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Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare


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Guest shpongle4[at]hotmail[dot]com

I'm angry with myself that i bought this cd havin' bought around 150 psys

b4..I'm proud with myself that my ears and my last not fried braincells can

accept those vibes like being part of an APOCALYPTIC RITUAL...that shit is a

RED ZONE cd..love trippin' + walkin' close the edges..


Neptune,I bought it last week from a place with second hand cds somewhere in

north london..PRICE = 1 POUND!!..I asked the shop-owner to play a couple of

trax..the whole place became a TORRENT OF INSANITY,with everyone in there

dancing in this RITUAL of dark+aggresive tunes..i'm sure he is now reviewing

some of his prices..


trust in trance + love 2 dance :)

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There's one word to describe this cd... AWESOME! Much, much better than the

empty sounding shit psytrance that's being produced today. Scary sounds and

melodies, cool samplings, very dark sometimes (not dark as in

boring-minimalistic-bass). To put it short, a masterpiece! It's a pity I don't

have any more material from this guy

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Abominations and Acid For Blood tracks kicked the hell out of myself at an undergound party in 1998.

See, this guy was one of the innovators of a new psy genre it was going to be born.

That's why....a lot of respect for this one Mr Xenomorph!

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Although it sounds a bit dated now, I liked this album. Some of that delectable goa sound thrown in a blender with horror movie samples and what you get is a satanic ride through the supernatural. I just received his latest "Demagoguery Of The Obscurants" and am looking forward to giving it a listen.



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Found this CD in between the "metal" category (they sorted it there cause there is a deathmetal band with same name I guess). However this one is better than the DM one. Even if it is a bit too monotone for my taste it´s nice heavy and dark, so 8,5/10

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