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Dreamweaver - Lord Of Illusions

Guest Gustav

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Guest Gustav

Dreamweaver - Lord Of Illusions


Artist: Dreamweaver

Title: Lord Of Illusions

Label: Tsunami

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'37" Stargazers Secrets

02. 05'35" Lord Of Illusions

03. 07'01" Vishnu

04. 07'28" Spectre

05. 08'01" Messengers From The Sky

06. 06'58" Origin Unknown




Yes, I really like this oldschool-styled album! It's coming from a - for me

unknown - swede, J Granlund.

Full-on stompers with bouncy basses and twisted melodies.

Maybe the production isn't the best - the studio seems like it would need to

get extended,

because many of the tracks sound too alike. But, this is definately something

worth checking out.

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Guest Goa Sage

Don't be fooled by the positive review above. This record becomes boring after

the first time you've heard it. Too melodic and happy, with old, worn-out

sounds and an absolute lack of variation. Perhaps this album would've been

cool in the late 80's, but now?!!? The album itself is too short (only 43

minutes) and is definitely NOT worth the money! I don't recommend you to buy

this one!

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Guest Gustav

I've changed my mind after a couple of more listenings.

Yes, it does get a little boring after some time; with the a little too happy

melodies and the usage of the very same instruments.

One or two tracks however, are pretty ok.

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Guest lucidd[at]kolmio[dot]org

very boring indeed... for the first time it sounded ok, but (as someone already

said) the second time was painful... too basic. but i love the blade runner -

vocals on "messenger from the sky"

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Guest sofiag79[at]hotmail[dot]com

Sorry; "not my cup off tea" But if you see this Jim, keep up the spirit and say

hello to Linda! (If you like this record I can inform y that he have released

one more before this one, but can't remember the name off it)

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Vishnu is such a great track. There is a nice short but very memorable returning melody throughout the track. I love it. The background melody and the swirling sounds makes this track very psychedelic.


The album as a whole is not that strong but this particular track must be heard by all oldschool goa lovers.

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Yeah I don't believe this to have aged so well.  Not so much the sounds, but the lack of ideas in which to take the tracks.  He seemed to find one lane and stayed on it. 

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