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Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds

Guest Kristian

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Guest Kristian

Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds


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Artist: Psydrop

Title: Fantasy Seeds

Label: Agitato Records

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. 7'4'1"" Fantasy Seeds

02. 7'0'9"" Magic Dragon

03. 7'1'3"" Fear And Loathing

04. 7'3'9"" Vox Populi

05. 7'1'7"" Indoor Velocity

06. 7'4'0"" Digital Culture

07. 7'2'0"" Wisdom Quest

08. 6'5'3"" Space Alliance

09. 7'5'5"" City Of God




Absolute fantastic! This is the future for old and new Goa! For the first time

in years I am (as an oldschool fan) able to enjoy psytrance! For the first

time a release which successfully manages to combine the modern trance sound

with oldschool Goa in a splendid way. This is were psy/goatrancemusic should

have continued after the melodic era up to 1999. All tracks are very well

produced with a faster BPM just as it should be with dancemusic! I have no

words! BUY IT!!! THIS IS THE FUTURE! (I HOPE!) 9/10!

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... this WAS the future. Now it's mostly the past, with a hint of the present.

It's a competent piece of work, but this style is just so very busy. There

is no restraint. Get it if you like it full-on, with sounds blasting out of

every part of the audible spectrum. Personally, I'll pass.

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Guest Slave2rave

Well, well. I'm absolutely stunned by this release. Full-on psytrance is not

what i like the most, but i have to recognize the very high quality of this

album. I still can't believe what's that track 8, Space Alliance. For sure, a

song you'll will hear lot in parties all around the world. Another very nice

tunes are Magic Dragon and Vox Populi. But man... i still CAN'T believe my

ears... what's that track 8? My brain is blast away. 9/10!

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Guest Brookina

Fanelly, an asom cd in the year 2003.

Fantasy Seeds from psydrop(Yoni Salah) is fantastic, amezing & brailent.

full-on you never herd, graet base-lines and fast BPM, every singel track is


i give this cd 12/10!!!!!!!!

an r e a l

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So far this is the album of the year for me. It is full-on but not in the GMS

style. It's more old-school like with a lot of melodies and screaming noises.

The best track is Fear And Loathing, and not because of the samples from the

movie but because of the melody. It's been a long time since I heard such a

great track. I think one can clearly hear that Psydrop evolved a lot since the

first album (which was also nice btw). Hope more music like this will be


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Guest LoneDeranger

This album's is much more darker and serious then Yoni's first one. Which is

good, because you have to listen to it a couple of times to truly appreciate

it. Best tracks are 1,3(!),4(!),6,7,8. Overall: 9.5/10

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Coming way late to this party...and not staying very long. There's some good energy here in a few of these tracks but they are marred by very cheesy (to my ears) and repetitive melodic figures. And the tracks don't really develop. They hit a plateau and then park there for several minutes. Predictable breakdowns and lackluster samples don't do much to improve the view. When I close my eyes and listen to fullon I want to picture Gods...crashing into Stars...and Fucking them! But when I close my eyes and listen to this I just picture a guy hunched over a synth twisting some knobs.

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Ten years along and unfortunately it doesn't pack quite the same punch when I first heard it. Things change in a decade. A decade ago I smoked weed. Now? Now I refill sippy cups.


So let's see...bass lines? Pure full-on. Melodies? Good in places, but during others it's like brushing your teeth with a cheese stick. Home loves the samples and they are everywhere. I love a good Samuel L. Jackson declaration as much as the next guy, but when I say these are everywhere I'm not kidding. It brings the power frequently, but doesn't all full-on?


Some tracks have sweet breaks and good transitions, but my self conscious informs me that I've outgrown this Israeli full-on. I was gonna say outgrown like a pair of ten year old pants, but I can still wear those.


*makes cat scratch motion with hand*





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