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V/A - Electronic High 2

Guest Xymaths

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Excellent cd; highlights for me are the tristan track, which really gets the

dancefloor rocking, the alien project & gms (is it just me or are all gms

collaborations much better than their "solo" work ?"), logic bomb and the

antidote; the rest is good too, except etnica, which is by far the weakest

link ;o) 8/10

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This CD has some full on music...

The GMS Vs Alien Project just kills.. it has a same sample as PsySex track

"Buckle Up Back There, We're going into HyperActive" Nice to hear some KoxBox

as well,

and The logic bomb is in thier typical style which they do very well.. This cd

is really worth it...

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Guest Xymaths

V/A - Electronic High 2


Artist: Various

Title: Electronic High 2

Label: Solstice

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 08'04" Koxbox : 2 Dots

02. 06'25" Synthetic : Fuji Colours

03. 08'06" Tristan : Dark City

04. 08'01" Etnica : The Object

05. 08'54" Logic Bomb : Drop Out

06. 06'24" GMS And Alien Project : Active

07. 07'16" Bio Tonic : Magic Interface

08. 08'29" The Antidote : Usual suspects

09. 12'08" Shpongle : DMT (Live Mix)




Solstice are getting a good reputation for releasing top notch trance cds and

this is just a follow on from the rest. We have all the usual heroes offering

us something for the morning aswell as peak nightime tunes. Koxbox take us on

an unknown trip with 2 dots-(nice production!!) and then a mixture of darker

tunes, Synthetic-typical Dado style and Tristan who makes about as dark as we

can get. I'd give the same rating to Etnica-the object as I would Nitrox-not

much, very percussion in style however the fun starts with Logic Bomb-Drop

out-WHAT A KILLER!!and then GMS and Alien project-good full on sounds .

Biotonic give us something a bit more full on than their Cd-same stykle as

Ghostshow-lots going on! and then Antidote-nice should have been on

Antidotcom-good morning tune and of course the seminal Sphongle gives us

another version of a great track.-rating 8.5/10-worth it alone just for the

Logic Bomb track

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Guest [Anonymous]

First four tracks all killers. Logic Bomb sounds great but I'm really

disappointed - it's 150 BPM! Who plays at 150 BPM anymore? It's too fast.

Next three are great, but the last one feels a bit cheap. That's, what, the

seventh remix of DMT now? Anyway, this is a compilation everyone should have.

Exceptional quality, 9 / 10, and let's hope Logic Bomb don't release any more

stupidly fast tracks.

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last one feels a little bit weak..

Well Mr. Anonymous you definetly don't have knowledge on what great music is


Go screw your BPMs.. and leave the real music for people who understand it..

I mean this remix OMG it's a pearl, the best shpongle song this far..

Simon & Raja.. good luck

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o .............. my ............god


this comp is such a perfect stuff


kox box remix is sooooooooo good

synthetic is a real synthetic yessss!

the logic bomb is just a perfect track



the biotonic is great as always

the antidote is realy rulez


and the gms is a perfect part of the trance history !!!



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Guest oanrths[at]mail[dot]pt

My opinion its great i love the Logic Bomb : Drop Out it's a very gay music, i

would give a 2/10 its a very good cd. YUMADE ITS BETTER



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