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V/A - Psychedelic Sparks


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Guest Candlejack

Damn, why isn't Prosect on here?? The Station was one of the better tracks IMO.

I found that non-experienced artists were quite sad at making Minimal tunes...

Leave that to the real masters ... Like those artists at Iboga... Hmmm well,

salutations to the winners at least... and glad to see Blue Djinn - Light

Without Heat is on this at least... Cuz he's one of the guys that sounded the

most professional... Good bass, heavy beat and clear noises. !! Way to go!!

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Uhm, some very nice tracks and some really shitty tracks here (some even done

in trackers, sorry but I'm judging as I would with "real" releases).


I'm into minimal stuff alot, but the best track here is Agalactia - Awkward

Lightrate, which is not minimal at all.

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Guest trip[at]isratrance[dot]com

I appreciate all of you who voted for me. I don't know if the other artists

here asked their whole tree of friends to vote just for them to win... I

didn't ask no one to vote - I just wanted to see if my tracks could worth

anything for ppl who never heard my music before.

Awkward Lightrate was the one which I made and made nice impression on you.

Thanx all I guess :) this track is 2 years old, since that one I quit making

trance so much - just here and there - but this competition really makes

things going better - proving to me that even 2 year old tracks I made can be

good. thanx again.


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I haven't listened to every track from beginning to end (I couldn't stand most

of them, thats why) but after giving each one a quick listen, Amygdala -

Synaptic Misfire stood out as the most tasteful and well produced. Thats

probably the only one I'd have bought if I found it as a 12". Most of the

tracks sound waaay to old-school for me. Note however that I have a fair

amount old goa stuff lying around at home that I play once in a while, but the

combination of somewhat poor production, tracker-ish structures/buildups and

the fact thats it's the year 2001 and not 1995 made me skip through most of

these. Sure, there were some very nice ideas to be found and a cool sound or

two, but that doesn't mean it's automatically good music, at least not to me.

The solstice track was interesting but didn't do much for me. Give that one a

listen though, after Amygdala, that is :)

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To answer to some of you :


The visitors were the only ones to vote, except that we made best ambient

Tracks more prior than 14th to 17th psy winners in order to have various stuff

on the CD, not only psy, and because a CD must finish with a more chill-out

Track :-)


We didn't decide to remove stuff from the same artists, cause the aim was to

have a CD as best as possible, so, as it seems the 2 De-Fect and Synsun are

very appreciated, we could not remove one of them and replace it by another

Track ...


But please don't start a debate here, that's not the aim, use the forum instead

for that if you want to start one :-)

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V/A - Psychedelic Sparks


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Sparks

Label: Psynews

Date: 2001


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 05'51" Neurotoxin : For Red

02. 08'26" Psychopat : Spiral Landing

03. 07'29" De-Fect : Bouncing Shrooms And Giggleing Gnomes

04. 11'53" Andromeda : Amiga

05. 07'42" Synsun : TNC 2001

06. 08'42" Asura : System Babel (Code Eternity Rmx)

07. 09'14" Artha : Controlled

08. 10'54" Epsilon : Cosmic Vortex (Creepy Mix)


CD 2

01. 08'25" Promon : Throbbing Hobbits

02. 08'02" The Bastard : Crispy Crunchy Buffet Beast

03. 09'26" De-Fect : Germs, Germs, Psychedelic Germs

04. 07'16" Amygdala : Synaptic Misfire

05. 08'15" Synsun : Replycant

06. 07'45" Vax : Protoplasma

07. 08'20" Agalactia : Awkward Lightrate

08. 07'16" Torakka : Greasy Fingers

09. 04'42" Solstice : Ricochet




I have done this review with no thoughts that they are not pros (all of them).

Of the artist would be Infected Mushroom it would get the same rating.

Which means I compare this to all the psytrance I have heard.

What else to do? :)

It might seems that I always has something to complain about.

oh well... :/

1-1 Review :Woha! The bas reminds me of Shiva Shidapu-bas. Harch and "snappy".

The track really catches me around 2:00 when some drums come in.

The break in the middle is enjoyable as the whole track. What to say

more? The psy-sounds is good and the sample fit in very good. Rating :


1-2 Review :hmm...Minimal has never impressed me. This guy seems

to know what he is doing though. But I'm not sure about it :)

Argh...I'll leave this track to the minimal dudes. Rating: 5/10

1-3 Review :This one is better. It's scando alright :)

With some hard dark bas and bassline, squeeking 'melodie'

and a little hi-hat on that. Sweet. To bad the squeek sound

starts to get annoying later in the track. A little variation

would be good. Rating : 7/10

1-4 Review :This could be early SFX stuff :) The melodies are constantly

coming on and on and on. Anyway...The track never really

drags you away. Just a few times the tracks has a nice "mood". Rating :


1-5 Review :This is a hard and fast track. Belive me.

Many sounds in here and the melodie 5:00 really

freaks me out. Good! After the awesome melodie

the beats changes and...oh my God, it's so good.

I can't write more now :) Rating : 7.8/10

1-6 Review :Ok, you can notice these guys done this before.

Maybe the best track so far. Melodic and sweet.

With a Alien Project - Electro bas. hehe...

Oh well...Too cheezy at sometimes for my taste. Rating : 7/10

1-7 Review :This track would be really great if it would be darker.

When the 'synth' sound is gone the track sounds very cool.

The effects put in when the melodie is off is good and fits

in perfectly. Make this track darker and it will gain a few points.

Rating 6.5/10

1-8 Review :Creepy indeed. Much echo/reverb or what it's called.

Maybe thats why the track gets "flooded" at some points.

The scary party is kinda good but...I better not. Rating : 4/10

2-1 Review :What a perfect name! This one throbbs very much.

This one is the more psychedelic of the tracks so far.

A little bit like GMS. iiih...The throbbing sound is

almost to throbbing for your ears :) But this is good

anyway. I good suprise in the end of the track. I litte

melodie of some kind. Rating : 7.2/10

2-2 Review :Well choosed effects in this. This is more like Hux-Flux.

blipps and beeps. Which I like very much.

The track goes nowhere...and dissapears. *giggle* Rating : 7/10

2-3 Review :Man! This is even better than his other track.

Hard and dark with some blipps :) A cool melodie

lurking in the background. This is the one! So far

that is. I really enjoy the 'high' tones in this one.

Creates a cool twist to the otherwise dark mood this track

has. Rating : 9/10

2-4 Review :It's getting better and better. Nice groovy beat.

Some effects. A melodie once in a while. Some drums/hi-hats/snares.

This equals a nice stompy track. Rating : 8/10

2-5 Review :Once again he delivers a hard and fast track. Very

weird drums and bas. Sound so floppy somehow. And then

he trows in an a short melodie perfectly. To bad the melodie

is layered under all the other sounds. He know how to create

a good melodie indeed. To bad he don't do it more often. Rating: 8.4/10

2-6 Review :Also a little SFX-spirit in this one. It's fullon all

the way. It's very good sometimes but the end is just

to much. A little break from the melodies would be nice I think. Rating :


2-7 Review :Isreali trance :) Good one! Melodies yiihaa! :)

This one is not so packed with sounds as most of

the others. Much more easy to 'follow'. Clean and crisp.

The melodies are never booring either. And the sampled used

is simply awesome. Very good one. Rating : 9/10

2-8 Review :Good nice groove in this one. Good work on the percussions.

And the 'long-bas'. da daaa..da. You get it? :) The melodies

fits the rest of the track good. The typical swirling melodies

that goes upp and down. This works. Oh i forgot...Good start and ending

in this track. Rating 8/10

2-9 Review :Vocals? Womens voice. Wunderful! The slowest track of

them all. Sounds very proish :) I can't spell proffecional :)

This one just.....flowing peacfully. Rating : 7.4/10

Overall Rating : 6.8/10

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Guest yorabora[at]gusco[dot]com

Now I know for sure, the only way a true artist can get promotion is by making

GOOD music, and that's the reason I'd probebly give up on buying this CD since

its mostly "impulse-tracker-crapper" sorry you goa-heads, but this CD will

make you look even worse than you do now.

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Guest Slidingtrancer

I really miss Prosect here, who made an EXCELLENT song and was my number one

when voting. The rest looks nice, but many songs are not that well-produced

and brilliant, or it's just my headphones and speakers saying those nasty

things. I think it's lousy to have the same artists on a compilation twice,

only Hallucinogen can do that nicely. It kinda reminds me of the

'Goatrance'-albums that are coming out here in Holland. The songs are all made

by Ingmar Veeck, under different names.

I kinda feel sorry for the people in the contest who DID do a great job and

don't get rewarded in the end. But all in all, it was fun judging and fun

hearing all this stuff. I do feel a bit dissapointed with the outcome, but

well not every compilation can be a classic!

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great idea. why are there 2 tracks from both De-Fect and Synsun.. it makes me

think about how this was voted for.. either way most but not all of the songs

here sound like software trance and that is a bit dissapointing. they all end

up having a dated sort of sound structure but there are some really good ones.

i guess better mp3 quality will change everything about the sounds .

I can't wait for the next contest. thank you psynews.

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Guest mandalavandalz[at]goatrance[dot]



This is the best idea there can be.




I luv thee!!!! :))))) Happyhapppyhapppy!!!

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Guest BlueSpectralMonkey

hooray to our man The Bastard -- the only winning trancer from stateside!


the 10 million hours working on the kicks paid off !

but congrats to all!

keep bouncing.


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Guest Elysium Project

I dont think it is right for me to rate any of the tracks but I will make my



Overall I think that the artists have lot's of talent and love for the music.

And most of the productions are very nice...... Good work guys and

gals........ :-)


I would though have liked to hear a bit more new things in the tracks. To me

there's way too much isralie sound, fluffy music and 303's going on here... I

think most of the artists still need to find their own styles and ways of

expressing their talents.


One band that stood out (in my mind) is Solstice... They / he or her do not

follow the mainstream and is in my mind wirhout any doubt the winner !!!!

Beautiful vocals...


By the way... who is the winner????? all 17?


I am sure that most of the bands will become much better in the future and I

look forward to hear new stuff from them again

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Guest [Anonymous]

too many tracks in this contest.. i don't think anyone could have listened to

them all. several gigs to download!


needs to be organized better next time.


anyway, congrats to all those who won :)

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well. nice work, im a contestant too, and even that i didnt won, it was a great

time and fun, very nice work from the winners, im already playing a couple of

them at parties with my friends, and they dance and jump and scream and

everything is nice and tripy, see ya in the next contest....peace

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hello guys,

i'm little bit unhappy because i didn't won (Prosect), but i knew it will be

like that, the tracks i've sent were one of my first works (in beginning of

2000) without a good production, so i don't care know :)

thank for everyone who supported me, working on my tracks now (wait for

releases :)).

anyway about the contest, the Agalctia and Amygdala are good stuff.


keep the frequency !

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Guest Zero The Hero

This contest was excellent idea, thanks for everyone working for it. Any

possibility to get artists e-mail addresses to give feedback? I found some

incredible stuff here.. thanks again

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To Baltazar: do you really really think that the trax of Asura is minimal and

not fullon? are you deaf, man?

To defect: don't listen to critics about samples. When your music is great (and

your music is great), some guys like him who doesn't know the hard work to do

a trax kill your work with this kind of reviews. "And you stoll it here" "and

your music is good but a 3 second sample trash your whole album or

discography" "and it is shitty music because it has a melody" or what is as

ridiculous "it is shitty because it is minimal". Please, everybody, just put

some intelligent and constructive feedbacks, please, or shut up, or just make

music, and we will talk about it afterwards...

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Guest baltazar_dr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Well... Funny... Maybe a bit interesting... "wow, there's a squelching sound,

wow, there was something popping up" and so on... What has happened to the

world of good old full-on trance?!


This suck!


Sure there was some goodies from: De-fect, Andromeda, Vax and Agalactia here

but most of the stuff was minimal and boring...


Will we ever see the light of new masterpieces like the albums: Pleiadians -

I.F.O or MFG - New kind of world?

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