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Pleiadians - IFO

Guest Mindbender

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Guest Jaaaaaaaay

This first album DESTROYS Family Of Light, which is very strange because the

second album (in a goa group) is most always better?! I think Pleiadians tried

to many experimental and risky things with F.O.L. and that is why this first

album is such an amazement. Many Artists take several projects to find their

niche, but Pleadians were born adults, yet they unfortunately and some how

regressed big time with their second album. Pleiadians are amazing with THIS

STYLE on THIS ALBUM, not the other screechy, hard acid shit on F.O.L! This

amazing style must be brought back in a third album. I pray they continue what

made them legendary, even if it takes years! This album is one of the most

amazing albums ever!

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Guest shpongle.dreams[at]caramail[dot]

Forget all you could have hear before that, Pleiadians is the BEST ever !!!. I

thought that nobody could do something better than Simon with Twisted, I was

totally wrong, since these fuck'in Italians. This album is so excellent, I

can't describe it with my poor words. The melodies are hypnotizing, the kicks

are so great, with so many energy in their tracks.

1) Maia : Begins with a wonderful intro, totally incredible! Then start the

melodies, powerful, especially at 5'15. A bit too repetitive later, but very

very good. 9/10

2) Taygeta : one of the best here. It starts with no intro, the kicks come

after 5 seconds !. And at 4'05, are THE melodies, fantastic, with high-pitched

pieces of acidlines, behind it. You MUST hear that, you'll become mad. 9.2/10

3) Merope : the less excellent track here. Of course, its Pleiadians, so it's

good, but there are not those melodies that kick ass. 8/10

4) Alcyone : a typical Pleiadians track, very good, great melodies, very fast

rythm, excellent especially at 5'40. the whole seem to be very "light", far

away from dark psytrance. Nothing to add here, one of the best on this album.


5) Electra : this is the heaviest track of the album, nothing to see with

Alcyone, for example. The melody at 1'30 is brilliant !!! But, as Maia, a bit

repetitive. Still very very good 8.8/10.

6) Asterope : overall it's not only the best track of the album, but THE BEST

TRACK EVER DONE, far far away from Hallucinogen, Infected, Astral... This is

11 minutes of fantastic full-on music, with no emptiness, 700 seconds that

will change your perception of music and life. This is so brilliant, with many

intelligent melodies in this track, that fit very well together. The intro

with strings, and the acid-line coming behind it, then the kicks, wonderful.

Listen at 1'10, this is so good, it makes me mad, yes, I've already said it,

but it's the truth ! I often play only the intro ten times and I realize how

well-done it is ! The first time I listened to this track, I didnt realize it

was Asterope playing, I couldn't think it was possible to hear a track like

this. And I still can't understand how those Italians managed to do this PIECE

OF ART. You HAVE to listen at the melodies that come at 3'05, 6'30 & 9'50, no

words can describe it, it's WONDERFUL ! I love too those mindblowing

acid-lines at 5'35, during one minute or so, and then, the main melody coming

behind it !! Sooo excellent and I repeat : THE BEST TRACK EVER DONE. In one

word, Asterope is P.E.R.F.E.C.T., and even more if it's possible!! 10/10

7) Celaeno : As a guy above said, I would rather have a fast and full-on track

to finish my trip after the highlight Asterope, but Celaeno is still very

good. A bit too long to my mind, but excellent near 10'00. The transition at

6'00 is mondblowing too.9.2/10.

OK, this album is my best, the best which will ever be done 10 times better

than the others album ( not only psytrance ), no one can beat the craziness of

this, except Pleiadians themselves by a third album ( since their 2nd album,

Family of Light wasn't as good ). At last, I have to say that you mustn't take

drugs listening to Asterope, you must hear it while you're clean, otherwise,

your brain won't support both the effects of the drugs and the effects of


Max & Mauro, you are THE GODS of the PSYTRANCE !!! 9.5/10

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Guest bytestorm[at]hotmail[dot]com

OMG what a fantastic album!! not ONE bad track... all the tracks are

mindblowing...11/10! simply the best... no doubt.

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one word :GREAT!!!!!

i rate it 10000000000000/10

best track is ELECTRA:)

this album is a whole trip and it s fulle of energy!


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Guest yourpast[at]earthlink[dot]net

This album is anything but boring! The tracks are very deep, yet not beyond

the human intelligence - just the right mix. If you haven't listened to it

yet, youre missing out ..

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Guest xz[at]psy-fi[dot]dk

Listenning 2 this album stoned for the first time made me feel so good,

esspecialy in Electra, the last 2 bits, that I laughed my ass off from joy and


If only it could stay like this.

A great album indeed, the best goa album ever released, no doubt about that. I

give it 10/10.

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Guest Phips.Phil[at]gmx[dot]de

It's truly the ever best goa sound I've ever heard. It's not just psychodelic

trance. It's an art - ouvre. Every song is a building of thousands of sound

components which fit together in an phantastic and artificial wonder. It's

like the sound of Mozart, Bach and Richard Wagner but a little more modern :-)

Can anybody tell me why are there no more CDs like IFO. Even the second album

of The Pleiadians (Family Of Light) does not reach IFO. Or are there any

similar sound works? Please tell me! Phips.Phil@gmx.de

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psychedelic stomper...All songs are great but special ones are : MAIA ( !!! ),

MEROPE, ALCYONE ( !! ), ELECTRA ( ! ), ASTEROPE ( ! )...One word :


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Guest LoneDeranger

Its silly for me to give my opinion on this album because it simply cannot be

described in words .. I can't even decide which track is the best .. it's

either Alcyone, or Asterope, or Electra, or Maia, depending in which mood I

am. Be careful though, this music can REALLY change the way you feel and

think; this is nothing like anything you ever heard before. It will be

hundreds of years before people could accurately describe the emotions

expressed in these tracks .. 10/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

it took me a long, long time to like this cd. listened to it hated it, listened

to it a few months later, thought it was ok, listened to it a few months

later, hated it, and so on. and then, after i started listening to etnica

(which i hated at first as well), i gave it a listen and GOT IT. as with all

the best psytrance, it is best when you "let go." get rid of your

preconceptions of what music should sound like. this is a stage in musical

evolution. to many, this would sound simple and unadvanced, yet when i truly

listen, it is some of the most complex, twisted, psychedelic music i've ever

heard. give it a try. give it 10 tries. it's worth it. 9.5/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

i must update my opinion... this cd is truly a classic. the more i listen to it

the more i like it. every song is perfection. this is definitely in my top 5,

and it has withstood the test of time. 10/10.

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I first posted a review translated with a program but that was bad so ignore the replies about the bad translation...

I edited this post with the good translated review... grtz rain


a good soul took the time to translate my review in good english for those who are interested....




Pleiadians : IFO



Posted Image


11'18" Maia

08'42" Taygeta

09'20" Merope

08'26" Alcyone

09'14" Electra

11'39" Asterope

11'46" Celaeno



Release Date : 1997


this land-mark in historie of goatrance is respected by a lot of people.. despite the fact that this album is released in 1997 and on this moment still one of the most talked albums in the old skool scene… Up till now is there in my humble opinion still nobody passed to equallise this album… This is unique, one of a kind… No other artist can be quote as reference to be clear of ‘how good this album’ is…many people put a link to the new artist filteria who has released his début album sky input in 2004


Pleiadians is a pure definition of goatrance… All what goatrance must or should contain is present here… this is a pure trip, a journey through the eternal fields of goa and a consciousness of power and pureniss of goatrance… Every song describing individual, would be a misstep because Pleiadians IFO is one whole… one big number that continuous, surprised and humble your goamindes flatterd…

IFO is melodic from the beginning untill the end… Pleiadians use a lot of diferent ranks and keeps your train of thoughts busy from the first untill the last seconds… All numbers are strong, each has his own favorites but that is than the difference between fantastic and good… waithing up a climax is not present because IFO is one big climax… This is a continuous wave of psychedelic in and out or with an extra wave…there are not much real superclimaxes, with superclimaxes a mean waves that are really strong and in comparis with there predecessors… Maybe 4 or 5 over the whole cd… This can not be different because in my humble opinion the climaxes all begins from the first second…

Via IFO has Pleiadians clearly the capacity to achieve the concept of ‘goa with a story’ …

The sounds are talking and waves humbles up and down… The choice of the goasounds is pure there style and full… Not only they have atention for the waves but they also gives the finishing touch for the little psychedelics… This is not pure kicking but a subtle transfer… Typical are the little psychedelic birds that are flying from left to right in your speakes…

The sphere through the cd is pure morning tinting… this is goatrance when the sun is shining up your head and the sweat is driping of your body owing the dancing… despite the fact that this is melodic morning trance, you never have the feeling that IFO is going to far or going over it… Subtle is there big indentifying mark… Pleiadians is balances here just over the border of excess and so they keep the need to create more continuous… This is a never ending story…

In comparison with a lot of other goa artists in the year 1997 spends Pleiadians here also a lot of atention on the bassline… The bassline taps hard and is full located in the period of 1997…

This create together a whole of pure enjoyment…

Over this album i should be able to keep on writing but Pleiadians-IFO you just must have heard to understand what i’m writing…

An absolute must for goatrance lovers and even for people who listens to other styles i should say that you must listen once to this album…

Characteristic on a lot of goatrance en certain Pleiadians – IFO is that it must grow… The first time i’ve listen to this album i didn’t think it was so special, but after a few times you will discover the unique, the power and genius things of the album and you will never let it go…





review written by rain

translated by purple sun (thank you :) )



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If you get to actually translating a dutch review using google or whatever, how about you give it a minor proofreading before posting it?


This review is useless... or at best, not worth the investment of time. :/

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If you get to actually translating a dutch review using google or whatever, how about you give it a minor proofreading before posting it?


This review is useless... or at best, not worth the investment of time.  :/


yés I know I'm working on it give me some time thank you :)


link !

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So intricate, detailed, imaginative, melodic, intense, wild, elegant, fluid, seamless, surreal, visionary, and beautiful.


That's my review! What did you really expect? There is basically nothing left to say that hasn't already been said, including the fact that they don't make music anymore that is 1% anywhere near this level.. Jannis/Filteria is the only artist who has tapped into it.

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It's never too late to hear timeless music for the first time...


You know I actually thought about that when I submitted that post, it sounded cool at the time, no a rather unconscious thing to say. :D


If you take a look at the old goatrance review section for I.F.O... that was the song that made me, okay, INSPIRED ME to drive 130mph in my fathers mercedes.

I went crazy in that review, talking about how stunned I was by that track. Also, when reading that review from 2001, I see I gave I.F.O. a 9/10, ...because at the time I felt the last track was pretty good but nothing great. Wow, I was critical.

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