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V/A - Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica


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V/A - Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica


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Artist: Various

Title: Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 09'30" Electronic Dreamplanet : Virtual Link

02. 07'37" Psychlopedia : Clockwork Orange

03. 07'51" Human Blue : Epsilon

04. 08'33" Little Blue Men : Megamorphosis

05. 10'27" Subcouds : Plasticine Hellyflowers

06. 08'51" Zabra : Waterworld

07. 11'16" Weirdo Beardo : Rastagoggles

08. 07'55" The Mato Project : I'm Not Coming Back (Boingy Thing Rmx)




This was the first cd of Spiral Trax and still the best one!!

Here you have that typical Scandinavian sound before everything became

minimalistic there... This contains some slower and rather dark tracks with

many psychedelic effects (1,2,7) and some fantastic melodic insane stuff!!

(the rest...). btw: those melodies are absolutely NOT cheesy!!!!! Song 3 is

Human Blue with a dancefloor-killer!! Not as morning as the music he makes

now, but also not dark... Just ok, rather fast and melodic... Subcouds track

is ok, with a good end, and than we have Zabra!!!! Anyone ever heared of this

guy?? if so, mail me, cuz this song rocks!! It's also on Goa-Head 7 and it

contains some strange dolphin-samples and alot of twisted melodies!! :o)) And

last but not least we have The Mato Project... It's the old name of ATMOS!!!!

You can hear that he wants to make very groovy and hypnotising music, but it's

not really atmos-style (more screaming melodies)... It's better imo!! This CD

gets an 8,5/10 from me and I think it's a pitty Spiral Trax stopped releasing

this kinda music... luckely there was Electric Kool Aid some time ago, which

is almost the same style!! Bom Shankar

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Guest Acidhive

I currently have 4 albums from Spiral Trax: Atmos, Noma, Human Blue and this

one. I've got 2 under way as well. The XV Kilist album (YES!!) and the Logic

Bomb album... A new reprint, so I won't have that damaged last track.

Anyway, this one is indeed from Spiral Trax's earlier days and it is very cool

in my opinion. All tracks are hard and quite melodic as well. (Well, maybe the

Weirdo Beardo and Little Blue Men tracks are not so melodic, but still)

Afromentioned tracks are definately the weirdest tracks on this comp. But I

believe all tracks here have something special. I especially like the

Psychlopedia track, this is just sooo deep and fat...

Great comp here, you can't go wrong with Spiral Trax. To me, they're one of the

best Goa labels!! 8,5/10 here...!

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Guest Slave2rave

Wow, i heard The Mato Project track @ philosomatika, and i must confess i was

really impressed by the quality and the psychedelia under control. It was a

surprise to know that Atmos made tracks like this one in the past. Maybe he

could do something like that in the future, who knows? Hope so. I can't review

this album, since i never listened to it, but just thought that i should

comment on that Mato track. Awesome. Since it's the only way to find this

track, it IS worth buying this album.

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Various ‎– Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica (1998)

Again a release that got my attention for one reason.

The last track " The mato project - I'm Not Coming Back (Boingy Thing Mix)"

was one of my first goa tracks that I've heard in a mix and very hard to found. Damn!

This track isn't from a famous artist at all so you can imagine the frustration I have

been through, it took me some years but it was worthed :) .

This track is a good example of goatrance, the stops and going back on track

in squeakily waves, just perfect. It's a dark release considering it's time age.

The type of goatrance you would not suspect in 1998, then again 1998 was

the year when a lot new talent had chosen a darker atmosphere in goatrance

compared to the melodic year 1997. A recomendation for dark fans

who would like to hear some oldschool but don't want that melody what is

probably also a reason why they are dark fans...


Discogs: http://www.discogs.c.../release/291848

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