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Banco de Gaia - Igizeh


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excellent album!!

very clever: the mixture between electronic landscape and ethnic music is very

good. not like old fashioned stuff and commercial artist with bad taste who

put some ethnic stuff just for the fun!

Obsidian is wonderful! with the exctatic voice of jennifer Folker!!

believe me this music is very good, very original, and only a real musician can

do that!

bravo toby!!10/10

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Banco de Gaia - Igizeh


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Artist: Banco de Gaia

Title: Igizeh

Label: Hyper

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 8'42" Seti 1

02. 7'06" Obsidian

03. 5'49" Creme Egg

04. 4'12" Glove Puppet (Vocal Version)

05. 9'22" Gizeh

06. 6'56" How Much Reality Can You Take

07. 6'11" B2

08. 11'47" Fake It Till You Make It

09. 6'40" Sixty Sixteen




Let me start by saying that Seti 1 fucking RULEZ!!! It

became my absolute top ambient track!!!! This must be the

most energy someone has ever put into a chill-out track!!

If you're playing a chill-out set and see that everyone's

falling to sleep, put this one and you'll see everybody

getting up and starting to nod their heads to the rythm of

the song!! Well, other than that Banco do Gaia remained

faithfull to their roots with this one: one song that has

a higher BPM level that can be described as morning trance

(Obsidian) and the rest pure ambient, some with some D&B

influeces and some a bit trip-hoppy, but all filled with

tribal and oriental influences!! again, this isn't really

the kind of album that could be described track by track,

they all form a story and the CD is best listened from

start to finish. 9/10 for this one... still the same

style, but that Seti track drives me wild!!!

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Guest 74darkstar[at]philipkdick[dot]co

Great album: I agree that Seti 1 rules. Very knowledgeable assemblence of

tracks without sounding too "intelligent" me thinks. I listen to this album

often and think that it is one of those albums I would play and/or reccomend

for people into psy trance and those who are not just because it is so cool

and listener friendly but still very psychedelic. A joy to listen to!! I dont

like to rate albums just listen to it if this sounds like your bag

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Guest --==MileS==--

If you were digging for more quality chillout after Shpongle's Tales...

extravaganza be sure to add -Igizeh- to your wish list. -Seti- is very L337,

probably one of the best tribal etnic tracks ever...Some of the other trax may

be a tad 2 radio friendly for the average psyambient nutta but Banco de Gaia

is no cheese brigade. Noteworthy is that typical extra twist in most songs

which are so commenground in psyambient and sets it clearly apart from the

Ibiza Chillout mass productions. Special mention for the best Pink Floys track

since decades: -Fake It Till You Make It-. Also recommended is the sweet

sounding paranoia of -Sixty Sixteen-. Overall a varied album with enough

highlights and psychedelica included to justify a purchase. 8/10.

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Guest DJ Supernova

i absolutly love this album! i like it better than his last one `magical

sounds of banco de gaia`. the flow is really nice and the scenery is magical.

my favorite: Obsidian. this must be checked out.

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my first contact with banco. gimme more of this!! love the voices, love the

very personal interpretations of the different styles and rythms. there's a

happy feeling over the whole album. 8.5/10

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perfect ambient trip. excellent on your stereo (not as well on headphones).

how many times this cd got me into dreams! i felt away in this rich ambient excess.

soberly or stoned this music fits! it's a concept album ...listen it from beginning to end.


you should order it directly from http://www.banco.co.uk/

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