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Jupiter 8000 - Jupiter 8000

Guest Stathis_gti

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Guest Stathis_gti

Jupiter 8000 - Jupiter 8000


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Artist: Jupiter 8000

Title: Jupiter 8000

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 07'15" Technon

02. 06'57" Saturn

03. 07'38" Jupiter 8000

04. 05'21" Orbit

05. 08'29" Shuffle

06. 06'36" Tahi

07. 03'45" Vocoderflash

08. 06'43" Kryptone Square

09. 05'59" Music Junk

10. 05'39" Aural Spacelift

11. 06'32" Way Out




This is very diferent from what you have heared so far. Jupider 8000

(Boris Blen) is a pure psychedelic techno.It is a very complicated and

don't expect to like it with the first listening. This album grows on

you. Track 1 is more techno than psychedelic.2 and 3 are the most

powerfull tracks. My favorite tracks are 3,6,10,11.Warning!!If you are

looking for heavy bass lines and melodies don't buy this cd. Like I said

this cd has techno feeling...8/10

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Guest dj_auryn

well, technon (the opening track) is just incredible - super-minimal, but it

still builds and teases any crowd into a frenzy (that is, if they're not

throwing bricks at you for not playing "real" psy...) rest of the LP is also

good, but doesn't really leave an emotional impression - therefore has more

potential as a dj tool than it has for home listening

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Guest rx7style

This album is EXTREMELY interesting. Never quite heard such a "TECH" sound

before [for those who have listened, you know what I mean]. Definately worth

listening to, but it's not psy-trance in my opinion, nor is it goa: in a

league of it's own I guess. It's a musical experience, and you learn from

listening to it. Cool album.

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at first i only liked a couple of tracks .Saturn,Jupiter 8000, i knew them from

comps. and the rest from the album just really annoyed me. i found it simple

and clubby. But once again it proved itself (like so many psy-albums) after a

couple of more listens. His style is quite refreshing, OK it the same during

the whole CD, but it sounds good, a bit of simple breaks on it a really good

groove and in some way psychedelic. You can hear alot of house/techno

influences on this, and for me this is the perfect home listening album just

but it in and let the energetic beats flow over you. Mind you that not engery

in the way get up and fly out of the window stuff, but just groovy at times

relaxed at times gets you move kinda beats. It's good sounds really electric

and i can recommend it to any-one that is open for a bit of housy-psy into his


Spacemonkey - 604

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Pretty good album...It is not PSY or GOA trance but psychedelic techno and very

GOOOOD ONE too...Boris Blenn has done it again, and his changing the styles I

like very much as long as they don't go into the house or IBIZA realmz....

This album is heavy, darkish, stomping at the times and very intense....It has

spacey feeling to it and all songs are going pretty well with each

other....Best on album are : SATURN, JUPITER 8000 ( best on album ), SHUFFLE,



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Artist: Jupiter 8000

Title: Jupiter 8000

Label: Liquid audio Sounds

Date: September, 1999


01. Technon
02. Saturn
03. Jupiter 8000
04. Orbit
05. Shuffle
06. Tahi
07. Vocoderflash
08. Kryptone Square
09. Music Junk
10. Aural Spacelift
11. Way Out



One of the aliases of psy-goa legend Boris Blenn, this is his debut as Jupiter 8000. And man is it different. Different like that creepy uncle your parents never left you alone with.




"No, no, no, don't worry about it. Really I don't want to bother you with watching our kids. We'll just take them with us on the skydiving trip."


"Dad why can't I stay with Uncle Fester?"


"Trust me, you're much safer plummeting from 15,000 feet than being around creepy uncle wrinkle sac."


We all know what Boris made back in the goa days and for good or bad we know what he produces today. Goa trance was well on its way out at this time and scaled back production was about to take hold. This sounds quite minimal with an almost absence of melodic layering that made goa so enjoyable. Minimalistic production can be effective when used sparingly, but when you get 7 or 8 minutes of the same phrase I wanna punch grandmas. As previously mentioned there is a heavy techno presence and I think of this album as him exploring other areas and just rolling with the times. His next album is totally different than this. Some good beats, but kinda like what I'm doing right now this was his notepad to throw some sh*t against the wall and see what stuck.


BTW, Boris was never in the Oh Yeah Yellow Project. That was Boris Blank. Did you know that Tom Cruise is also the CEO of Hoveround? Yeah, not the same guy.




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