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The Delta - Scizoeffective

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

The Delta - Scizoeffective


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Artist: The Delta

Title: Scizoeffective

Label: D-Drum

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'26" Pop

02. 07'27" Travelling At The Speed Of Thought

03. 00'49" Intro

04. 10'37" Thing

05. 07'52" Delta Skelter

06. 08'12" As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling

07. 09'52" Supercell

08. 06'43" Dr Rayman

09. 06'58" Quiet And Still

10. 05'18" As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub)




This starts of very good with 'Pop' and 'Travelling at the speed of

thought'. This is a X-dream side project and especially

on the first track you can hear that. Second track is also cool (even if

there's electric guitars in it, *sigh). This track

is a nice dancefloor track, listen to it loud!!! The intro before the

guitars comes in is very cool. This whole album is

very dark much like X-dream : Radio, but something is missing.. you won't

get that feeling from the tracks as you get from

Radio.. I guess most of you heard "as a child i could walk on the ceiling"

.. and this is also a nice track.. but I think

many tracks on this album are similiar to each other.. Last four tracks are

actually not very good at all. Stick to X-dream

guys and release some well-produced stuff instead of this!!!! and please get

rid of the guitars!!! Rating: 5/10

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Guest adp028[at]mail[dot]usask[dot]ca

I don't have this album, but I have all their singles, and I value them above

and beyond all other tracks. These man are the cutting edge of German trance.

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Guest Pit-UFO

The Delta, COP and X-Dream (as Freak51 mentitoned) require big speakers or good

headphones and lots of patience. This is a very good and mature album from

Marcus Maichel, its dark and experimental. I know many if you will want to

hang me for saying this but Marcus experiment with classical music sounds a

lot better than those from the Infected guys, just listen carefully to THING.

POP, QUIET And STILL and DELTA SKELTER are also top moments. The rest is very

enjoyable. If you like X-Dream (Well, Who doesn't?) you'll get a smile on

your face. 8.5/10

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Guest Ktaadn

Somewhat inconsistent, with some stomrming tracks and some yawners as well.

Even so, "Delta Skelter" has been a personal fave for so long that I can't

complain. If nothing else, it's great to see efforts made to experiment beyond

the X-Dream sound (not that it really needs much improvement). Oh, and just to

add my $.02 to Freak 51's "suggestion," ripping music and selling it back is

nothing short of stealing from the artists you claim to admire...let musicians

make a living.

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Ktaadn, once I buy the original, and the artist gets his/her/their cut, who the

Hell are you to say what I should do with the plastic? Furthermore, I make

the title available to someone else, who gets turned onto psytrance, and they

buy more stuff new - over the Web. Perhaps you might live in an area where

you can just go to a store and find such discs (I can't even imagine such a

world - but at least I'm aware of my limited world-view). Where I live, one

cannot buy trance. The chains pretty much dictate what the top 40 will be

because that's what they're carrying this month. There are a few independents

carrying Bill Laswell creations, but trance is just not on the radar.

Everyone just adores house and hip-hop though ... shudder. ObReview:

scHizoeffective - or is it really spelled scizoeffective in German (doubt it:

I don't think they use silent e's like in English)? Pop gets better and

better the more you listen to it.

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Guest Globalsteez

This album was never going to be shit. It was a low risk purchase for me

because it's one half of X-Dream's side project, which should be enough reason really

for anyone into bangin' psy-trance to show some interest. As opposed to the

other half of X-Dream's side project (Children Of Paradise.) and his 'Urban Alien' album,

'Scizoeffective' (as the cover might suggest) is a much darker, nighttime and

perhaps even for some a more claustrophobic affair. When it's good, it's

fantastic and includes the classic singles 'As a child..' And 'Travelling...'

that have already been released before. Other tracks like 'Pop', 'Thing' And

'Delta Skelter' offer more takes and twists in the same menacing vain, but


all find a place easily on a good nighttime dancefloor. My only problem is that

it sometimes sounds a little bit similar and if you've got their 12" tracks


it then I'd maybe give it a listen first. Maybe it's just me but I prefered the

original X-Dream sound much more over this take on it in ! general. I realise

it's not them of course and it's good to try different things both for the

artist and the whole trance scene, but at times it sounds like he's trying to

exorcise some sort of troublesome techno demon....graveyard trance anybody? If

he is doing that then hopefully most of the menacing darkness will be out of


system by the time he contributes to the next 'Rough And Rush' production. Not

an album you'd probably want to listen to from start to finish but it's tasty

enough though and I'd recommend it to most..8/10

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Some tracks sounds like a soundtracks for horror movie !

I love old tracks by Delta more than new... its a 'As A Child I Could Walk On

The Ceiling ' and 'Travelling At The Speed Of Thought '

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Guest jonatanh[at]hotmail[dot]com

The song "Pop" is 10/10!!! and "Thing" is 9/10.


This album makes me happy (even though it's very dark), I can smile during the

whole album..

One of the best albums in 1999. No doubt.

I LOVE IT! 9/10

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Guest jeffe[at]freesurf[dot]fr

Great album !! close to x-dream style

Only hits !! "thing" is the big part of the record but the others are also

masterpieces (7 and 9 are e little weak but when you hear the rest !!!!)

Very dark .......9/10

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Guest Paddohead

yeah this rocks....dark and heavy sounds ripping through you're mind

......mmmmmmmm love it....definatly no easy listning (ap) psychadelics....



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Il est clair qu'un systeme sonore de haut niveau est necessaire pour profiter

pleinement de toutes les "subtilités" de l'album. Les lignes de basses sont en

effet MONSTRUEUSEMENT saturées et flangées ce qui pour effet d'affoler

inconsidérement vos pauvres boomers. Artistiquement, le côté dark et

minimaliste séduit sur les premières plages (POP notamment...) puis commence à

devenir un peu lourdingue à force pour finir par devenir carrement chiant sur

la fin (Quiet And Still, exercice faussement ambient à balle dix...). Mais il

y'a incontestablement de l'idée et une volonté de sortir des clichés

habituellement rencontrés. Il reste à affiner un peu les prods' (quelques

mélodies et moins d'FX???) et à diminuer l'infra-baaaaaasses. Sinon, vous avez

remarquer le nombres de samples provenant de trailers T.H.X (DREAM???) And

D.T.S??? THE AUDIENCE IS LISTENING, elle à pas le choix...

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Guest AlexG

spooky! =) graveyard-trance to raise the dead. "as a child..." and

"travelling..." are classics, "pop" and "the thing" are mindblowing, and

"delta skelter" is also great. the last 4 tracks are pretty boring, but 1-6

are amazing! this is x-dream with a twist: more straight-forward, in-yer-face

sound, yet in some parts more deep. not like c.o.p., which sounds more

plastic, this is more raw and hard-hitting power. by listening to delta

(marcus' side -project) and c.o.p. (jan's side project)you can see how these 2

pieces fit together to form the x-dream sound ("radio"-era and after). a must

for all x-fans!

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I'd like to revise my opinion. This one has grown on me. The more you play

it, the better it keeps giving and giving. Especially when you lay it next to

pretty close to any other attempts at the Dark Side of Trance (Cydonia, Tim

Schuldt, some Israelis). I'm glad I kept it after all, looks like skanov had

it right all along.

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Guest redeye103[at]hotmail[dot]com

This is some of the most intense, dark, and mind bending music I have ever

heard. Definitely a departure from the X-dream sound. Personally I thought

only Xenomorph was capable of releasing horror trance tracks without being

cheesy. Glad to be proven wrong. I was kind of disappointed that the CD

version of Thing was not included on the vinyl single.I give it a 7 only

because of tracks 7-10.

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redeye: i agree with what you wrote, except that i think this puts xenomorph to

shame! =) xenomorph is "kindergarden", and i thought it was cheesy! but this:

those priests in "the excorcist" shoulda used this shit to draw that nasty

demon out! the fucker woulda been scared shitless =)

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Guest jonatanh[at]hotmail[dot]com

This an AWESOME album, it's grown on me too... I have had it for like 7 months

now.. and I REALLY REALLY love it... I found out that I love track nr 9 and 10


I had to buy the THING-single also.. AFTER I bought this album... It's so

amazingly good... the productions is awesome, the melodies are well selected

and fits perfectly into the songs...

WOW. 9.9/10 ... it would be a 10/10 if they skipped the guitars on some of the


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Guest F-AcTivE

This is the darkest side of psytrance ! and it really kicks ass! To enjoy this

album u must listen to it in a very dark room, and u must play it very very

LOUD! There is FIVE very good tracks here .. , track 1: "POp" , dark and

heavy..with a superb voice sample ..children singing ..scccaaary =) . track 2:

"Travelling At The Speed Of Thought " is a faster and less darker track with

some great guitar sounds. track 4: "Thing" has an amazing intro ..and when the

bass starts kickin ...u yust haft to scream..AAAHH. track 5 "Delta Skelter"

..a little bit different track.. still dark and very nice for my ears. The

last track is olso very good..more soft one. The only problem with the album

is that it all sounds similar...and after four tracks ..u get bored and put on

some other shit :) But an album with 4-5 killertracks gets a high score! i give

this: 8/10 (probaly worth 10 on the dancefloor)

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Guest }Evilben{

Listen to "Thing", is a bit like "Hundretes of sunset, by fools and tools,

very hars beat, dark, and fuckin' increadible. also, listen to Pop, it kicks


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