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Vibrasphere - Lime Structure


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Vibrasphere - Lime Structure


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Artist: Vibrasphere

Title: Lime Structure

Label: Digital Structures

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Soul Wire

02. Lemon Phase

03. Newport

04. Time Shifter

05. Manzanilla

06. Indian Summer

07. Purple Floating

08. Infusion

09. Silver Sun




Progressive trance. I could stop writing now cuz that is exactly what this is.

Compare to their first album. This hasn't got so many chilled tracks. The non

chilled are better than the non chilled on the first one imo. But I don't like

it to much. Maybe you will. I really wanna see a chillout album with these

guys. The ambient track here (Manzanilla) is truly amazing. I love their

ambient and I think they should fokus on it :-)

Final Verdict: 6/10

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You can definatly hear that these guys have experience with making ambient. The

album starts with a short ambient track, which builds up very nice to "Lemon

Phase", which is a very soft, progressive track. Track #3 is the beautiful

"Newport" from the Digital Emission compilation, and basically all tracks are

in this style. There is an exception tho: Track 5, which is a truly amazing

ambient track with a guitar ala Celtic Cross. Overall the album has a very

nice flow, and top-quality production, and if you liked Vibrasphere earlier

stuff you're definatly going to like this. 8.5/10 Best tracks: 1, 2, 3(!) 5(!)

and 8. You can btw download track 8 "Infusion" from the Digital Structures

website - thumbs up for that!

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Guest Rx7style

This is a very smooth album. It's very relaxed and well structured... almost a

bit too much, nearly crossing over into chill-out/lounge music and I'm not

sure if that's the intent at all. There's nothing very high energy here that

makes you want to sprint up a flight of 500 steps to another dimension, 8?)

But then again if that was the case all the time, I'd get quite tired too

quickly! If you want something to wind-down with that carries beats in most

tracks, you'll like this album. By playing both sides but never fully

migrating to one or the other, this will appeal to both progressive and

"ambient" lovers, denoting a 7.5/10

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Guest Aqua Mental

I haven't heard this one yet (I'm waiting for my copy to arrive from

Saikosounds), but wanted to make a remark. These guys want to combine the

energy of trance with the deepness of dub, so why compare with anyone else?

Nobody else says they want to try the same. I simply love Vibrasphere music

and the only track I've heard from this album (Newport) is very promising

indeed. Simply fantastic! Greetings to Robert and Rickard, I met you in Boom

2002... have no fear... those you understand will love your new style!

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I dont really agree with you aqua mental , There is only one song here that

could be comparated with electro dub (manzanilla) but the other one are really

progressive.Anyway dub still for me very instrumental like regga without

lyrics.So this album is really good and energic.The produvtion is much better

than the last album .Im a little bit disapointed though cuz I havent find any

track like katapult here .This album is radically not minimal

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Lime Structure. Track #1 I wouldn't call a real track; it's more like a long

intro and it suits well as that. It's just preparing you, a beat every now and

then; you can feel that something is coming. And at track #2 it does. A beat

begins, and an already a melody in the background. It's soon replaced by a

build-up though, a beat and some sounds. You can notice this very excellent

production. A few almost not hear able and incomplete melodies are heard and

at 02'42 there's a sample "This is about the ...great stuff" (I think) and a

wonderful melody begins. The beat has stopped, and it’s a long pause before it

starts again. At 03'40 it does and kind of you get an idea about this album.

For me the melody is doing everything here, and it makes me think it's a shame

there are generally so few melodies in psytrance nowadays. Track #3 is next

and it's the already famous Newport from Digital Emission. It has kind of the

same type of build-up as the previous one, a "cracked" melody in the beginning

built up, until it starts in the end, this time not until after 6 minutes. But

when it does... well, listen for yourself! Soon gone though, why…? Woah after

two such marvellous tracks, can the rest of the album keep up? Track #4 is

more proggy. Has no clear melody as the previous tracks, so I find it a bit

boring. Track #5 is Manzanilla and the chill-out track of the album. I loved

it already from the start. When I listened to it I just had to smile! :-) This

is what I call a great chill-out track! This sure makes my wonder, why doesn't

Vibrasphere make only ambient?! They have made many great ambient tracks, San

Pedro, 33000 Feet Over and The Big Sleep to mention a few. And now Manzanilla.

Vibrasphere, please make a downbeat album! Track #6 is again proggy and sounds

really 'naked' after the ethereal Manzanilla. After three minutes or so

something happens. There's a pause, and a really groovy sound enters. This is

progressive trance at its best. Track #7 Purple Floating is next, same proggy

stuff again, but this time with a little subtle melody. The longest track on

the album, and pretty good. Then we have track #8, Infusion. Begins with a lot

of percussion, and continues with that. Pretty good too, but not excellent.

Last track #9 is Silver Sun, I get the feeling that it’s there just to fill

the album. Same style as before, nothing special I would say. Well this album

started out so great, but got a bit worse after track 6. Overall a good album

with an excellent production. Favourite tracks: 2, 3, 5(!)Final grade: 6/10

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QUALITY trance , like we're used from DS .. THANK YOU MPDQX crew for this

beauty , you made me happy again :-) , it's fantastic ... I got this in the

mail a few days ago and realy ... It feels extremely good listening to this

album ... maybe they did not innovate enough (like tegma let us hear a few

months ago) but Lime Structure is more dance-friendly , they lost their

vibrating basslines but they sure focused on the tribal and emotional side of

psytrance (a bit more ticonish , positively), and that's something I really

like . This album is just ASTONISHING !!!! ultimate standouts are 3,5,6,7,8

... the concept of the graphics is very pro too . thumbs ub for Vibrasphere

rating; 9/10 psy bye

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Swedish Vibrasphere is finally out with their second album, this time on

Digital Structures Records. Vibrasphere are Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster.

Pretty cool cover art on this one. You also get a fat booklet where you can

read their musician history. Rickard started making music in 1995 as Subcouds

together with Fredrik Axelsson. In 1998 Rickard and Robert started producing

music together. Then they released their first album (Echo) on Spiral Trax

Records in 2000.


The first track is a sort of intro track. Very nice floating ambient

soundscape. Then it leads over to track 2. This is a nice progressive trance

track, very pleasant for dancing. It sounds a bit like Human Blue, Element

etc. Track 3 starts very beautiful with a floating sound, before the pleasant

progressive rhythms comes in. Very danceable at the same time as it is

relaxing. Fantastic progressive morning trance. The sound quality is amazing.

Track 4 is another progressive masterpiece. I don`t like much progressive

trance, but when it sounds like this, I get totally into it.


Vibrasphere is also famous for their great dubby chill out tracks. Track 5 is

one of those beautiful chilled tracks. Floating with deep dubby rhythms and

some nice guitar above. Track 6 sounds a bit more like some tech house in the

beginning, but it becomes really trancey afterwards. Not among my favourites

on this album. Track is a new fantastic progressive trance track for the

morning. A great track with amazing sound quality and beautiful melodies.

Track 8 follows the same high quality progressive style with some tribal drums

in between. Real nice. The last track on the album is a wonderful deep

progressive trance track. Nice finish.


This album is really nice. I missed some more chilled tracks, but I really like

the trance tracks these guys are making too. So if you already like

progressive trance, this is recommended!

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Guest TecHniC

Second release from Vibrasphere keeps their own style. The best tracks in my

opinion are 3,5,7,8. Manzanilla is really beautiful ambient track. Final

grade: 7/10.

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Vibrasphere join the Digital Structures family and brings us their second album

packed with their dubby atmospheric penetrating music, all with a very relaxed

feel to it. So much open and relaxed that after the first time I listened to

it what jumped out to my mind is that this is chillout-trance. This is an

album that you can both dive into or play in the background and enjoy just as

well. There's enough here to dance to, or you can just float in it while

you're chilling. All the familiar Vibrasphere characteristics are here. Be it

the dubby sequences and feel which are present through the album, or the great

musicality, which you can feel so well in Soul Wire, Newport, Silver Sun and

the great relaxed floating Manzanilla, which gives me back the feel of the

early trancey chillout that was made in the mid 90s. The dancefloor feel is

present in Newport, the excellent pre-dawn tune- Infusion, and the groovy and

funky Purple Floating. The hypnotic vibrasphere effect is also here,

especially in the great Time Shifter. Some of the tracks are more clubby in

feel (Lemon Phase, Silver Sun), some are very outdoor (Newport, Purple

Floating, Infusion, Time Shifter), but all are very musical.


Bottom Line: Excellent album, like lime it is refreshing, yet can sting you a

bit. Also good word to DS on the cover and the booklet inside. Favorites: 1,

3, 4, 5(!), 7, 8.

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Very nice deep clean music. This a a fine peace of progressive chill music that

everybody will like. Groovy but still rolling. The production is fat and will

pleasure many bass lovers.

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Pretty good and liquid smooth release. I liked it a lot...It soothes your brain

cells and makes you float...I like all tracks but best are : LEMON PHASE, TIME


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