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Asia 2001 - Psykadelia

Guest chu42f[at]bangor[dot]ac[dot]uk

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This was considered as very psychedelic trance 3 years ago..now it sounds too

melodic and oldschool. Moreover it's really not the best from Asia2001 and it

doesnt deserve the mark i can see above. In 1997 it would have deserved


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Guest chu42f[at]bangor[dot]ac[dot]uk

Asia 2001 - Psykadelia

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Artist: Asia 2001

Title: Psykadelia

Label: Trans'Pact

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'22" Anafuzz

02. 07'28" Orion (Rmx)

03. 08'12" Eolis (Rmx)

04. 07'29" Kalimba

05. 08'00" Replicants

06. 07'23" Sherkan (Rmx)

07. 08'15" Reykajvik

08. 09'02" Flirt Filter




Another incredible album by Martin Cooper.In a similar vein to his other

releases but this contains some of his best tunes. The remix of orion is as

good as the original mix featured on Dreamland. Eolis is fantastic as is

Sherkan. If you can find it- get it (unless you don't like his other

releases). Lets hope there are plenty more tunes to come from this guy as

they will all find a place in my cd collection 9/10

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This is good Asia 2001 album. It is his most psychedelic one as the title suggests...Martin Cooper makes pretty solid psy goa trance and even many people dislike it for being over melodic, I like it cause it is done with the spirit...Best tracks : ORION RMX, KALIMBA, REPLICANTS, REYKYAVIK, FLIRT FILTER...7.5/10

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I don't do many reviews but I wanted to do one of this ablum because in my opinion Psykadelia, along with Live, showcase the best of Asia 2001. Psykadelia truely is a great album with the utterly fantasitc track Flirt Fliter, so good every time and my personal favorite Asia 2001 track off any of their albums. Other good tracks are numbers: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7. I personally thought track 2 (Orion 2) was awful and track 4 wasn't bad, but forgettable. Overall though, Psykadelia is an excellent artist album and has quickly become a treasured member of my cd collection; especially because of the Flirt Filter track once again, just find this album and enjoy. 9/10 overall and a five star for Flirt Filter

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Take Kalimba, which is really good (the only track where Asia 2001 lives up to his potential), aside, the rest of the album sounds dated. Can't agree with the cult status this album has achieved - and to continue, would only recommend this if you enjoy collecting old school and have the big classics already.

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I agree that Flirt Filter is his best track, but Live is his best album. They're both about equally as rare.


Orion 2 really sucks. The other tracks are all good.


The production here is fine and it doesn't sound dated at all really, other than maybe the types of synths used.

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This is a kick ass old school goa trance album. While I don't think the album itself is dated I will agree with Sneila that the sounds he uses may be. Blistering in places and bubbling over with 303 liquid in others. I don't believe there are any epic melodies that make the tracks exceptional, but just good straight ahead goa.


If I could find a copy of this I would buy it in a second.



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I remember the first time I listened to this album, at Lyon airport before taking a very long flight to Australia, the situation is great memories (yeah never listened to anything from Asia 2001 before year 2011) I was stunned by the first tracks and how good and old school it sounded.

That being said, this album does not really stand the test of time for me.

Every time I play it, I enjoy the first three tracks a lot, then comes Kalimba , I was a big fan of this track and grew tired of it. And after Kalimba, there are 4 tracks that sounds more or less the same.

This album lose its magic after track 4 IMO. I should try playing it backward some day to see.

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