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Lish - Dejavoodoo

Guest lordganesha[at]goatrance[dot]com

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Guest Acidhive

I agree, really good album here from Lish. There's nothing wrong with it,

though I wouldn't go as far as to give this an 9,5/10 ... I'd give it 8,5/10.

Big reccomendation if you like Noma, Source Unknown and that sort of thing...

the kind of darker psytrance, but still with a little Israeli flavour.. Oh

yeah, and thumbs up to these guys for not sampling that damn Matrix movie like

almost every other Israeli artist seems to do..!

No standout tracks here... they're all in the same mould and that's... very

good!! :-)

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Guest lordganesha[at]goatrance[dot]com

Lish - Dejavoodoo


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Artist: Lish

Title: Dejavoodoo

Label: USTA

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 07'54" Dejavoodoo

02. 09'09" Hollywood Superstar

03. 08'31" Kakvo Iskach

04. 08'58" Elastica

05. 08'11" The Aftermath

06. 07'55" Insane Cycle

07. 08'24" Dead Yet ?

08. 09'40" Under Mixed Sky

09. 07'14" Bring The Pain




Woooow.....prepare to blow ur brain high up!!!! This is one of the best

releases during the last month´s. These guys give u a trip to

atmosphere...take a flight...stop...landing...mystical...beat up and

stomping....Jiiiiihaaaaaa :) The first song from this cd i heard on a party

some weeks ago....and ppl went crazy!! It´s dark, mystical, psychadelic!!! I

don´t review the single songs, in because u can´t describe a experience with

simple words, and IMO, this is a experience!! 9 Powerfull tracks, i think,

this is a must have!!!! 9,5/10

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Guest Chaitu/Purple Passion

Amazing CD - Psychedelic, Progressive, melodic - its all there in this CD, and

i cannot forget - GROOVY to the Bone!!

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Guest HIKARI(awaken/alphazone)


quality should be better though. Its bad mastering by USTA.


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Guest [Anonymous]

yeah man I know it s bad to download mp3 but I can find this kind of stuff

nowhere else.The sound of psytrance has allways been too underground and only

internet can give me what I need ,my drug :dark trance music.I find this album

good but not amazing.The tempo is the same than this one of ticon.It s a

little bit boring after 30min and it becomes difficult to make a difference

between each song.

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Guest jigga

very groovy progressive stuff .. not too bland and clinical like some

minimal/progressive stuff out there .. its got some real soul to it . trust

the israeli's to make progessive stuff that you can still go totally wild

too, just like their full on stuff. maybe its the water over there, who knows?

up there with beats bizarre and reefer decree. 8.7/10

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Guest Robin

Yea...listen to this. it's some good stuff. really good. and yea..don't look at

the cover if you're into some stuff. just don't look at it.

my cup of tea though.

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Guest pekindux

Yes, a very nice release indeed with some very groovy sounds. The only drawback

is that the production / quality is very bad. IMO this make such a good

release a HUGE waste. Really wish the quality was better, i would of enjoyed

it 10x more. Damn!!

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Guest 3rd stone

Please listen to this cd in a great stereo with a great

cdplayer, or vinyl or whatever you use. As long as the sound turns out the way

it's recorded. And it's not bad quality. Just hear the dynamics on the track

"Hollywood Supterstar". The sample in that song kicks as, and then comes that

thunderous bass just trying to get you psyched. That track made the album..

whatever..the whole album is not very good. perhaps their next album is better.

but don't start complaining about the quality of the sound. pretty stupid.

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Guest Smarthowie

I thought this album was hard, so I bought it... But I was really dissapointed,

ALL tracks sounds the same, with the same basslines and the same sounds... I`m

sure many out here like it, enjoy :) But I will look somewhere else...!

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