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Guest DJ Zen

V/A - Breathe

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Guest DJ Zen   
Guest DJ Zen

V/A - Breathe


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Artist: Various

Title: Breathe

Label: Soular

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Onnomon : I Am Ohm

02. Ocelot : The Way You Get Offon Dmt

03. Mind Warped : Inhalation

04. Deeper In Zen : Look Into The Mirror

05. Sea Of Arrows : The Border

06. Holistik : Beat Monger

07. Mind Warped : Acceleration

08. Ghreg On Earth : The Midnight Fire

09. D-space : Spiral Trials




Soular Records are based in California, U.S.A


As a deejay, i received this compilation a couple of weeks before the official

release to test the music on the Canadian dancefloor.

So what i've to tell here is more how people on the dancefloor reacted than my

own opinion...


Ho!well, i can start with some kind words to give you the picture:

This cd is very well produced, the music consists in seven twisted full-on

great trax, one more morning oriented and the last one is minimal.

I've to say it's my favorite full-on cd this year.

I play it each times in parties and it's always a great pleasure to see all

freaks dancing like crazy all around.

This music have something special that you won't find in any other classical

full-on label.

It's the most important thing here.


I'm not playing the same way...when i start to put the Onnomon track as an

introduction every times it drives the mind to a deep and powerfull journey.

Track 2 was made by Ocelot and Deeper in Zen actually.

(Ocelot delivered us a great full-on album this year as well).

Deeper in Zen are excellent musicians.I'm following their evolution since year

2000.They made the most powerfull trax i've never heard.They're also behind

Soular Records project!

Track 3 is also a collaboration between Deeper in Zen and Mind Warped as well

number 7.


Now this is is -not only- a cd to be only played on parties or a compilation

for deejay's!

It's also an incredible pleasure to listen it at home on your preferate

powerfull home cd player!


I don't want to make a full review, i want you to discover this gem, this

incredible compilation by yourself.Please keep at least a few bucks for it, do

not copy or download any mp3's to get it free.

As you'll hear, it's a great musical artwork who deserves to be bought.The

cover artwork is also awesome.


The overall reaction on the dancefloor is amazing because this music is

surprising, you won't find any "habitual" patterns on it, any habitual

basslines or even any boring melodies.

It's about power, fair pleasure and even the minimal track is a pearl.

People are always surprised and they enjoyed the music to the bones, just watch

them dancing and you'll see many new ways to celebrate and express the body!

Highly recommended!! 10/10

Thanx to Soular Records to give us such a great release!!

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Guest Blue Penguin   
Guest Blue Penguin

Yeah, great release!! This is one of the most powerful goa compilation i have,

above all from track 1 to track 6. Even if the last track is not really my cup

of tea, the other tunes rockkk, especially tracks 2 and 3 made by Ocelot, Mind

warped, and Deeper in zen...and like DJ Zen said,i can imagine the power of

this on the dancefloor! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Manuser    237

I had bought this a long time ago. These two tracks:

04. Deeper In Zen : Look Into The Mirror
05. Sea Of Arrows : The Border

are freaking good! The Deeper in Zen track is a psychedelic dance-floor masterpiece while Sea of Arrows delivers something more laid back and trancy. My two favorite tracks here but the whole compilation is top quality.

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