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Guest Psygroove

Element - Full Moon

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Guest Psygroove   
Guest Psygroove

Element - Full Moon


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Artist: Element

Title: Full Moon

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Full moon

02. Dakota

03. Rise

04. Magic Flow

05. Rocket exciter

06. Just Dream

07. Turn To Me

08. Outside World

09. Can You Feel Me




The new Element album comes late. But the waiting was more then worth it I

think. Every track sounds different, but in every track you recognize

Element's own style. Track 4 and 7 are the first "psy" traxx with vocals that

I actually like, better said LOVE !!! Track 1 is a phat track to start into

the night. Track 6 has such nice spheric sounds and such a beautiful melody

that the hair on my arms stands in line :-] In my view this album is

recommended for everybody who likes it with a lot of melody, great production

and the spirit within... In my opinion there is no weak track in this one.

Beautiful peace of art which will rock the dancefloors all over the world but

which might also be liked by you loving mother.... 12/10 (but be aware that I

have been an Element fanatic since the beginning of all times :-])

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Guest Evan   
Guest Evan

High quality release from Element. Thing which differs that album from other

psytrance productions are very good vocals included on some tracks. Not the

stupid voice samples but real vocals. It fits in the tracks very well in my

opinion. It's very uplifting album full of morning sounds, beautiful in its

own way. Bright and optimistic music for sure. One of my favourites cds of

2002. Verdict: 9/10.

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lespagnol    0

killer album in my opinion ,perhaps too many lyrics in some songs but thats

part of the german trance movement Remember tarsis Melt with those cheesy

lyrics in the first song.Anyway that s doesn t disturb me that much .The first

album was excellent , the second is ....excellent.That s not really stomping

nor slow , its a mix between house and trance hummmm verdict 9,5/10

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Element represents for me the best thing that happened to Trance during the

last 3 Years.


So, may be i won?t be very objective in my reaction coz Element is still my

actual favorite trance band since i dicovered them.



Some information about the tracks, Dakota was co-arranged with Tobias & Daniel

Sun, Just Dream was co-written with Samija Korac (?) and Magic Flow get some

additionnal arrangement from Sebastan Krüger.


At first, i was a bit frightened by the presence of a singer,but Dirk Draeger

succeeds in putting his voice not to loud, not to discret or omnipresent ; it

results that he incopores his singing part as an instrument melting with the

others ingredients of Element?s success.



Full Moon is for me one, of these albums that can listen to again and again all

night & day long whitout any restriction.


The artwork on the cover cd is also very nice and in phase with Element?s

music, a kinda representation of something ephemeral wich lasts.


Full Moon is the perfect trip throught morning Trance, muffled,subtle sounds,

melodies & harmonies to make people travelling without moving.


Highlight : The Whole Album


Mark :9,5/10

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ironmonkey    0

As much as I wanted to I did not like this album.


I love chill, ambient, dub, full-on, techtrance, minimal, etc. but, this is

none of the above. Its somewhere between clubby lounge and psy and its not a

good place.


And the vocals. Oh my, the vocals. I am not a big fan of vocals in my

electronic music but, sometimes it works. However, the lilting vocals on many

of the tracks here (1,4,5,7 especially) are just too distracting and detract

from already sketchy sounds.


I really enjoyed Element's Transform album and was hoping for more of the same

from this one but, alas, it is not. If anyone wants it cheap, let me know. I

have one for sale.

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Guest Vbrunner   
Guest Vbrunner

Absolutely wonderful. I'll never get tired of hearing this. Without doubt one

of the best releases of 2002. Dreamy, progressive yet very melodic, perfect

morning music. The vocals are surprisingly not disturbing at all, they simply

blend in with the music. One of my all-time favorite albums. A must have for

everyone. Full score!

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seraph    14

I was pretty disaapointed with this album..I found their first album much

better...THis is way too monotonic and progression don't exist besides the

progressive sounds...Vocals are just awful and completely don't go with the

songs...This album is way too monotonous..Only good track on the album was


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First of all, I gotta say that Element hit me hard when they released Transform

(and if the bastard that borrowed it to listen and still haven?t returned it

is reading this- you better return it or when I remember who you are, you?ll

be sorry!). So even that my policy is that I write only about what I like, I

really tike Element so this review, while not positive, comes from a positive


This is nothing like Transform. Some very good musical moments (though not

comparing to Transform), but very very bad lyrical moments. 3 songs have

lyrics, done very well production-wise, but the lyrics, ppl... Anyone remember

Modern Talking? That's what it is- Modern Talking. What on earth these guys

where thinking? Spirit Zone? Did you listen to the lyrics? Wakey Wakey!

Anybody in there?

Here are some quotes:

"baby baby one more day

let me wash your tears away

you take my heart you burn my soul

you blow my mind and I lose control


And everybody together now:

"I wanna feel your magic flow, yeah yeah yeah..."


or the real strong one:

"baby baby one more thing

I'm gonna buy you a diamond ring

and if the diamond ring won't shine

we're gonna do it one more time, yeh"


And it goes on. Funny stuff. But also a bit sad for element. Is this what you

have to convey to us??? Is that your vision of the full moon experience? I

hope that?s not the case- I still have Transform in my head, and I can still

feel it here in some excellent powerful musical moments like Rocket Exciter.


Bottom line: That?s just not it. Some deep musical moments and very shallow

embarrassing lyrical moments. Great production, of course. Element- please

come back!!! Favorites: 1, 3, 5(!), 6.

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Lemmiwinks    35

definately NOT one of the best 02 releases... I guess the style could be

described as morning trance which turns a bit too commercial for my tastes

most of the times (I'm mainly talking about the lyrics and the cheesy

house-like sounds). 2 tracks stand above the rest IMO: Outside World and

Rocket Exciter which are pretty good. I guess if anything, this album makes

good background music when you feel like puting on psy, but still want to

focus more on what you're doing than on the music itself (talking to some

friends, surfing the net, working, chilling on the beach on a sunny day...)

but it's not one of those intense albums that put you into trance to the point

of forgetting everything that's around you... so 5/10 from me... listenable

and even enjoyable at times, but quite forgettable... SMI²LE

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