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Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy

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Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy


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Artist: Astral Projection

Title: Dancing Galaxy

Label: Transient

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'18" Dancing Galaxy

02. 08'12" Soundform

03. 09'44" Flying Into A Star

04. 08'25" No-One Ever Dreams

05. 10'18" Cosmic Ascencion

06. 09'09" Life On Mars

07. 11'01" Liquid Sun

08. 13'44" Ambient Galaxy




VERY GOOD album !In my opinion it's THE BEST Astral Projection album ... Tracks

5 and 8 are AWESOME, and Tracks 1 and 7 are very good ... the other tracks are

"only" good (none is shit) ;-)

You'll recognize the typical sounds of Astral Projection and Israeli

psychedelic trance in this album ...

The albums ends with a more ambient track (Ambient Galaxy, very good even if it

often sounds like Track 1 : Dancing Galaxy), like in all Astral Projection's

albums ...


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Guest Tequila

The problem with AP is that it is often the same..

But the advantage is that AP is a good group so being the same is no more a


it sounds like all the other albums...good israeli trance, but nothing

particular in Dancing Galaxy. I like soundform very much.

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Guest PsychedelicGav

I was a little disappointed with this album. It lacks any real depth and any

real songs which stick in your mind. I bought this on the week of its release

and this, for me, signalled a turning point of Astral Projection. Sure, it?s

okay - but just okay. Too much sounds the same, not enough diversity. This

is Astral Projection going through the motions for me, nothing here even comes

remotely closer to their earlier and better work. Oh for something memorable

as a Kabalah or People Can Fly. Sorry A P - you can do better than this!!!

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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

This album is where it all starts to fall apart. Astral Projection found a

formula which brought them much success, but locked themselves into it so

tightly, at this point it's hard to believe they are actually capable of

producing much more. Same kick, same synthesizer sounds, same melodies, same

arrangement, over and over and over again. At the moment, one can safely

consider "Dancing Galaxy" to be Astral Projection's swan song. "Another

World" and the "God is a DJ" remix only prove this point.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

The best album released by Astral Projection in my opinion. Starts of with

"Dancing Galaxy" (their absolutely best track ever made). I love that melodie

that enters at 2:04. "Soundform" is also good with cool melodies. "Flying into

a Star"... ARGH. A very full on track with psychedelic melodies, great spacey

sounds and rythm. Well.. The next track called "No one Ever Dreams" keeps the

CD in its full on mode with some heavy bassdrums and nice snares. "Cosmic

Ascention" has one of the best melodies on the album that makes me go crazy

while dancing! "Life on Mars" is like all the other tracks just perfect. Just

listen to that "Alien" sound entering at 6 minutes!!!! It makes my hair stand

up and my skin gets tight!! ahhh .Love the bassline here too!! ;) "Liquid

Sun".. just great track! Fits so good with the name I think =) The slower

version of Dancing Galaxy is also very very good. Great melodie at 5 minutes.

get it 10/10

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Guest AtomikElf

This album KICKS "another world"'s ASS!!! another world can't hold a match to

this album. but it does get tiring after a while, but it is still a really

really good album. i had sooo much fun listening to it, and every so often i

put this on to get me psyched again!! 8/10 - oh yeah, if anyone has jammed a

playstation game called "wipeout xl" - u have to play it listening to this

album - the sight And sound gels into mind!! what a fast-paced hhhhhhectic

journey. i highly recommend it.

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Guest chaffi[at]caramail[dot]com

Liquid sun is the best AP track ever , and a reference to goa , very


and mindblowing . I would say that the song is divided into 4 parts , at the


of each ones it just all break and they re-add progressively all the


with some changes in the melodies to bring you to the highest state of

consciousness . This track is a whole journey into trance experience! I'm not

kindding , this track is a VERY good example of goa , cause most of the time

people forget the definition of goa , cause what's being produced these days

can't be really called goa , it's just different . So take a listen to this one

and you will see , Take your ticket for the ultimate trance experience!

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Guest AlexG

great cd! the best of ap ("another world" is 2nd best). there is a lot of talk

going on about how ap is not evolving, and i think thats crap: when you've got

a sound as beautiful and polished as ap you dont need to take it any further!

but, of course, with the new "in the mix" cd ap has degraded from their

previous sound and made some bullshit, but that doesnt make their older stuff

any worse! this album was their peak, closely followed by "another world".

just listen to the album: it's the closest thing to the feeling of real trance

there is! sometimes the new experimental projects, while breaking many new

grounds, forget the main thing trance is about: harmony! and this album is

full of harmony: the sounds interact with each other constantly, ballance each

other out, and create a perfectly beautiful atmosphere. every sound has a

purpose, and if you really listen deeply, there are so many messages to be

uncovered! "liquid sun" is ap's absolute masterpiece: so powerful and

beautiful, it's astonishing! "nilaya" is their only track that can rival up to

it. hopefully you can appreciate this album for all its beauty, because when

you do, it will blow your mind. get stoned if you need to, sit back, and fly

away: this is your ticket!

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Guest Dead74

I think this is the second best album from AP next to "Trust in Trance," but

that's not to take anything away from this album. "Dancing Galaxy" is such a

beautiful track, and the sample they insert from the movie "Dune" is just so

sick! "Flying into a star" is a full on stormer in the sense of AP. "Liquid

Sun" is another epic track, and it's one of their best tracks. This was one

of the introductory trance albums, and it certainly served its purpose. 8.5/10

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My only Astral Projection album apart from many of their other tracks

I have on compilations. And I'm proud to own at least one of the full

albums because it's a complete wonderful journey through the astral

plains, absolutely satisfying. It also includes some of the best tunes

they ever did, I mean especially Dancing Galaxy, Flying into a Star,

not the typical Astral track, very psychedelic for Astral, STORMER!

BRILLIANT! YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAH!,...erm...,and Liquid Sun with its

divine melodies, GODFUL!!! Don't want to start that stupid AP

discussion again, but their music was good 6 years ago, has been good

until now and hopefully it will stay that good. Period. They

are the masters of morning trance and my recommendation is to get at

least one AP album, at best this one. If there was Nilaya on it, the

best Astral track ever, it would be 10/10, but like it is: 9.75/10

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Guest Swede Indeed

A piece of great work. AP turns into a fater and darker sound than TIT 3(Wich

stil is the best) but this isn't bad either. The best track is Flying into a

Star and second best is No-one ever Dreams (the melody at 2:33 is so damn

goooood). The others are (of course) very fat and dreamy too. I'd say 9,7/10

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Trust in trance was great for its time, and The Astral Files was a good remix album with some new tracks. Dancing Galaxy is where AP climaxed with few exceptions (Searching For UFO's on their third Another World album). Dancing Galaxy is, their most engaging, "put you in another world," album, in my opinion.


This is a fantastic album; it's ambitious, exciting, and one of the strongest Goatrance albums.



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Guest peaceful warrior

This album is a masterpiece. Brilliant and mindblowing. Every

song is exceptionally good, just like on other Astral Projection cds. I can't

really say I like it more than Trust in Trance III because I absolutely love

that album as well. I can say that this album is definitely different in some

ways and of course the same in many ways (which is good). For one thing this

album is a little bit darker than the last one, while still being powerfull

and uplifting. The sound is even fatter and better produced than the last

one. It sounds exceptional. In this album there are more random spacey,

psychedelic sounds which make it a bit of an evolution from the last one

(Listen to Flying into a Star for an example). The rythms aren't where Astral

Projection focus their creativity, they aren't extremely varied but they work

very well to power the music along. Then of course there are those magical

Astral melodies which are the focus of their music. I love their melodies. The

first song Dancing Galaxy is just so beautiful, I get this very strong feeling

every time I listen to it. I love that sample from Dune. Perfect. Eventhough

all the songs are exceptionally good I would have to admit that this one is

just a little bit special to me. All the songs are amazing so it is really

hard to say which ones are the best. Lets just say that they are all wonderful

pieces of music that work well with each other to create a masterful whole

work of art. All in all, more of the stuff we love and also some new elements

thrown in. So have Astral Projection evolved? Yes. Have they completely

redesigned themselves? No. But I don't think most of us wanted that anyway.

If something isn't broke, don't fix it. With this album you really do feel

like you are dancing with a whole galaxy of beings. Priceless. I recomend

everybody have it in their collection. 10/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

God...unbelievable work by Astral Projection!!!

Only eight tracks,but every track is awesome...

Dancing Galaxy is extremely uplifting and beautiful,and tha sample,taken from

the "Dune" movie is just incredible addition to the song,it just shows you

what kind of experience will you have with that album :)

After that comes Soundform - a brilliant track,just listening to it fills me

with a possitive energy.

Flying into a star is a fantastic song.Just listen to it and you'll feel like

flying into a star ;)

No-one ever dreams - fantastic song.the beginning is glowing and after that an

ultimate sound will bring you in different world.

Cosmic Ascention is more melodic song and is a perfect stuff just like the

others os AP :)

Life on Mars - well that song is more different of the other seven in that

album,but it is still great one.Probably not the best AP song,but I really

enjoy it and it's place is definitely here.

Than comes Liquid Sun...that is something undescribeable!The words are

insufficient to show the brilliance of that song.It's just a work of Gods,not


And for the final - Ambient Galaxy - the ambient version of dancing galaxy is

really good stuff.It's the perfect finish for that delightful album.

Dancing Galaxy is a MUST HAVE album for every true goa maniac and it's also

good if you touch this music for first time.This album is still unsurpassable

to this moment and maybe in the years ahead.

Finally 10/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

classic cd. nice melodies and multiple psychedelic layers, perfect for those

long nights. if you like the astral projection style, this is among the best.

although i do not think it is perfect, and i find the ambient song rather

boring, it still gets a solid 9/10 from me.

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  • 3 years later...

Dancing Galaxy: Magical track, very light and melancholic, but so well composed that it's no where near the border to cheese. One of the best goa songs ever.


Soundform: The other side of the coin... This is more sinister and evil, but still not very dark. A mad track with a classic melody.


Flying Into a Star: This song is more slowly progressing, the melodies are not very well pronounced and i think it's intented to be more of an "atmospheric" track. It's OK, but not a masterpiece


No One Ever Dreams: This is atmospheric like "Flying Into a Star", but with the crazy goa insanity of "Soundform"! Very good track!


Cosmic Ascension: This track always fails to grab my attention, no matter how many times i play it.


Life On Mars: Competent but not mindblowing.


Liquid Sun: The name describes the track perfectly; this is like a melting pot of pleasant emotions wrapped in a layer of perfectly arranged goa.


Ambient Galaxy: Dancing Galaxy in a slower fashion. This might as well have been left out, as it adds nothing. They should have created a totally new ambient track for the end instead of remixing an already perfect dance track, in my opinion.


Best tracks: 1,2,4,7


Final Verdict: 9/10

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I think this is my favourite Astral Projection album. It can sound a little dated but I still love it. So many of the tracks remind me of partying in Israel under the stars, of ecstacy and happy, hazy days, ahhh... :)

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Easily my favourite album of all time. I still get this out probably once or twice a month. Flying Into A Star was always the standout track for me.


Utterly brilliant. Would love to hear someone play some of these tracks out sometime as i never got to experience these times in the outdoors.

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One of four essential releases by the Astral boys (besides Trust In Trance, Astral Files, and Another World).


Well, if you ask me these guys were pretty much walking on water back in the midnineties and this album another notch in their belt of classic psytrance releases. My favourite here could be opening track Dancing Galaxy, but then that might just be because I know what I am in for the following some 70 minutes after this.


DG is still widely available and I urge any psytrance fan to get it. This could easily be the easiest & cheapest value-for-money psytrance purchase you will ever make.


No home should be without it.

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Although it's the most cliche AP album (except Flying Into A Star) it's real classic!

Fav tracks: Cosmic Ascencion, Soundform and No One Ever Dreams. The rest are awesome too, not big fan of Ambient Galaxy though.


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This has got to be the most debated Astral Projection album. By some it's considered the quintissential goa/psy trance release, while by others regarded as the album where the israeli golden boys started to lose their touch with reality and decided to head for superstardom. What is unquestionable, however, is that this is by far their most famous output, conceived in a manner almost impossible not to be liked. "Dancing galaxy" has it all: epic leads, joyful melodies throughout, banging' kicks, shining production, undeniable charm and likeability, and last but not least, enormous cross over potential. I mean, everything that made them popular was multiplied by a thousand here, thus making it the most sold album in the history of the genre.


My personal feelings towards this album are somewhere in between calling it a masterpiece and dispatching it as a blatant sell out attempt. While I adored tracks like the opener Dancing Galaxy, Life On Mars and Flying Into A Star ever since first popping this into my stereo, the rest took me years to appreciate! And I'm still not that crazy about the remaining tracks. In my opinion, they lack edge and challenging moments when compared to their previous material. In addition to that, I find tracks like No One Ever Dreams, Liquid Sun and Soundform too formulaic, and well, shallow. Yes, despite their warm, euphoric and larger-than-life melodies, I cannot but feel these tracks were made to be hits, if you follow me. I can play any one of those tracks to any one of my techno/house/drum 'n' bass infatuated friends any given day of the week, and they'll be jumping all over my bedroom walls. If this genre was ever predestined to spit out a hit album, this was it. The Billboard #1 release on the eternal charts of goa trance...


To conclude, this is an album not to be missed- Astral Projection fans already own at least two copies, and trust me, other music fans are not far behind. Whether you love 'em or bash 'em to death, this one deserves at least a dozen proper spins. As much as I was never crazy about this alleged magnum opus of theirs, its magnitude and importance is not to be missed or ignored.

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Posted Image


01. 09'18" Dancing Galaxy

02. 08'12" Soundform

03. 09'44" Flying Into A Star

04. 08'25" No-One Ever Dreams

05. 10'18" Cosmic Ascencion

06. 09'09" Life On Mars

07. 11'01" Liquid Sun

08. 13'44" Ambient Galaxy



Dancing Galaxy has been my favorite album by Astral Projection since I heard it back in 1998. If I had to pick a song to represent the group however, it would be Kabalah from their first album, Trust In Trance. The most interesting perspective I have read on this album is Rino's above. He seems to touch on the bigger picture (unconditional love, peace), higher purpose, and expanding consciousness. There were times I felt similar feelings to a degree and didn't know how to express them. Over the years I've felt that Dancing Galaxy is freeing; this is the blockbuster "peek" of Astral Projection's career. It's also a show, an event that you experience. Across the Universe and the astral realms is the concept and theme for the story driven tracks. The ride is geared for the conscious mind and also appears to be rather friendly to the sub or unconscious mind as well. This is also a great dance album, and to drive to, in my opinion. It seems receptive for trance induced states too, however the most friendly emphasis is on the element of dancing, or various listening. Moving on. :)


One can look at this album from several angles. For instance, where does it stand next to other Full On Goa album? How original is it? How does Dancing Galaxy compare to the sleeper hit debut? Well his group's style is not as groundbreaking as their first album, but they not only innovate, but push the old school "full on" imagination bar in goatrance which is well, groundbreaking. Dancing Galaxy is the album I'd want to show off to my friends if I had to pick an AP album. I've gotten the impression over the years that the group's goal was to make a super Psy/Goatrance album for dancing, and to remain #1. They succeeded, as far as Full On Goa went. And as we know, old school Full On and New School Full On are two different things. I miss when labels let artists make the album the way they envisioned it.



01. Dancing Galaxy has a wonderful sound via the theme opening. The female voice from David Lynch's DUNE are unforgettable and greatly the track with character and tone. Various melodies and direction throughout the song is great. However the artists' seem to be staying close to the ground here. In other words, the track is often risk-free, as if intended to appeal specifically for dance floors or for dancing. There is an interesting transition in the middle, without the beat but it is short lived. Overall this is a great dance song with elements that make it feel classic by today's standards. The actual musical work is not spectacular however. B+


02. Soundform is darker, more aggressive than the previous number. It's more complex, involving, and energetic than the previous number, especially as it progresses. The song seems to stretch the parameters of its initial structure and by the end, appear a grown and developed version of itself. Overall this is an excellent dance friendly Goa song. I can still see Earth from this distance however. A-


03. Flying Into A Star is the first song to really detach my focus from the ground and take off to the stars. The number is aggressive, atmospheric, and strong throughout. But it lacks melodies. I have often felt the sense that I am traveling deep into the cosmic, dark unknown of outer space while listening to this. It really pushes the listener into the astral realms either visually and/or subconsciously. The male sample bits are effective and well placed in the song. This is one of Astral Projection's best songs, albeit one that lacks memorable melodies. It's emphasis on atmosphere makes it intriging and stand out. It's dance friendly too. It does not seem made to appeal to clubs like the previous song. This group gets to exercise their mind for new ideas and flex their muscles with a new level of strength in this number. I do not find it to be the masterpiece some proclaim it to be though. A-


04. No-One Ever Dreams is another fierce, atmospheric rocket. It follows up the previous number well. Actually, this may be similar to the previous song if it was melody driven. The Goa melodies become more complex, psychedelic, and infectious as the song progresses. They're superb. This is an exciting, less empty and stunningly rich and delectable Goa rocket. A


05. Cosmic Ascencion I'll have to hear in a trance sometime to see if the continuous voice of DJ Jorg affects it. I have often found this track hard to "get into" around the male hymns often taking place thoughout the first half. The melody/sound work is really great though. B+


06. Life On Mars lacks a stand out Goa lead and for that reason I have never attained a huge liking to this rather strong track. It's involving with a interesting sound textures, and crunchy, aggressive melodic elements as Flying Into A Star was. However I find this less empty in the end, and less infectious than Flying Into A Star. The latter (Track 4) may have capitalized on one direction but that one direction was excellent. This feels less infectious and arresting to my ears. It's still a great track. B+


07. Liquid Sun is beautiful. The opening and character driven melodies are heavenly, ascending. This is one of the best sunrise songs I have ever listened to. Over the years it has only sounded more beautiful to my mind and ears. It is also a different approach by AP and arguably the most passionate (potentially spiritual) and novel song on the album. Think about it. No song on here is close to this one. Did we hit a celestial area in space or what? Goasia in 2007 made a song that is wonderful and in the same general "feel good" group as this one, as far as beautiful, sunrise Goa songs go. A


08. Ambient Galaxy is an epic Goa/Ambient Trance closing. Even if it is essentially the opening track slowed down, with some alterations and tweaks, this is one of the most solid Goa/Ambient-Trance songs out there. It's a strong and memorable conclusion to a super album. Just when you think it ends, the music continues and sounds even more friendly like an encore. I feel like I'm watching the ending of a great broadway play in the Goa/Space concept and the performers are all bowing, symbolic to the tracks seemingly intent to end the album in glory. A-



In Conclusion, some people will always feel that Astral Projection exploited their style by cutting an album with several songs more formulaic [made and/or intended for dance floors] over others. In a sense they're right or at least many listeners have that into their observation. But I don't see anything wrong with building upon an awesome, groundbreaking formula that is fun and danceable, and loved by potentially a million+ people. It isn't like this group decided to shy away from fresh, innovative gems such as Flying Into A Star, Ambient Galaxy, and few others. On another aspect, it is a beautiful, sunrise track like Liquid Sun that shows me the unconditional, passionate Astral Projection I fell in love with after hearing Kabalah. Naturally, the group sticks to the concept of the album for the most part, with Liquid Sun being both the underdog and the odd one out that, in my opinion, is easily one of the top, most beautiful songs this group has ever produced. I've read over the years that this is the best selling Goa album to date. As far as originality, the sequel builds upon the debut in virtually every way but the conditional soul. Dancing Galaxy may not be groundbreaking but the style is modernized with various elements of innovation througout. AP's elaborate style is even more elaborate, complex, and dance friendly than ever before. The concept of interesting track introductions is not discarded either, a big plus. This feels like a bigger, more expensive, polished and impressive follow up to the debut. AP's style and spirit remains but the latter seems altered to a degree, regardless that the package is more shiny overall. Dancing Galaxy is one of their magical old schol Goa albums. However the debut felt less conditional, and that's what I mean when I say their spirit seems altered to a degree. Granted the debut had little room for initial expectation of sudden success or massive exposure. People need to first hear a new style or debut in order to decide whether or not they like it. When artists' try to appeal, that is often when the artist sells out some of his or her passion, creativity, heart, and/or soul in order to compensate for expectations of the clubs, DJ's and fans. Such conpensations create conditions regardless of how many copies the album sells. AP's 1996 debut felt more from the soul. Whereas this sequel is a technical achievement and a selling success over the debut. I think the best way to look at this album is for what it is, a Full On Psy/Goa Trance album. The group simply had the brains, the budget, and the motivation to pull it off. I see nothing wrong with cutting an album loaded with great, excellent, and superb tracks back-to-back. It's actually pretty amazing and the reason I why think this is such a classic. But I cannot help but feel that the group compromised some of their heart and spirit for stardom and "to be accepted, loved, and embraced." Don't we all want to be accepted and loved somewhere inside? But does that "wanting" mean I'd make my work generally more appealing to those who praised my debut? I suppose in addition to myself, if other people loved my style (trying to place myself in AP's shoes) I'd consider developing what people generally seemed to love if I was truly passionate enough, and had a vision I felt was worth sharing. Regardless of the intentions here, Astral Projection took many of their most fun elements and capitalized on them here. The result is what many consider the best Full On Goa album to date. Whereas some artists' cut an album just to appeal, this group doesn't go through the motions like a lush. They're passionate, ambitious, and visionary, if even to produce something that would connect with a broader crowd.


Favorite Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9.



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Nice review Jon, I was reading at same time as I was listening on my old CD. This one never gets old it just shines as if produced last year.. or next year.. it's simply timeless!

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