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GMS - No Rules

Guest VBRunner

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We all have different views and to some extent there is an element of truth in

the above review,basically this album is in a similar vein to there last two

albums with some morning melodies thrown. Personally I think tracks 1-5 remain

firmally in the traditional GMS vein so you all know what to expect there and

tracks 5-8 are more melodic and in my opinion are the best on this new album

especially track 7 AT THE END OF RAINBOW this track is awesome. The last track

as with alot of artist albums is more chilled.My overall verdict 8.5/10 and

definately worth the bold red highlight as this is better than GMS VS


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I've heard this once and i was pleasantly surprised, its a lot better than some

of the stuff they've been chruning out on compilations. Trouble is it will be

completely cained by dj's everywhere, and people will be bored of it within a

month or two ;)

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Guest tested

I am very surpised that Spirit Zone (which is a high quality label) released

such musicless album. I mean every track is the SAME! where is creativy, where

is diversity, where is the progress??

GMS STILL sounds exactly like it SOUNDED 5 YEARS AGO!!! I dont know how anyone

can call this music. Imo its just another reproduced noise..

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Guest Tim

like their style or not, you gotta admit they are quality

producers...easy to bag them but could you do better?

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Guest [Anonymous]

People accuse techno-trance of being monotonous and boring..i can't see how

much more boring and monotonous than GMS it can get...the same style for the

past five years or more....great progress guys!!...new cd album, a cd "the

hits"..what next ? a double "Best of" cd ? ..all sounding the same...

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Guest Psychedelic Raver

Hey.. thats a fucking good album!!!! It works great in dance floor... i love

5,6,7 in special!! keep up the good work.. please still releasing this mad

tracks, we can get no more minimal or progressive BULLSHIT!!!

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Guest [Anonymous]

best worh yet constantly pushing the envelope..dont complain

about to fast its geared toward middle of the night psychedelic journeys best

band in the world keep it up boys...

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Guest diogo

A psychedelic semi-full on on album......

I thought that gms - no rules was shanti and earthling no no rulez and

splifpolitcs is the same song as boom shankar....so only 7 new tracks

here....overdose is great,but at the of the rainbow is best song...this song

is how the album should be at all but it ain't like that

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Guest flying kundalini

Had this CD for a while now and every time I listen it gets better and better

this is full on psytrance of the highest octane order.. to those who think

this is the same as everything else they have done .. pull the cotton wool

outta your ears! This is the best shit they've ever done and needs to be

highlighted ASAP, best trks 3,8 & 9 ---- GMS RULE !! 9/10

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Guest Defbydelta...

Gms is gms and thank god they didn't change style! cuz that stile they brings

is the fuckin REAL full on wicked maniac style that a gms lover love and

always gonna love, Very nice album and a very good jobb!

8/10 yes...

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Guest expace[at]hotmail[dot]com

First to all, several years ago GMS has shown, your project is envelopment

hardy in a news dimensions. However is like case Infected Mushroom, every day

they chalenge theorys and fresh methods, for become the best in the crew family

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Guest --==MileS==--

One cannot be disappointed with this one since its exactly what GMS have been

delivering to the people for years (feels more like some decades but

hey)...GMS are megastrong in the consistency department but anything new or

revolutionary is too much to ask apparantly. Despite the euphemistic title

this is 100% played by the ultrathin GMS musical rules book; Never Change a

Winning Team. Still, hard to resist going crazy with a funky tune like

-Juice-...If you still like GMS after 2112 trax that sound the same, you'll

just love -No Rules-. Rating: Unessential but good enough to set any

dancefloor on fire...7.5/10.

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Guest Goagabba

I got this one on Solstice Music, and it's a good surprise. Very GMS. T2,

Gladiator, is good, but has been done by Nomad on 3DV before. No Rules, is an

odd song. Didn't like it the first time round. Wasn't that bad after that

though. T5, HyperActive, is as the title suggests, and goes pretty wild. T7

Spliffpolitics, written together with Skazi, this has them Skazi signiture

bass lines, and is a rocking song. T8, Juice by GMS, is a cool song. I dig

it cos of the 'Requiem for a Dream' theme tune, remixed into perfect psy

mayhem. All in all good album, very worthwhile getting. How many more albums

from these guys to go this year still? : )

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I was hoping for some evolving from GMS. But no. This

is almost the same. The production seems to be better tho.

More clear and clean sounds. This album strictly follows

the rules of GMS. And you all know what that means.

But if you like GMS you will ofcourse enjoy it. I think

GMS is kinda good and freaky but it's gets boring too

fast. A whole album with them is just too much.

It's time to change boys.

Final Verdict: 6/10

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Guest VBRunner

GMS - No Rules


Artist: GMS

Title: No Rules

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 05'58" Life After

02. 06'17" Gladiator

03. 07'34" No Rules

04. 06'43" I'm On Mars

05. 06'25" Hyperactive

06. 06'46" At The End Of A Rainbow

07. 05'54" Spliffpolitics

08. 06'22" Juice by GMS

09. 06'58" Overdose




Finally the long awaited (at least by me) new album from GMS is released. This

time they dare taking a few steps away from the tried and well working formula

used in the two most recent albums. Personally I wouldn't have minded one more

album with just that style, as it is the one I enjoy most of them all.

However, I was fairly confident that if GMS decided to try something new, they

wouldn't fail. And they didn't :)

This album is just pure brilliance. Although the tracks are all set within some

well defined boundaries, every one has a unique direction and meaning. While

one track may touch me in some way, another track does it in a completely

different way. Those who have claimed that all GMS tracks sound the same

should be able to shut up now :)

The level of sound is set just around how modern full-on psy artists usually

sound, such as GMS themselves, Absolum, Alien Project, Astrix and Skazi.

While a couple of tracks use the old GMS stomper formula as a basis, they are

still clearly full of new influences, and will certainly get any dancefloor

going at top speed.

There are also some tracks that are more morning oriented, and this is where

most of the new influences and ideas come to play.

The only track I don't particularly care much for is the slower last track. All

other tracks are absolutely amazing.

All in all, this album, along with Alien Project - Midnight Sun, is in my

opinion the best one released for a couple of years. Get it now!

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Guest [Anonymous]

I think that GMS showed in this cd that is one of the fucking best groups in

all the fucking world i loved your style and your concept thank you. 12/10

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

You GMS haters, really seem to be interested in their music, since all of you

keep coming back again and again for more. Says something about how good they

really are, right?? The only thing, I would like to have seen different on

this CD is more than 58 minutes. Not right when they could have put two or

three more tracks. Now back to the haters. So many people put them down, but

when they play live, not one person sits down. So many people put them down,

but they sell so many CD's????? How is that?? GMS kicks ass and I hate to say,

but are the best in the scene. They have put out so many awesome tracks, have

made so many awesome songs better by remixing them. Every album is amazing.

And their live show / dj set???? Words can't explain. Sorry, but a GMS fan for

life here and I'm not disapointed by this release. Great stuff from the

greatest. Can't wait for the next.

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Guest [Anonymous]

again a gms album who burned the dance floor this album is really great all the

tracks are good the best are gladiator, at the end of rainbow, hyperactive &

spliffpolitics two pure killers and juice maybe the best track of the year,

great stuff another point to gms!!!

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Guest [Anonymous]

i ve heard only the juice (8)track only .. and i can say it s full of psy

stories.. it has a very special melody .. only an artist i believe can do

such things!!!

don t try to split the kinds of psy music and belong to one of them.....

this idea is a little stupid..

and you know that if the work is good .. it doesn t matter if it s minimal

or .... it is enough if you dance... or if your eyes opens!!!!!!!! and if

you sure don t like it try to say it more kindly......

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