original version for Spiritual Healing , once I

preferd the remix , but after hearing this I am not quite sure , amazing track

just full of life , spiritually healing indeed :) , tracks 4 And 5 are

wonderful and quite mystic , beautifully built. I didn't figure out the other

tracks yet... The story beyond this album is that a DJ named Juan Verdera from

the island Ibiza was playing some Psychedelic tunes , and one day he found out

he have a Cancer (I'm not quite sure what kind) , so he just decided to try

and heal his body and soul through the music , and he made us this album where

he passes us all his feelings through his music. After making this album Juan

was cured , a mircale indeed , or a spiritual healing maybe... :)

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Thats true, the remixes suck, except the Darshan one maybe. Its a shame, cause

the original is very deep. Especially after i heard the cancer story, i have

come to hold this track in a completely different light. Spiritual Healing,

what else can you say. I hope the vicious "ils" mix doesnt make the poor man

ill again.

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Guest machete_man[at]yahoo[dot]com

good? you don´t know what is good. I was one day in a party with the

creator(Juan Verdera) as DJ. That was really good.you don´t know how much

power he can really creates.it´s good but not the best...i sware

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Guest tranquilityallstar[at]yahoo[dot]

I finally got this album. As a huge fan of morning trance (especially Yahel),

I was very excited when reading the reviews of this one. I downloaded the

title track - and I fell in love - so I bought the album. While the first

track is by far the most amazing piece of art to ever grace my ears,

unfortunatly the rest of the album is not up to the same level as it. Many of

the tracks are very good - but none of them even come close to the emotional

and spiritual heights of Spiritual Healing. In fact, for a CD that is called

morning trance, there is way too much ambient and minimalist on this album.

Songs like Ancient Sounds Of The Gods, Enchanted Forest, and Corazon De Fuego

can get quite boring. But there are some other great tracks, like tracks 3,

5, 6, and 7. But am I the only one who thinks that track 6 (And The

Sensitives Will Be Kings) ends rather oddly? A great melody starts to pick

up, and you get the sense that it is starting to lead somewhere, and right as

you are expecting something to happen, the song ends and the next song starts.

This seems very amatearish to me, and I don't like it. But this

unpredictable style does come across in a good way in other tracks, like in

track 3. You will be caught off guard many times in this track. In one part

you hear a buildup coming, and when you expect the regular kick drum to come

in, some very strange smashing/crash type drum plays in its place. Overall,

this is a decent album, and the overwhelming quality of the title track makes

it worth the purchase. But it does seem like too much effort went into the

title track and not enough into the rest of the album. It starts off with a

wonderful musical orgasm and then you're left with a limp noodle afterwards.

:) 7/10

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Guest smokeBuddha

This is a great chill album. Feelings and emotions run wild listening to this.

If I had to pick a worst song on the album, Spiritual

Healing would be it. Overall though, very good chill album. 9/10

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Guest Munky Business Corperation 2001

9/10 for the album. Some of the most thoughtful compositions ever heard in

psytrance. This guy sure knows how to make construct songs and built to a

climax. Very surprising and most of the time beautiful breaks in the songs.

One of my all time favs. 9/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

EEEEmmmmoooottttional CD ever.

Juan verdera make me like his kind of

trance music.

I cant help it. i here this CD every day.people say

that this CD is not for dancing exept(t1,t5,t6),

this kind of emotional uplifting sad sounds just cant

stop you from listenng or dancing!I WISH JUAN WILL MAKE ANOTHER CD's LIKE THAT

ONE.or just other cd's.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Juan could easily be a Christian, but he doesn't put any of the overtones in

this album. The title Spiritual Healing comes from the way that music can

heal certain parts of our lives, and guide us. The music the the religion of

this CD. From the story I heard, Juan had some type of disease, and he

started to write this album, and he accually got better when he wasn't really

expected to heal that well - hence spiritual healing.

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Guest [Anonymous]

the title track is very different from what i had expected ... i had expected

ambient alike space trance, but what i got was a cheezy happy hardcore alike

tune which has absolutely nothing to do with psychedelic music

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Guest eden.solaris

Hmm... Wierd!!! It's one of those CD's that you have to listen to a few times

to really apreciate it... The problem with this is that it has ambient and

harder tracks mixed up. Don't know about you, but personally, I like listening

to only ambient or only hard wich makes it hard to really appreciate the

album... The ambient stuff is great, brilliant!!! But the harder stuff doesn't

work for me, and there's a very annoying "loud" noise that commes in every

track. Sometimes it works well, but it usually completely ruins the whole


7/10 for having some of the best ambient songs ever!!!

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