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Morphem - Ambrosia Remixes


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Morphem - Ambrosia Remixes


Artist: Morphem

Title: Ambrosia Remixes

Label: Zillion Mental Anarchie

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 05'26" Ambrosia (AM Synaptik Rmx)

02. 08'43" Ambrosia (Prisoners Of the Sun Rmx)

03. 09'43" Ambrosia (Son Kite Rmx)

04. 07'05" Ambrosia (Bitcrusher Rmx)

05. 06'44" Ambrosia (Midi Miliz Rmx)




The well-known track from Morphem, Ambrosia is here remixed by 5 different

acts. Well I guess it could be good to start with the original track (from

Morphem's album Monitoring) so we know the source of this stuff. The original

track has one of the nicest basslines I have heard, and it's a good track. An

original sound, and a "melody" looping through the track the whole track until

you know it inside and out. Now to the remixes. AM Synaptik, I have never

heard of them but it's a decent remix. In the beginning there's some

experimental sounds and in the end you hear the well-known original melodie.

POTS Remix sounds a bit harder and sounds more stiff, right until 04:40, where

a soft "horn" or something enters. It sounds very relaxing which gives a good

contrast to the otherwise hard track. Son Kite Remix start with the subtile

anthem of the original track, but quickly a typical Son Kite tribal drum

enters. You have some time to enjoy it, but after about 4 minutes you get that

it's still a remix. At 05:50 there's some agressive sound I cant describe, I

dont get what it's doing in the track, but its soon gone. Bitcrusher (haven't

heard of) Remix sounds a bit cheesy, more progressive/clubby. But it still has

some of the original spirit left. Midi Miliz delivers a really good

tech-trance track, but it has absolutely nothin to do with the original.

Overall an interesting album. Remixes can be fun when the original is a track

you like, and this is such a track. The track I like best here is the one from

Midi Miliz, but as I said that track have just nothing to do with the

original. Son Kite gives a good production remix and POTS an interesting one.

Final rating 7/10

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This has to be the best remix cd I own... a killer track with a bunch of killer

remixes, what more could you ask for??

The AM Synaptik remix and the Son Kite remix are the winners of this cd, both

done in an absolutely masterful way, perfect for daytime and perfect for a

smile on your face at any time.

The POTS remix is a bit darker and heavier, but also very nice and as expected

the Midi Miliz remix is a bit mroe monotonous and the weakest remix IMO, kinda

what you would expect from Midi Miliz after all.

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Guest Ikurtev

I have had this remix CD for a while and it's definitely not the best remix CD

that I own. That would probably be Ticon - The Remixes. IMO, the original

track is fairly boring, so there's only that much that the remixers could do

with it. I really like the POTS album and am a big fan in general, but I think

they didn't try too hard on this remix, after a little while, it gets about as

cheesy as the original. Then, the Son Kite remix comes in and Marcus and Seb

pretty much say "dude, here's how you should have done this track but it's not

much considering what you gave us." The Midimiliz remix is radically

different from the original with a technoid beat that has very little to do

with the original. Just like all of their stuff, is monotonous only on the

surface and people who do not have patience, imagination and vision to seek

deeper will be bored, I promise you that much. Overall rating: 7/10.

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